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Perdomo Lot 23

Steve R

Nick Perdomo is widely known for his super-high-end handmades, including Edicion de Silvio, ESV '91 and the amazing La Tradicion series. However, some of our top-selling brands happen to be his value-priced blends, like Slow-Aged Lot 826 and Tierra del Sol. It's clear, Tabacalera Perdomo can craft a top-notch smoke for enthusiasts of all shapes, sizes and incomes. He furthers this point with Perdomo Lot 23, a beautiful Nicaraguan blend with a generous, middle of the road price point.

Here’s the scoop. Perdomo Lot 23 is named after a small farm owned by Nick Perdomo. On this farm, every leaf of tobacco found in every Lot 23 cigar is grown. One may think, so what’s the big deal? In the words of Nick himself, “lemme tell ya something...” The luxury of using tobaccos from multiple farms aids consistency. If a certain crop from one farm is bad or doesn’t provide the color, quality or flavor needed to make a particular cigar, the maker can easily use leaves grown from another farm to deliver the same experience you’ve become accustomed to. Nick does not have this luxury with Lot 23, but his strict quality control measures combined with an uncanny ability to grow superior tobaccos with each crop more than make up for it.

Note: For the full story on creating this cigar, click here.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I thoroughly enjoy Perdomo Lot 23. I’ve burned my way through two boxes and am currently 8 cigars into my third. (The price point makes this pleasantly cumbersome habit quite convenient – more on that later.) Each cigar has performed perfectly. A perfect draw, razor sharp burn, smooth, cool flavor and amazing consistency. Every cigar has been medium-bodied from start to finish, coating my palate with rich, creamy flavors. Peanuts and light espresso are apparent, with a subtle earthiness at the end. No twists and turns here, just a solid, straightforward flavor that’s far from boring. This truly is a cigar you can puff on all day long; believe me, I’ve been doing it for weeks.

The best thing about Lot 23 is the price. The MSRP ranges from $4.25 to $5 a stick! Of course, we then sell it for even less. Because of this, Perdomo Lot 23 scores huge points in my book.