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5 Vegas Classic Vertical Tasting

Steve R

Ever since I did the Nub vertical tasting, I have been receiving a relatively steady stream of emails requesting similar reviews on other brands. Of these emails, one of the most requested brands was 5 Vegas Classic, a brand that we showcase often and sell a ton of. Some made this request because they have yet to try it. Others have tried it, but have yet to try all the sizes. And, since I am always open to burning as many cigars as possible while I work, I’ll be more than happy to meet these requests. Let’s get right to it, I’ve got a lot of tasting to’s some info on 5 Vegas.

5 Vegas is an old brand that has been around for decades. The Classic represents the original, otherwise known as the ‘red label,’ and is the recipient of a 90-point rating from Cigar Aficionado. 5 Vegas Classic is handmade in Nicaragua using a dark Sumatra wrapper and a long-leaf mixture of Cuban-seed tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican. The brand is known for both consistency and value, and has become an everyday favorite among our customers.


5 Vegas Classic Vertical


5 Vegas Classic Robusto: Dark, oily cigar with a solid feel. The initial few puffs are loaded with spice and cedar. Smoke soon mellows a tad to release a rich core of coffee complemented by a long, creamy aftertaste. The aroma is toasty and pleasant. Midway through, the strength begins to build a bit, flirting with the lower-end of full-bodied, but never quite making the hurdle. No worries, the Robusto is complex and satisfying nonetheless.

Rating: 90

5 Vegas Classic Corona: A classic Corona shape. This cigar looks tasty with a great pre-light aroma. The burn is cool and surprisingly slow, while the flavors seem to be a great display of properly proportioned fillers to wrapper. No one flavor dominates. Notes of wood, nuts, earth, white pepper, and coffee bean are present. Surprisingly strong compared to the other sizes.

Rating: 89

5 Vegas Classic Fifty Five: A dense, 5.5”x55 box-pressed vitola that feels heavy in the hand and solid from head to toe. Lots of pepper up front, which is quickly mellowed by a rich and creamy series of black coffee and cashew. The pepper becomes an afterthought, only hitting the palate on the tailend of each puff in a very gentle way. Size seems significantly stronger than the rest. I’d call it medium to full, but sometimes full from start to finish. My second favorite in the line.

Rating: 91

5 Vegas Classic Panatela: A skinny Corona with a nice, oily sheen. The Sumatra wrapper really shines through with this one. Subtle spices and nutty undertones. Not nearly as rich or creamy as the rest, but a smooth, straightforward smoke nonetheless. Not a preferred size, but good for the car or a short walk.

Rating: 88

5 Vegas Classic Double Corona: Nice looking Toro. Lots of rich coffee flavors throughout this medium-bodied smoke. Flavors are delivered in a very smooth fashion. They’re mellow, but pleasant. The smoke promoted by this vitola seems to be the creamiest and richest, however the flavors come into play gradually, making it a slow-burning, relaxing cigar with little twists and turns. Some coffee, some earth, and a light, toasty element on the finish and aroma.

Rating: 90

5 Vegas Classic Torpedo: Love the look of this sharply tapering Torpedo. Be careful not to lose an eye. The smoke starts out mellow and rich, then gradually builds into a medium-bodied experience that gains complexity during the burn. I pick up coffee bean, cream, nuts, and toasted cedar. Every now and then subtle spices break through, completing a flavorful bouquet with a warm, toasty aroma. Preferred size.

Rating: 92

5 Vegas Classic Churchill: A bit long for my tastes, but a good substitute for the Double Corona. Flavors are quite comparable: medium in body with a tame, balanced bouquet noting coffee, earth, and toast. Best of all, the price doesn’t make you cringe (too hard) if you have to end the experience 10-15 minutes early - bonus points - even though you probably won’t want to.

Rating: 89

Overall, 5 Vegas Classic offers a wide variety of sizes that vary ever-so-slightly in flavor and strength, but maintain a common theme: flavorful, balanced, and consistent. Quality is a non-issue. Each one burned perfect, creating a nice, white ash and offering a cool, easy draw. For the money, it’s hard to beat a cigar like this.