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Diesel Unlimited

Steve R

I’ve decided to do something a little different with this Staff Review. Last week I was in Nicaragua visiting several factories, creating new blends, and trying some upcoming releases which we’ll soon be carrying. The latter was the most exciting, largely in part to the cigar I am writing about now: the new Diesel Unlimited. Although the final product is still a few months out, I felt obligated to dish out a primer upon returning to Camp CI – the cigar really is that good. If you’re a fan of Diesel, or full-bodied boutique blends for that matter, this is one to add to your radar. 

Extending the highly popular Diesel brand may seem like a tall task, but AJ Fernandez has both the materials and blending knowledge to do it. Upon arriving at his factory in Esteli, AJ had several blends ready for us to try....blends he was very excited about. Additionally, several varieties of long-leaf filler tobaccos were spread out on the conference table, mostly ligero. The room smelled glorious and we were eager to taste his latest creations.

After burning through all of the samples, we carefully analyzed each cigar and took inventory of the well-aged leaves of tobacco before us. A few tweaks were made here and there and the results were - for lack of a better word - amazing.

Mouthwatering spread of tobaccos

Diesel Unlimited working its magic

The finalized Diesel Unlimited blend looks and smells great. A thick Honduran ligero wrapper grown from Habano seeds is used on the outside, offering a dark appearance and generous oils. Beneath this leaf, bold tobaccos from Condega (Nicaragua), Esteli (Nicaragua), and San Andres (Mexico) are secured by a zesty Habano Ecuador binder. The cigar is thick and chunky - with ring gauges ranging from 54 to 60 - and sits heavy in the hand. The pre-light aroma is a mixture of barnyard, freshly baked bread, and black pepper....hints of vintage, yet robust tobaccos.

From the very first puff, this cigar produces a ton of smoke. Thick, heavy clouds of smoke that emit a rich aroma that can only be described as oily. Heavy spices kick start the palate and nostrils with each puff, preparing the taste buds for a searing series of bold nuances ahead. After an inch the opening spices evolve to an aftertaste, allowing a deep core of bold flavors to shine through. Raw, Cuban-esque tobacco notes, earthy undertones, rich leather, toast, oak....all complemented by the slightest touch of natural sweetness throughout the burn, then finished by a soothing spice that reminds you of the ligeros within. This cigar is powerful - it starts out strong and doesn’t let up....I instantly feel it sitting in my belly like a big and juicy porterhouse. But AJ is a master at blending, and managed to combine a complex recipe of powerful tobaccos into a balanced and eventful bouquet of intriguing nuances.

So far I’ve had three sizes within the line and each size burns like a dream. I have no idea where pricing will be for this brand, but whatever it is, I suspect it’s going to be a great bargain for full-bodied, full-flavored fans seeking high-quality and unique cigars.

As I said earlier, Diesel Unlimited is still a few months out - hopefully less. However, since I am very excited about this blend and will no doubt be buying a ton upon release, I wanted to get this information into your hands as quickly as possible. If you’ve yet to try the standard Diesel Unholy Cocktail, I recommend it with confidence. Actually, it’s a great way to prepare your palate for the bolder, bigger Diesel Unlimited.

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