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Slow-Aged by Perdomo

Steve R
Every now and then I catch wind of a new cigar that makes me grow as impatient as an eight year old kid on Christmas morning. Carmen our inventory manager tries to keep these shipments a secret, knowing I’ll bug him on a daily basis to see if it has arrived. Slow-Aged was one of those shipments. It only took a few words for me to grab my attention: Perdomo, bundle, bargain. I love Perdomo and I love bargains. Put them together and you’ve got Steve dialing Carmen’s extension every time I see a truck pull up to the receiving docks. Well, they finally arrived.

Slow-Aged is a good looking bundled cigar, available in one size only, a 6”x52 toro called ‘Glorioso’. Prior to smoking my first 2, I knew nothing about this cigar. Since then, I’ve learned that the natural wrapper is a dark Connecticut shade leaf and the filler is a blend of three different Nicaraguan tobaccos. Perdomo, bundle, bargain, toro, complex...and I haven’t even talked about how it smokes, yet! So, I’ll do that now. It smokes great! I’m only about a quarter of the way through my bundle so far, but I can tell this one’s a winner. Each cigar performed beautifully. The burn was slow, cool and stayed even from start to finish. The flavor was rich and smooth. I noticed a unique trace of coffee and cocoa complemented by a slight creaminess that gradually became more robust as the cigar burned. Although Slow-Aged is not as full-bodied as the rest of Perdomo’s arsenal, it has some noticeable pop that will get’cha if you’re on an empty stomach or had your fill of Schlitzes. But the real focus with this cigar is on flavor. Well rounded, mature and never overwhelming, the Glorioso is a cool burning handmade that puts out a generous dose of refined flavor that’s easy on the palate. The aftertaste is subtle, but lingers just long enough to keep you satisfied. I like everything this cigar has to offer. The glossy, darker than usual Connecticut shade wrapper, the bold, complex flavors, the perfect draw. All this for a price that’s second to none. Once again, Tabacalera Perdomo scores big points.