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Havana Foot Locker Humidor

A gorgeous, large capacity humidor that’ll hold about 15 boxes on average.

The Havana Foot Locker is a mongo-sized humidor. It’s a mahogany chest that will hold at least 300 cigars, this unique design is fully Spanish cedar lined, complete with hygrometer and humidifiers.

MSRP: $435

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Overall Rating 4.73 out of 5 Based on 11 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Havana Foot Locker Humidor”

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5 out of 5
Great Box
This roomy humidor lets me take advantage of the great deals from Cigars International...
2 out of 5
Only ok
For the price it's really a pretty good value. It is nice if you have many boxes, but not so much if you're buying lots of singles or samples. One of the walls was bowed a little, but wasn't a big enough deal to cause it not to seal correctly, it holds pretty well with 3 of the large 4oz humidity jars. However, the reason it gets low scores from me is the screws holding the hinges on ripped right out of the wood. The lid seems too heavy for the hardware holding it on. So now I just have to lift the lid off and on which ruins the experience a little.
5 out of 5
Awesome Humidor
It holds humidity very well and has a ton of storage. I don't have any problems with this humidor, it works perfectly. I would recommend it to anyone.
5 out of 5
Great Humidor so far.
Great Humidor so far.
5 out of 5
Great look
Great humidor. More then enough room to organize your cigars in categories. Holds humidity well. I would recommend this humidor to every serious cigar collector.
5 out of 5
Buy it !
No, it is not as pretty as a $5,000 humidor, but it is pretty darn nice. It holds hundreds of loose cigars, and holds humidity perfectly at 7,000 ft where I live in Colorado. I have other humidors that cost more, and don't hold humidity as well.
5 out of 5
Great Humidor
Great Humidor. Fits several boxes of cigars. Well constructed. Ample oasis foam humidifiers. Great price.
5 out of 5
Havana Foot Locker is a definite must have !
Loving my new humidor. I like its size, it is just right. My current humidor which is about half the size of this is full. I had been looking at this humidor for a long time and finally purchased it. I can now put in my recently purchased box of CAO L'Anniversaire Belicoso Maduros, my box of Cuban Stock Chubbies 345 Maduros 3", and my three tins of Nub Cafe 4x30's in Expresso, Cappuccino and Macchiato flavors, yes !. Plenty of room to spare !
5 out of 5
Great value
Roomie and a great price I really like that the hydrometer attached with magnets instead of Velcro
5 out of 5
Havana Foot Locker.
Works as advertised. Excellent for large storage. Don't purchase for appearance.
5 out of 5
Great Storage
This is a simple but great unit. Holds humidity very well and stores a ton of cigars.
Customer Testimonials
I'm actually from Toronto Canada. Bought this humidor during CigarFest at the Hamburg store. Couldn't be any more satisfied. Keeps the humidity at around 72%. The humidifiers are great as they actually have the oasis foam block inside them. Holds a lot of cigars and lots of space to store easily a dozen boxes of cigars in case you want to age them. Only downfall is that the lock latch is cheap and is easily broken. Best used to store boxes of cigars. You still need a table top humidor for easy access of your gars. Good solid construction and comes with a plate you can engrave on. I rate this a 9 out of 10. Cheers!
This is a great Humidor, I have two of them so when I run across those great deals I have plenty of room to stock up and enjoy the savings for a long time!
Purchased this humidor a month or so ago, love the size, but like other comments below the humidification devices will not stay in place. The weight of the devices pull it lose from the magnet or the wood...
I picked one of these up a month or so ago and WOW it is big. 300 capacity is an understatement. I have robusto, toro, churchill, petite, and cigarillos in it. I have closer to 500 cigars in mine. i would recommend replacing the foam humidifiers with a couple of 250 capable crystal humidifiers if you plan on stocking it full. It seals well and having 2 dividers in the bottom and 2 trays means you can keep all your smokes separated and fresh. The lock is great too as I have to keep this massive monster on the floor and I have a small child who thinks it should be his pirate treasure chest.
OK. I bought this big guy back in June 2010 (it is Dec. 2011 now) It is the BEST humidor I own. I can agree with some others that it holds a constant 68 to 70% RH for months on end, even in the dry crappy winters here in NE Ohio. I am looking to get a second one to consolidate some of my smaller humis into one bigger one. Anyhow, if you have a decent sized stoggie collection and do not want (or cannot afford) a big furniture (cabinet) unit, I would highly recommmend this unit (or two or three, depending on your collection). CHEERS!!!
I received my humidor today. Boy this thing is huge and by far the best humidor I own (I've got three). Only issue I had was the double sided tape used to attach the magnet to the lid which then holds the humidification devices had lost all of is stickiness. New pieces of double sided foam tape from my tool box fixed that, and within an hour, I was at 65% humidity. You can't go wrong with this humidor if you need to hold a lot of cigars.
UPDATE AND CORRECTION - Okay Gents. I promised an update so here it is... First, I paired this with the Cigar Oasis XL PLUS, not just the XL. Anyway, two weeks since delivery, still a dry N. IL winter (brrrr!) and this setup is holding a steady 69% humidity! Couldn't be happier. Should have moved away from the desktop humis a long time ago. The trays are large; great for loose 5 packs and samplers. Room for boxes below, quantity will depend on box size and shape. My babies have never looked or smoked this good. I would say they are in better shape than most cigars from local B&M shoppes. "WITH" electronic humidification, I HIGHLY recommend this humidor (Havana Footlocker) to all! A small investment to protect your prized smokes. With the prices here at CI, this is a no brainer. Just do it before CI realizes that $150 for this humi is a steal! Happy smoking. BN
I just received this (Havana Footlocker Humidor) yesterday. Due to our dry winters I opted to pair it with The Cigar Oasis XL. Overkill? Maybe, but I needed a maintenance friendly setup. After letting the humidor/CO XL run overnight (with a shot glass of DI water as per inst.) it was at 69.9%. Perfect! The top two trays are huge. I have all my DPG blends and Olivas on one and my RP's, Cohibas and GH 3 Siglos on the other. In addition, I have 3 full boxes below, a Padilla sampler tin, as well as some loose loaded Alec Bradley MAXX Torps (which are too big for anywhere else) AND of course, the Cigar Oasis XL itself. Still have room for a couple/few more boxes. Cavernous! I agree with other review, perfect if you have a lot of smokes but don't want a tower/furniture style humi. Only had it one day, I'll keep you guys posted on the progress. Thanks again CI for great smokes and awesome supplies @ a wicked good price! Customer for life, BN
Great Humidor (Havana Foot Locker). The amount of cigars that can be stored is perfect. The lift out trays make it easy to organize your cigars and hide the good ones out of easy reach. You can put a humicare jar or two in the bottom and juice the top humidifers...creating a perfect environment for your stogies to rest. Would recommend for someone wanting to store more than 150 cigars and not wanting a piece of furniture.
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