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Romeo y Julieta 1875

Steve R

Romeo y Julieta was one of the first cigars I've ever tried. Come to think of it, I believe it was numero uno. I was in Cancun - don't worry, I brought my own smokes - and had just a few too many Coronas, so my memory is a little hazy. Regardless, had I not enjoyed my first few cigars, I wouldn't have become the crazed cigar lunatic I am today. Therefore, I do give thanks to RyJ for beginning my allegience to the world of handmade cigars. It was the Bully, a 5"x50 robusto the represents the brand's top-seller.

Today, I decided to light up a Belicoso from the traditional 1875 blend of Romeo y Julieta. Aside from a few soft spots throughout the tapering barrel of the cigar, it appears to be made very well. The chestnut-colored Indonesian wrapper offers a smooth, silky sheen, but seems dry and 'hairy' to the touch. The pre-light aroma is short, and there is virtually no pre-light flavor. The 54-ring took some effort to light, but I’m off and puffing, filling the office with heavy clouds of light grey smoke. The straightforward flavor is toasty, with a distinct woody note and creamy texture. The finish is dry and lingers for about 10 seconds after each puff. Mild to medium-bodied, the Dominican fillers maintain a character that’s smooth and unobtrusive, without becoming harsh or overwhelming at any point.

Romeo y Julieta is a fantastic brand, one which everyone should try at least once. It’s well-made, super consistent and carries a solid reputation for top-notch cigars. However, over time, my palate has grown more complex, developing into a high maintenance menace that demands more with each cigar it consumes. While it was nice to revisit a cigar that introduced me to this exciting hobby of ours, I find myself looking for more interesting cigars, ones layered with flavors that change throughout the burn, growing more intense towards a satisfying finish.