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Gran Habano Corojo Vintage 2002

Steve R

To be honest, I have no idea why I am even writing this review. Watching truckloads of Gran Habano Corojo Vintage 2002 cigars hit our docks (seemingly) monthly tells me you already know about the brand. Hell, this cigar is nearly impossible to keep in stock, and writing a review could potentially make it even more difficult to maintain a decent level of inventory. But, I’ve been burning these bad boys like crazy the past 2 months, and I’ve got a few minutes to kill, so I might as well tell ya why I like’em so much.

Reason 1: I have good luck with Gran Habano....

First off, I’ve always been a fan of everything Gran Habano. There’s just something about the cigars coming from this Honduran-based factory. They’re always well-packed, slow-burning, and dish out a ton of soothing, Cuban-esque flavors. Whether’s it’s the flagship Gran Habano line or 3 Siglos (now known as 3 SLS), G.A.R. or Blue Label....I could burn cigars from the Gran Habano rolling tables all day long.

Reason 2: I love Corojo-wrapped cigars....

There are two wrapper varieties that I love. The first, as you may know, is a dark and oily maduro leaf, especially of the Brazilian Arapiraca or PA Broadleaf variety. The second – you guessed it – is Corojo, grown just about anywhere. Gran Habano’s Corojo leaf is a gem. A thick, toothy wrapper loaded with hearty goodness. And since this Gran Habano Corojo Vintage blend employs a Corojo leaf cultivated in 2002, I pick up a uniquely creamy bouquet with all the zesty, Cuban-esque qualities I’ve come to know and love from the flagship Gran Habano line.

Reason 3: The flavor is always on point....

In addition to making some seriously well-made cigars that always feel heavy in the hand and come jam-packed with tasty tobaccos, every Gran Habano cigar tastes exactly like the last. And fortunately for us, that taste is....well, uhmm....tasty! Every single time I pick up a Gran Habano cigar, I know exactly what my palate is in for. A rich and flavorful array of familiar flavors that never disappoint. Consistency is key, and never an issue from this factory.

Reason 4: The uniqueness of flavors....

One might think a cigar with such aged tobaccos will be mellow. Tamer in nature. Especially a Corojo which is traditionally quite full in flavor. This is not the case. Rather, the flavors are more balanced and refined. The zesty, Cuban-esque nuances are still there, but they’re backed by a unique creaminess not found in the standard #5 Corojo blend. This creaminess is a wonderful addition to the hearty undertones. A silkiness that lingers long on the palate, mingling with the subtleties of coffee and nuts perfectly and complementing the peppery-sweet finish in delicious fashion.

Reason 5: It’s still a little powerhouse....

Don’t let the age full you. This vintage variety still packs a meaty punch. Remember, the tobaccos within the aged wrapper are the same, so the dynamics haven’t changed all that much when it comes to potency. These rich, heady tobaccos still deliver that medium to full-bodied strength you’ve grown accustomed to – it’ll just sneak up on you this time.

Reason 6: Price

If you’re one of the countless CI Lunatics that’s had the opportunity to buy this gem, you already know the deal. If you haven’t, click the link and check the price. Nuff said.

There you have it. Gran Habano Corojo Vintage 2002 – a winner, all around.