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Ave Maria

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After writing up my thoughts on Ave Maria, I got an email from a guy who was part of a customer trip to Nicaragua in September. I read his, then scrapped mine. He says it all:

"....the surprise highlight (by far): Ave Maria. Arriving in Esteli late I was jet-lagged and dragging the next morning. Come noon I was seven cigars deep and hadn't had lunch yet. So when his factory manager approached us with a new tray of Ave Maria cigars from the packing room, I just about puked. He had a serious look in his eye though, and ceremoniously announced in broken English that this was a "berry special proyect" he started two years prior that's finally set to be released. I politely accepted. The artwork/band was stunning and the wrapper looked like it came right off the pages of a magazine. I'd pick this one out of a lineup any day based on looks. So good was it that I lowered my expectations....can't tell you how many times I've been let down by cigars with great style points. I thought my taste buds would be fried but lit er up anyhow. It was the only one I burned down to my fingers that trip (and still wanted more!) morning after a good rest I made this the first of the day, to give it a fully unbiased review on a fresh palate. Boom. Wrapper: flawless. Construction: spot on. Flavor: rich, smooth, balanced, refined, complex....I'm at a loss for more adjectives. The thing that struck me most about it- it's the most complete cigar I can recall. If you want a knock-yer-head-off powerhouse, Ave Maria is not it...same token if you like mellow, look elsewhere. Everywhere in between though, this one's masterful. The finest I can remember. I since downed 8 more over the next day and a half of the trip. Blown away. Ship me 2 boxes off your shipment as soon as they land."

Ave Maria has also received well-deserved praise from some highly respected folks in the cigar industry:

“This is a cigar you could easily pay $8 apiece for.”
- Nestor Plasencia

“It’s got a distinctive sweetness to it.”
- Pete Johnson (Tatuaje)

“This is definitely a premium cigar....well-balanced....this is a hit.”
- Doug Wood (La Perla Habana)

“I’m enjoying the heck out of it. I’ve already asked for a second cigar.”
- Carlos Diez (Puros Indios)

“Good burn, good draw, nice ash.”
- Nimish Desai (Rocky Patel)

“It does have a lot of depth as the flavor profile goes. It’s a fantastic cigar.”
- Kaizad Hansotia (Gurkha)

“I find it to be a cigar that has a wonderful strength. Because it’s not overpowering, but it’s not mellow.”
- Manuel Quesada (Fonseca)

“Packed full of tobacco....well-rolled.”
- Jerry Dear (Xikar)

“It has a lot of flavor....I’m very impressed with this cigar.”
- Rene Castenada (La Aurora)

“The taste of it is rich, it’s flavorful and I find it a beautiful cigar to smoke.”
- José Dominguez

"It's got a lot of complexity, it's very smooth....this is something I would smoke every day."
- Alan Rubin (Alec Bradley)

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Holy Grail (Salomon) (7.1"x58)
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Knights Templar (Double Corona) (6.0"x48)
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Box of 20 + 10 Cigars In Stock $284.00
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Lionheart (box-press) (Toro) (5.5"x55)
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Morning Star (Perfecto) (5.0"x58) + FREE 10-Cigar Sampler Sale
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Morning Star (Perfecto) (5.0"x58)
Pack of 5 In Stock $40.50
Ave Maria Top Ten Sampler Yours FREE!!

For a limited time only, enjoy an Ave Maria Top Ten Sampler (worth $124) FREE with any qualifying Ave Maria box purchase!

St. George (Belicoso) (6.0"x54) + FREE 10-Cigar Sampler Sale
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St. George (Belicoso) (6.0"x54)
Pack of 5 In Stock $40.50
Overall Rating 4.52 out of 5 Based on 123 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Ave Maria”

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5 Star
4 out of 5
4 Star
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4 out of 5
Good smoke s
Goodsmoke liked buying in Baulk helped in cost
5 out of 5
Ave Maria 5-pack
I liked this cigar a lot. Perfect burn and draw. Tons of smoke. Very complex with pepper, roasted peanuts, leather, biscuit, black coffee and coffee with cream. It fluctuated from medium to full bodied. I would purchase the Ave Maria again.
5 out of 5
The Holy Grail...
After trying the New World cigar by AJ Fernandez, I went on a quest for more of his blends and landed on the holy grail. Ave Maria is the perfect blend of toasty peppery medium to full bodied cigar. Burns great, ash is thick and white... will definitely keep these in my humidor for the long haul. Thanks CI!!!
5 out of 5
Always great
Ave Maria's are always a good smoke. They are always consistent with construction, draw, burn, and flavor. I mostly smog high and cigars from Cuba in Nicaragua, but I never mind or have any hesitation smoking one of these. Try the Divinia, that's even better!
5 out of 5
Great smoke at great price
Another CI great offer.
4 out of 5
Excellent mild smoke with great aroma & flavors.I always have Ave Maria in my humi
2 out of 5
Just OK didn't like it
Just OK didn't like it very much
4 out of 5
My second favorite, next to
My second favorite, next to a Genesis.
5 out of 5
Good stick
Good everyday smoke. Smooth taste and burns even.
5 out of 5
O Ya
I love when I can get my hands on Ave Maria's. Bought sampler and had 5 of these beauties in it. They are smooth and creamy and i smoked it to my fingers.
5 out of 5
good cigar great..
5 out of 5
In hoc signo vinces
Robust smooth flavor. Burns even with the prettiest whitest ash I have ever seen. I enjoy these sticks at any time will invest in more asap
5 out of 5
Knights Templar is my go
Knights Templar is my go to morning/daytime smoke.
4 out of 5
Good Cigar
Good Cigar at a reasonable price. Although I prefer Knights Templar.
5 out of 5
Ave Maria crusader, a great smoke
Great smoking cigar, even burn to the end
5 out of 5
I Love this STICK
Great stick smooth and for the price you can't beat it. The size makes for a great anytime stick. I will be buying this agaib
4 out of 5
Ave Maria Knights Templar
Smooth, without being weak. Flavorful, without being overbearing. Subtly enjoyable.
4 out of 5
It was alright
Great cigar for the price (on sale). Seemed a little one dimensional. Burn was great. Fairly strong on nicotine.
4 out of 5
Strong yet delicious. But be careful.
Stronger than it looks. Smokes well, and a nice flavor. Packs a lot of punch in that small cigar. It comes late too. Starts of nice and mellow, but picks up pretty good in the middle to end.
4 out of 5
I'd smoke one with The Creator
Great, Strong little stick. I'd buy it again.
5 out of 5
ave maria
top notch buy them guys
5 out of 5
Everything you could want in a cigar.
These are fantastic cigars straight from delivery. They have fantastic flavors, draw, and construction. They come in a great box. The box and tag alone are costly, throw in a great cigar and you have a good deal.
5 out of 5
thanks AJ Fernandez
Ave Maria is one of the finest smokes that I have stumbled on. I believe my first experience with them was your sampler called the Delicous Dozen ll. Combined with some Cohibas , RP Decades and La Herencias if I remember right. The Ave Maria was head and shoulders above the others. A very smooth smoke that belies the fact it's a medium full cigar (so I would suggest, not on an empty stomach). I have since tried other sizes, including the Holy Grail and the Morning Glory. I've smoked the Divinia, the Reconquista and the Argentum. Across the board they are possibly one of the finest cigars I've had the pleasure to enjoy. The consistency from the quality of the tobaccos to the construction Ave Maria's are a cigar I would never hesitate to offer to the pickiest of smokers. I almost forgot for something not as strong the Immaculata should fill the bill. The only other thing I can say about the Ave Maria is thank you AJ Fernandez!!!
3 out of 5
Like the cigar, just get a different size.
I've experienced inconsistency with this blend. I've had at least 3-4 5packs. At its best, it's a 4 star smoke. At its worse, it's a 2 star. When it's on point, it's medium strength with a short finish and quite tasty. But it's less reliable than other vitolas.
5 out of 5
A great smoke. A.J. Fernandez is a hands on Master Blender and doesn't put out junk. Most under rated Master Blender out there.
A.J. Fernandez ranks right at the top as a Master Blenderr. His sticks are vastly underrated and Ave Maria is no exception. I have never been disappointed in anything A.J. puts out and this stick is no exception.
5 out of 5
Gotta get!!!
Must purchase! No Brainer. Great smoke. Always burns and draws perfectly. So smooth. Nice 1 hour smoke!
5 out of 5
Get It!
Awesome stick. Very smooth and tasty.
5 out of 5
Don't miss out on this one!
The Lionheart has become one of my new favorites. Typically a Oliva Series V would be my first choice but now the Ave Maria Lionheart has closed in closely to the top spot. Had a five pack in the humidor (whynter cooler) for about a month and decided to give it a shot. Am I glad I did! The only left me wondering if I had found a new #1. Smooth, even and satisfying smoke from start to finish.
5 out of 5
Knights Templar
Let's face it. We've all tried LOTS of cigars. But for me, this is "it". The AV Knights Templar is the essence of taste, construction, size, and strength. Picked up a couple at the Hamburg store and haven't looked back. Do yourself a favor. Get some. Wait...maybe not. More for me!
4 out of 5
Consistant goodness
A very good gar. Always consistent quality, a ‘go to’ stick which burns evenly and produces a good volume of smoke. Never dissapointed me. Obviously I recommend it.
5 out of 5
Very satisfied
Very satisfied
5 out of 5
Love it
This is an amazing cigar!!!
5 out of 5
Worth the price
Got in a sampler and thoroughly enjoyed it to the nub. Nice flavor and never get harsh.
5 out of 5
Lionheart 5-pack
Fast shipping, looking forward to trying these out after a few months in the Humidor
3 out of 5
Cigar ok
Cigar end was dry
4 out of 5
Recent order
Nice, easy-to-use website! Good selection but too many cigars are backordered.
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
Ava Maria Morning Star has a great draw, burn and mild/med with an upscale look. Nice. Will be adding to humidor as a regular.
4 out of 5
Great for the Price
Good taste. Better than most cigars I have tried in this price range. Compares favorably to Ashton in my book.
5 out of 5
Andrea Bocelli
Beautiful cigar to look at let alone smoke. Easy draw throughout and a nice white ash. Very satisfying cigar to have after a hectic day. Precisely the reason I smoke good ones here and there, it makes me appreciate the good things that much more.
4 out of 5
A must try
A must try cigar. Great taste, construction and burn. The St. George is a perfect smoke for the golf course.
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
This is a great cigar. Great flavor, perfect draw and burn every time. Can't beat the price either!! This one will be a permanent resident in my humidor.
4 out of 5
Ark of the Covenant
Dry wrapper on arrival. Better after my humidor
5 out of 5
Ave Maria Crusader
Very nice cigar! Nice burn, nice ash and wondeful complex flavor! One of my new favs!
5 out of 5
Wonderful cigar
I've smoked a few Ave Maria Divinia's and wanted to expand into more of the brand so I picked up a 5 pack of Ave Maria. First observations - I like the Knight's Templar size, 6" x 48, not too fat and not too long. The construction (like every AJ Fernandez cigar I've picked up) was flawless, absolutely beautiful. Then I lit it up and things got even better. The burn was as perfect as the rest of it, and the flavor...oh, the flavor - that was the best of all. Pretty strong for a medium to full body, where the Divinia smokes like a medium, the Ave Maria packs a little bit of a punch. All good though, the flavors come through loud and clear - cedar, a hint of chocolate, and definitely earthy. Each puff is like opening presents on Christmas morning, wondering what joy the next puff will bring.
5 out of 5
Excellent cigar in every respect
I enjoyed the Ave Maria Divinia so much that I bought a 5 pack of Knights Templar. This cigar definitely did not disappoint. Construction and burn are first rate as you'd expect from an A.J. Fernandez cigar. Taste and flavor profile are excellent. While the strength of both the Divinia and Knights Templar are supposed to be medium to full, I found the Divinia smoked more like medium and this cigar smokes as full. It packs a bit of a wallop in fact. Highly recommended.
5 out of 5
Instant favorite.
Notes of dark, dry chocolate and dark roast coffee. Simply DELICIOUS throughout the cigar. Very consistent. Not complex, but very delicious. In years of smoking,I've never had anything like it. I'm excited to try more Ave Maria cigars
5 out of 5
Fairly mild, good burn, smoked
Fairly mild, good burn, smoked down to my fingers ,no harshness at the end.
5 out of 5
Ave Maria!
My #1 go to cigar. The great taste one would expect from an Ave Maria. And the perfect length for an hour of relaxing on the back porch.
4 out of 5
Not a premium smoke but worth your money
Started a little Harsh(mixed with a pepper blast) in the beginning. Then a deep dark chocolate profile came through. Very Good all in all.
5 out of 5
I'm 30 minutes in and have another favorite. I expected good and got great. Smooth, easy smoke with great flavor. Looking forward to another tomorrow.
5 out of 5
Ave Baby
And they are great!
5 out of 5
Ave Maria Morning Star - a "star' indeed
While I usually do not samplel shorter cigars, this one is packed with flavor and has an easy draw. I recommend it as a morning cigar with coffee. Just clip, light and relax.
5 out of 5
AM Barbarossa
it is a very good cigar. Good tobacco, very well made, quite enjoyable.
4 out of 5
Good price good cigar
Very nice flavor profile and for a good price
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Bought this on a whim having never had an Ave Maria and am not in the least disappointed, this is a great smoke from start to finish with a nice even draw.
3 out of 5
I've had better
I didn't overly enjoy this cigar, but my friend did so we traded a few. I think I smoked 2-3 of them to give them a chance but never fell in love.
5 out of 5
Ave Maria
Awesome cigars. Have at least 2 a week. A must get for your humidor.
5 out of 5
Great flavor my go to cigar
My go to cigar. Smooth flavor burns well and good ash. These are the only cigar I buy that I don't share
5 out of 5
My Favorite go to Cigar.
I purchased a grab bag in the past and had two Ave Maria Knights Templar cigars in it and fell in love. I purchased this five pack two days ago and received my cigars today. Wow very fast shipping. Now for the cigar, I agree with what someone else said they seem to burn quick but that could be because they taste so smooth and creamy. I enjoy these will an adult beverage at night.
5 out of 5
My Favorite go to Cigar.
I purchased a grab bag in the past and had two Ave Maria Knights Templar cigars in it and fell in love. I purchased this five pack two days ago and received my cigars today. Wow very fast shipping. Now for the cigar, I agree with what someone else said they seem to burn quick but that could be because they taste so smooth and creamy. I enjoy these will an adult beverage at night.
5 out of 5
Nice pair with Coffee
Enjoying my 1st one out of the ten now Delicious. So far its been 45min and still burning can get a total of 1hr & 1/2 from it. Nice draw burns nice and even. Didn't have that peppery taste like the Knight Templer. Nice creamy smoke, sweet taste and a hint of chocolate, I'm a new at smoking cigars the retrohale is kinda strong not easy to do yet. Overall experience i really love it. A must buy. So far I'm enjoying it with a dark roast coffee and goes perfect
2 out of 5
Not my kind of smoke.
Had a bitter taste and was not like what I expected. Not sure how to describe it but I know I will not order these anymore....I am sure some people like this Cigar and that is good, just not for my.
5 out of 5
Excellent experience!
5 out of 5
Great cream flavor, no bitterness, heady effect is pleasing.
Flavorful but not overpowering. Very creamy flavor. Construction is solid but the ring gauge is too small. Tended to burn slightly too quickly but maybe that was just my desire to keep smoking it.
5 out of 5
Great and fast
First time user and my order arrived fast and cigar were fresh.
5 out of 5
Ave Maria morning star
Great Cigar, great burn,I'm on my second box.
3 out of 5
Not a happy camper
Both myself and a good friend had our smokes unravel after 2 minutes of lighting up, not what I expected as the remainder of the cigar also fell quite short of my expectation. Have to stay away for a while before I revisit an Ave Maria.
4 out of 5
love these cigars but...
...a few of them had some dry wrapper leaves that cracked
5 out of 5
Very Good
Enjoyed it very much - great smoke
5 out of 5
A Very Nice Smoke
Really enjoyed these, I will be ordering more!
4 out of 5
A Very Good Cigar
I will be ordering more!
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
Great Smoke !!!!!! a must try
1 out of 5
Absolutely terrible. Overly bitter taste makes these unsmokeable
3 out of 5
Should be renamed NOHEART
Not a great cigar. Had one with 3 fingers of Angels Envy. Should have gone with Old Overholt for this one. Completely unremarkable. Like one of those obnoxious friends you had when you were a kid. O.k to hang out with for awhile, but then you just wanted to smack him so he would go home. Not a great burn, wrapped too loose. Couldn't wait for it to be over. I'll pass next time. I have two left, so I'll give them to someone I don't like.
5 out of 5
Nice Smoke!
5 out of 5
Ark of the covenant
It was a tasty cigar, all who tried enjoyed very much...
5 out of 5
MMAO Ave Maria Knights Templar
I purchased these through MMAO with free shipping. The bid/accepted price was exceptional. I received the Ave Maria Knights Templar within 5 days. They look great and after a resting period, I'm sure they will taste great. CI does it again, another satisfied purchase!
5 out of 5
This stick is consistent, smooth, well balanced, and has a great burn. I seriously don't know what else you need?!
4 out of 5
Super Premium
New to premiums, I could immediately see and taste that I was slightly out of my league the first time with this one.. since I have had the Honor savor down several of these quality experience
4 out of 5
New Ave Maria customer.
Just started to smoke Ave Maria and liking them more and more with each smoke.
4 out of 5
Nice mild taste
This is a great cigar i will absolutely be buying more
5 out of 5
If Americas' political leaders' could
If Americas' political leaders' could deliver, on their political promises, to the standard Cigars International delivers on promises of quality and service - we almost would not need Congress anymore.
5 out of 5
My go to pull
I just plain love this cigar. I took a sampler of a half dozen different cigars on a week long ride. This was my winner and have been with it ever since. Delicious.
5 out of 5
It was a really smooth
It was a really smooth cigar with great taste and was strong till the nub.
5 out of 5
A favorite
I'm a new smoker and this is my favorite cigar at the 5 dollar range so far. The flavor is excelent and full bodied. The only negative (can be a positive) is the flavor doesn't change much throughout the cigar, but it is always solid
5 out of 5
Ave Maria Crusader
Well made, nice looking cigar with even burn and plenty of smoke. Started off a bit dry but developed quickly in to a tasty medium body smoke.
3 out of 5
Great in everyway except taste.
After reading all the hype and glowing reviews I was excited to pick up a box of Morning Stars on sale and have now smoked most of them. I'm sad to say that I haven't been that impressed. I'll say that I love the size and shape of the Morning Star and they are wrapped very well with a great draw. The taste leaves something to be desired for me. Overall just very peppery without much complexity. I've smoked them spaced out in the 6 months I've had them and they haven't improved with time spent in the humidor. I think I'll be passing the last two off to someone who will hopefully enjoy them more than I did.
2 out of 5
Extremely dry
Was unexpectedly disappointed. I've been a customer for many years and this was the first time I've had a bad experience. I was seriously considering going through the hassle of returning them.
5 out of 5
Awesome Cigar!
This is an Awesome Cigar!! I will buy more!!
4 out of 5
Great stick at a great price!
Fantastic construction and flavor, this is my go to stick!
5 out of 5
Outstanding stick.
This stick is constructed well, burns nicely and holds together tightly without the heat towards the end. I highly recommend it.
4 out of 5
Do not pass up
A great cigar and excellent value, if you have an opportunity to get some,DO it.
4 out of 5
Wanting just a little more.....
I've been wanting to try these for some time and finally came up on deal. Got them and a great price and happy with the delivery. Maybe it's me but I found that they were more of a mild to med. They burned nice, smoke was nice BUT I was wanting more with their flavor... Trust me I was really wanting to love this cigar but I felt a little disappointed from what I've been reading. Great reviews and that's what drove me to pick some up... I have a few more to smoke so I'm hoping maybe it was just that one... Don't get me wrong they are nice, but I think I'm just so use to a full bodied stick.
5 out of 5
Excellent cigar...has become a favorite....smooth draw and very pleasant taste.
4 out of 5
Very Good Perfecto
First half, great flavor,good burn. not a super finish, burn inside, hard to keep lit.
5 out of 5
Ark of Covenant
Smoked my first Ave Maria (Ark of Covenant) and it was amazing from the first draw to the last. Literally smoked until was on my fingers! Smooth from beginning until the end!! Would recommend this (already have to several friends) to everyone!! First class!!!
5 out of 5
Excellent Smoke
First class cigar. Everything I have smoked from Ave Maria is top shelf. Right up there with Montecristo.
1 out of 5
Holy grail bad choice
Bought the box and was very underwhelmed by how it arrived, cigars were coming apart at the ends and they looked like they had been left in the sun for a week, I bought several other boxes of cigars with no issues in the same shipment, seems like the construction was wanting
5 out of 5
awesome smoke
this was a great smoke from start to finish. will always have them in my stock of cigars
4 out of 5
Try one with cards and a bourbon
Interesting scent happening when it burns. An odd old world scent, like my grandparents house. But you wouldn't know that. After the first third, it calms down and is a lightly spicy, heavy tasting smoke. Great card game cigar and while I didn't like it with scotch, it goes great with bourbon.
4 out of 5
Great smoke!!
Great cigar...nice construction and even burn. Not a blow your head off powerhouse. It had just the right amount of spice and power to be fully enjoyed sitting by the fire after a long day. Give these a try!
3 out of 5
Ok smoke. First box pressed cigar and last. Not a fan of the square mouth feel.
5 out of 5
One of my favorites!
Ave Maria has quickly become one of my top smokes! Always delivers a super tasty, medium body smoke. Couldnt recommend them any higher!
5 out of 5
Great value!
Everyone who smokes one of these with me keeps saying things like, "Man, this is a really good cigar." Or, "Oh my, where did you get these?" Just buy them.
5 out of 5
Abe Maria Crusader
Perfect cigar. Tastes, burns and draws like a quality cigar should.
5 out of 5
Ava Maria Knights Templar
Nice, mild-moderate smoke. Good flavor.
5 out of 5
Nice Cigar
One of my favorite cigars. Nice burn good draw and a very long ash. This cigar has plenty of flavor with a nice profile. Right out of the box I enjoyed them however a little time in the humidor WOW awsome. Give them a try you will like them.
5 out of 5
Wonderful cigar
Wonderful cigar
4 out of 5
Ave Maria - A true year for the pallet
I got introduced to this brand via the Mega Fat Boy sampler. I was expecting a harsh burn, but was surprised at one of the best smokes I have had in a long time. Several undertones of cherry, chocolate but good showing of a nutty tobacco. This stick produced Great smoke, decent ash, and a nice smooth draw from start to finish. Unlike most smokes that get harsh close to the end, these Ave Maria's Got better. A must add to you collection.
5 out of 5
Great Smoke for the price
Great Smoke for the price and a welcome addition to any humidor!
5 out of 5
Great cigar. Good shape and
Great cigar. Good shape and length, I smoke them down to a nub.
5 out of 5
Get this one by the box
This is a box-worthy cigar that I could smoke everyday. The 60 ring gauge is packed with a LOT of flavor. Don't change a thing!
5 out of 5
A New Favorite...
Honestly, the cigar band caught my attention first...however, this cigar has one of the smoothest draws I have experienced. The nuances of the Habano wrapper speaks of aromatic cedar and leather. The filler results in a medium smoke but feels like a full. Yet it smokes like silk. My advice is to order the larger size as you will want to enjoy this cigar as long as possible. I will be ordering many more and would recommend without reservation. Well worth the price.
5 out of 5
Great Cigar! Great Company!
I am unsure which you would like me to review, the cigar or CI. The cigar is my favorite! It is always consistent, easy draw and great flavor. In my book it is the best cigar for the money. I would like to see more "sales" on the Kiights Templar however{haha}.As for CI , I have been buying from you for over 5 years and have only been disappointed once and that was corrected with no problems. I will be ordering more Knights Templar Soon.
5 out of 5
Shipping and Packaging only
From order to arrival was 3 days, cigars came properly packaged and appear in perfect condition. The "lionheart" might be the most solid box press I've ever seen, perfect rectangular shape, similar to the AJ Fernandez New World. Gonna let them rest before lighting one up.
5 out of 5
Excellent medium body smoke
Beautiful medium body smoke that consistently delivers. As always CI delivers fast and for a good price
4 out of 5
Knights Templar
Very good cigar. Moderately priced, attractive label etc.
5 out of 5
5 stars
all I can say about these is.......they are a GREAT smoke!!!!!!!
5 out of 5
Buy it
Excellent cigar from start to finish
5 out of 5
Very easy to order for my husband's birthday. Shipped right on time. Very convenient.
5 out of 5
Ave Maria
I have loved these cigars every since you started selling them. One of the best.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Ave Maria lionhearted
Love this cigar . Well made ,good draw with lots of smoke . This is now my favorite , every day , cigar . Good value . I would recommend to everyone .
Customer Testimonials
Not bad, has good cut, draw, ash and burn. Is smooth; I would recommend it to anyone needing an everyday smoke. Thanks
This cigar is GREAT! I had my first just this past weekend (the Clermont), and I got to say I won't judge a cigar by size ever again. It was consistent and strong down to the nub. I will continue to buy this cigar and I highly recommend to anyone.
I was curious so I picked up a five pack. My feeling is that this cigar blasts your palate relentlessly with pepper. Just when you think you can't take it anymore,'s another blast. Not for me.
Construction, burn, and complexity... all warrant a 92-94 rating. Flavor is superb, but there is zero spice or what I call pepper, so it fell short for my personal preference. If you like pepper, it's not for you, but if you enjoy great, smooth, complex tobacco without pepper, it's a must try. Gotta love AJ Fernandez these days. The man is on fire!
Spoke too soon!!!! Half way through it started to get spicier! Wow... The last half of this Knight Templer vitola was a solid 93 gents!
I bought a 5 pack of the Immaculata's and couldn't bring myself to share one with anyone. I smoked it down to the nub and got "blisters on me fingers!" My new favorite goto smoke anytime. Sweetness, excellent burn and smoke so thick my neighbor called the fire department. The wrapper is so stunning I had friends asking me for them.
New cigar smokers might want to approach with caution. Quick background - I received five Knights Templars with a combo pack and let rest in the humidor for only 7 days before curiosity got me. I'm writing this after having the first. As a new cigar guy (roughly 6 months) who gravitates toward milder cigars, I guess I just didn't dig it much. To be sure, it is a beautiful stick and I love the band, and hopefully an adequate amount of time in the humidor will help. But this kind of reminded me of my first swig of scotch. It might have been the finest scotch one could hope to find, but ooh-wee it's not really "good" until the drinker gets used to scotch. I'm sure the same is true of these pricier, medium to full-bodied cigars. But, for now, I'm sticking with my most reliable cigar. Believe it or not (and don't you laugh at me), the "CI Knock Off - Macanudo" robusto is, for me, the best yet!
I bought these on a CI reduced price special. Normally, they go for more than this working family man would be comfortable spending. I should have bought a case. These are truly beautifully made cigars. The colorful gold label is an exquisite work of art. You immediately notice the perfect wrapper and the aroma before lighting. Your visual and olfactory senses are stimulated before even lighting up. A great smoke. Burns even and consistently. Very easy draw. Some pepper on the palate, but not too much. You hit the sweet spot just after removing the wrapper for the last third. Enjoyable right to the end. Now if they'd offer another special...
With the current price drop on Ave Maria, I picked up two boxes. These are an every day type smoke for me. If you enjoy a good medium strength cigar, Ave Maria is for you.
I got the Arc of the Convenant 4.5X60 in the CI Fat Camp sampler. What a great stick. I would have to say it is one of two cigars that I fell in love with out of that sample. This is a cigar that you don’t have to fight with to enjoy. It carries a med-full flavor and is one of those cigars that you wish just would not end. It had a great draw and burn all the way to the fingers. I would highly recommended to anyone who likes a med to full cigar. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.
Update on an earlier review : You're going to be tempted to smoke one right off the truck. Don't do it. I tried and was really not impressed with this cigar. It had a decent flavor, good burn and all that, but nothing special. A few weeks in the humidor changed that. Rich, flavorful, creamy, leathery, bit of spice. I know you're going to try one anyway, all I can say is, put the rest in your humidor and your patience will be rewarded.
Great smoke! Don't let the small size trick you, this is easily an hour and 20 min stick that delivers great taste and a smooth draw all the way down 'til your fingers are burning. Be careful, lighting one may mean you light another one over and over again.
Shout out to my hometown friends in Bethlehem, Pa. Calypso Westsider, Liberty HS class of '79. Great cigar. Perfectly constructed, perfect burn wonderful taste that was smooth start to finish. I don't get all the nuances to describe like some, but it is one of my favorites so far. To me what I expect from a cigar, no negatives whatsoever. Highly recommend. Can't beat CI for service and price. I know where I'm heading next time I'm in Pa. to visit my family.
I place several orders a year with CI and I always make sure the order includes some Ave Maria's. The new Immaculata is fantastic. I just wish there was an ash tray available. :)
A medium-bodied delight for the senses! AJ is on top of his game with this superior blend, from the Equador Habano wrapper to the Honduran/Nicaraguan long filler. Built heavy & chock full of the flavors of oak, cinnamon & a unique sweet spice, you won't soon forget. Strong enough for even a fullhead like me, yet smooth enough to tempt the mildest smoker's palate. Mid/high priced shapes abound in this line, my personal favorite the 8 bone belicoso called St. George. Well worth a try, it sits proudly next to my Alec Bradley medium offerings like Tempus, Nica Puro & Retreat. Ave Maria stands up to all those fantastic blends. Always looking for a deal on these. Deserves 90+ ratings.
A fantastic cigar with an excellent draw. These are a staple cigar in my collection.
This is my new favorite. Smooth and creamy, but strong enough to satisfy this old man! Well made and stays lit, I give it a solid 92 in my book of stogies.
The sheer volume of reviews, mostly very enthusiastic, tells me that Ave Maria is making its way into a lot of humidors. It is a departure from the normal treatment Mr. Fernandez gives to his corojo clad offerings. The St. George belicoso sports a light brown Equadorian wrapper covering a 6" X 52 body that is jam packed with Nicaraguan & Honduran long fillers. The eye-catching construction & medium bodied/full flavored taste profile are what we have come to expect from AJ. True, that many of his other boutique blends are more full bodied than Ave Maria, but don't mistake this dip in power for a lack of complexity or strength. It delivers on both counts. Cedar, leather, various spices & a palate coating pepper component are in play for the duration. A nice deviation from my penchant for super strong blends like Diesel or Prensado. With an ash that clings like glue & a cool, even burn, expect 60 minutes of enjoyment. For mildheads it is a good introduction to bolder blending, while fullheads should enjoy the way Ave Maria manages to satisfy even the most jaded palate, while remaining medium bodied. I like it a lot & believe you will too. An enthusiastic 91/100 makes Ave Maria another 90+ must try from one of the world's finest cigar makers.
I'm not going to say I taste fruits, trees, dirt, or coffee. My palate isn't that refined. But I will say, if you want a good tasting cigar at a price you won't mind sharing a few with the buddy who never seems to have any when he drops by, this is the one for you.
Having my first Templar !! Wow such a great smooth cigar. Such a even burn with very nice white ash with plenty of body and flavor.
Wonderful smoke! One of my favorites.
Definitely one of the best cigars I have smoked. Really well constructed, great smell, not bitter at all. The double corona is a really good size. I'm sold
The ark of the covenant is a really good smoke. Got it the fat camp sampler.
This is another of my go to sticks. Medium to full in body's, great construction and it always burns clean to the nub. Oh..and I personally think the band is one of the most beautiful bands on the market for what's its worth. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.
Very pleasant medium body smoke. Burns well, so easy to keep cool and flavorful. Can't afford to smoke these at full price, but will definitely pick them up when available for around $3 per stick like in the "Build Your Own" sampler.
I bought the sampler box to give these a try...they are out standing! Looking forward to finishing them so I can pick a favorite and order a box!
Beautiful cigar and very tasty.
Got 5 Knight's Templar as part of the Build Your Own sampler. So far have smoked two after letting them settle down in my humidor for a few weeks. The first one had a half inch wrapper rip in the foot and tasted like charcoal for the first two inches. The second was surprisingly different. No harsh charcoal taste, but the wrapper came apart in two or three places during the smoke. The taste is pleasantly medium without being able to distinguish "flavors." The cigar is less than firm to the touch. Not sure what I think about these. I wouldn't buy them at full price in boxes, but at $3.00 apiece in samplers, I'll probably continue to buy for a little while. I find some of the rave reviews puzzling. This is an OK cigar, but it appears to be hyped beyond its value.
1st time trying these & WOW!!! Great stick as far as construction & burn go. The flavor starts out mild, sweet, & creamy & progresses to a little stronger spicy-sweet flavor while maintaining the creaminess throughout. I heard these were good...but I wasn't really expecting this much flavor & enjoyment all the way to the nub!!!
How the heck is this cigar not rated? This is firmly in my top 3. I'd give it a 93 rating.
well i gotta say, this cigar is im·pec·ca·ble in every way and if you pair it with A&W Aged Vanilla Root Bear...I think its illegal. lol I have to hide these from my friends
I'll try all kinds of cigars, ones that are $0.75 a stick to $30.00+ a stick. I tried the Ave Maria Lionhearts just for a new cigar to try and in my own opinion this is one of the best cigars I have ever had. It is my favorite stick to light and it is always my go to cigar. Its like it only gets better the farther down it burns. I always burn my fingers on these.
this has become my favorite cigar only beating out the diesel by a hair...AJ you rock man!!!!
Every time, and I mean every time, I light one of these a passing woman tells me how good they smell. They haven't got me laid yet but I keep lighting them and waiting. Should that happen you can bet I'll be ordering by the case.
A brilliant smoke, after trying one from a sampler I had to purchase a box because of my desire to have more. Beautiful wrapper with notes of earth, pepper, and a slight nuttiness. More medium bodied then full during the smoke. The first few puffs may be fuller along with the last few close to the nub. Every single stick I personally have smoked always has contains a solid white ass and an even burn. Never disappointed with the flavor, each stick has been close to the last and they get better with age so throw them in the humi! Ave Maria has become the everyday cigar for myself even though they are slightly more pricey then the competitors, worth every cent.
Not sure what to say. I kind of wanted these and my wife got me a box for Christmas. Of course I had to make a big deal to her, but I am not impressed. I prefer a good Romeo or something like that. These just didn't grab me. I thought it would be like smoking something heavenly but it was just a spicy smoke.... Not worth the cost. They do have a decent burn though. Another thing. I see guys here talking about how these or others are not as good off the truck as so many months in the humi, but as for my box, they were boxed in January of 2012, so that means they were in the box for almost TWO YEARS before I got them. How would having them in your personal humidor matter when they have been resting for that long inside a cedar or cedaresque lined box for that long anyway?? I really wanted to like Ave Maria. They are good smokes, well constructed, burn well, but just not worth the premium price or the hype. They're just a good cigar, not a great one. I broke the rules and smoked one as soon as they arrived. That's right, and I'm not sorry. This cigar was superb from the minute I opened the box. Very nice feel, solid construction. Has a nice aroma before the light. Started out with a very relaxing creamy taste. There were some very nice flavor changes all the way. I would say it's a medium body, but never harsh. I never had to take the lighter to touch it up. Nice even, slow, cool burn. Can't wait for them to age a bit in the humi........but on this cigar, you can cheat.
I tried the Ave Maria last year, and thought, "WOW, THIS IS AWESOME!" This cigar is everything that everyone says it is. The only words that do it any justice are "PURELY DELICIOUS." I wanted to make them a special event cigar, but can't hold back that long. I love this smoke! It's pure torture waiting till my next Ave order comes. If you haven't tried one yet, then you are definitely missing out.
No review could ever do this cigar justice. I smoked the Holy Grail, and it was about as close to it's namesake as a cigar can get. The depth of flavor, the draw, everything about this cigar was excellent. Freud said "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar", but this one transcends into a religious experience. Sitting with this cigar and your thoughts is truly liberating. I am at a loss for any other words except "Buy a box. It is impossible to pass up such a wonderful experience."
Just tried my first St George. It's unreal. I will be ordering plenty more. Already told the lady about the wooden taster box for Christmas. I've earned it!
This is phenominal cigar at a pretty decent price. This is one that I would love to smoke every day. Definitely adding it to my Top 10 list.
This is a great smoke. Really was surprised and enjoyed
Have you tried Ave Maria yet? If you haven't do it of my all time favorites especially if you like a medium cigar. Never had a bad burn in any boxes, very well done!
GREAT CIGAR, full of flavor.
This is perhaps one of the most beautiful cigars I ever held. Perfectly constructed. Lit easily. Ash will hang on until I knock it off. Burns evenly, with lots of smoke. Only problem is this cigar tastes like a campfire. I don't know what people are talking about when they give this cigar big hype. Perhaps they are trying to justify spending way too much money on a clear loser of a product, or they are novice smokers and are just following what someone else had to say. Save your money and purchase a more proven cigar. And let's remember, just because something is pretty, that doesn't mean it will make you happy!
One of the finest cigars I've ever had the pleasure of smoking. Fine construction, great burn and draw. But the best thing is the taste of this cigar. Just delicious. Tip of the hat to Ave Maria and CI nation!
I can only describe this stick as wonderful. It starts off with a spicy that hits you in the front of your throat, then mellows a bit as you get into it. Its definitely not a mild, nor a powerhouse, except in flavor. Its complex and enjoyable from start to finish. I find it has a nutty finish with a sweet draw. By far one of my absolute favorites!! I've smoked them through 2 tours of duty in Afghanistan and this smoke is a genuine escape. I love them any time of day. Its heavy in the hand and very well rolled with tons of tobacco. I would reccomend these to anyone, Im partial to the belicoso because i snip them shallow to get a concentrated draw, I love chewing on these every inch of the way. I even find it hard to discard the nub. A good chew, and a GREAT smoke. You wont be dissapointed!!
Even after several weeks in the humidor, these taste very "green" and "young". Not sure what all the fuss is about....
This cigar (Ave Maria, TORO) is nearly perfect. Great amounts of thick tasty smoke, easy draw, even burn and the darn thing is a down right beautiful stick. The construction is flawless in my opinion. For the price this is an everyday cigar with no sacrifice to quality or taste. Three weeks at 69% humidity and you and your mates will be in cigar paradise.
If you want a good medium cigar at a decent price, look no further than Ave Maria. I prefer the Knights Templar toro size.
I am a full cigar fan. I recently smoked an Ark of the Covenant and it blew my pants off. It was kind of unremarkable other than the fact it kicked my pants right off. The flavors don't mature over the cigar, but that being said it was a good, smooth smoke. I think it's closer to a fuller cigar than a medium, but to each his own. It's definitely a sit down and smoke cigar. The best deal I would say is if you can get one in a sampler or special....
This was an outstanding cigar. I figured it as Ave Maria's basic cigar compared to others I've had. Great from start to finish, but not my taste .
A very nice smoke for the price. The ash was a little more loose than I had hoped for, but certainly on par with many other brands. For the price, this is a smoke you simply must have in your humidor.
Ark of the Covenant (gordo) (4.5"x60)...A great fat little cigar. My only complaint is the gorgeous, but huge band. I hate it when you take off a band and it breaks the wrapper. MAKE THE LABEL SMALLER SO THE GLUE IS AT THE NUB OF THE CIGAR WHERE IT BELONGS! Then, if it breaks the wrapper, it will be at the nub, not halfway through the cigar.
Barbarossa (churchill) (7.0"x48)...Sitting here still sucking on my stogie. The ash finally fell off at 2". What a fantastic cigar. Started out mild with a little spice. Picking up in flavor as it burns. WOW...I really like this cigar!
Just finished my third Ave Maria and the conclusion is A++++++. A little pepper when first lit, then comes the spice, not the spice that gives you a headache or makes you oozy, very nice clean spicy taste, kinda sweet. The last half of the cigar becomes quite a bit more flavorful slowly losing the spice and ending up kind of like a Hair of the Dog, but not as strong. A beautiful cigar with a nice slow burn. I like it!
Started off this morning with an Ave Maria, big mistake. Now I am spoiled for the rest of the day. The cigar is that good. Great draw...great burn...great flavor! What more could you ask for?
PHENOMENAL! ....Ave Maria is at the top of my cigar list for spectacular smokes. My boy and I had to try some after we read the reviews here on CI from all the other cigar company execs, so we ordered a 5 pack of the Charlemagnes (we like to enjoy a nice, long smoke). For such a huge stoge, the flavor was consistent throughout, and it was excellent, to say the least. I will definitely be ordering more of these babies soon, possibly the sampler pack and see which size I like the most. Regardless, Ave Maria has a nice little Protestant boy considering saying a Hail Mary. Hats off to this brand, and to CI for the great reviews and pushing it.
I just finished smoking an Ave Maria St. George. A very good cigar. Draws and burns well. I smoked it to about 1.5" with no bitter taste nearing the end. I received this in the Angrier Men sampler. Will have to buy more in the near future.
One feels the need to make up a word to describe these. Fantastical....
Well I gave them a shot and I enjoy them, but for all the hype that these receive, I just don't get it. I admit the box and wrappers are highly attractive and the smoke is decent, but I have to agree with the .270 hitter comment, they're just nothing other than decent.
Just finished my 2nd smoke and I cannot say enough about how good this cigar is! Has that nice full flavor that creeps down your throat and it maintains a good amount of spice even after the halfway mellow point...This is a must have in my humidor from now on.
Ave Maria Lionhearts have become a favorite of mine. I got them in a sampler and decided to smoke one at the VFW with some friends. This is by far in my Top 10 favorite cigars.
While this isn't the best cigar I've ever had, it is probably the best $6 cigar I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Bravo. Got five in a sampler a few months back. After smoking 3 of them, I decided I had to order a full box.
As an intermediate smoker who has sampled a wide variety of cigars, I have to say this is an impressive cigar for the money. Nice even burning with a nice smoke. The draw is a bit light compared to others in the same range but not at all a hinderance. Flavor is a medium leather with a very light hint of pepper followed by clean wood. Smooth but not so much so youre unable to distinguish the smoke and flavor. The cigars themselves are aesthetically pleasing with its wrap and the leaf itself. Overall I found it to be very enjoyable.
OMG! These are the best cigars I ever tried. I always make my own samplers because trying to find my brands is tough, but the last 2 days I've been enjoying the Ave Maria and wow! So smooth, so well blended. I recommend it A++
I am a novice cigar smoker, but from the top cigars I managed to get my hands on, this is surely in my top 5 hands down. I tried the Lionheart from the build your own sampler. Its a medium smoke that tastes great, has a nice, easy draw that creates a pleasant cloud of smoke. I've recommended it to "experienced" smokers at a private club I currently work at, and they thanked me for introducing them to this fine product.
I just purchased a box of 8 salomons and 5 of them had cracked heads from the point right up to the cigar band. This came with a free 10 pack which were in perfect shape. Boxes are not opened before shipping for inspection. As far as the flavour, I smoked churchills aged six months and was not overly impressed with flavour or complexity. Maybe a smaller ring gauge would bring out a stronger flavour on the wrapper. My personal favourite is the special edicion man of war, it has a great taste profile with leather, coco,and is refined and balanced with strength.
I normally smoke full bodied & flavored cigars in the Robusto size. Saw a freebie deal on Ave Marias. 10 free Salomans w/box order. Ordered a box of Crusaders. I like Aves well enough, but was very surprised at the Holy Grail's (Saloman) oomph from the get go. Great smoke! Like it even better in the larger size. Thanks for the great deal CI!
I just had my first St. George and my first Ave Maria. By George I think you've got a winner here. Definitely on the full side, somewhere between a Rocky Patel 15th anniversary and a Gloria Cubana Series R. Had a great draw and burn, a steady smoke all the way to the end. Already adding these to my list of go to cigars.
I'm pretty new to cigar smoking, so like most I've been buying samplers. I got 2 Ave Maria Knights Templar in the Delicious Dozen II (amazing) and they were probably my favorite. I have since had some big name cigars (Oliva, Cohiba, Rocky Patel, La Herencia to name a few) and the Ave's have remained my favorite. I'll try more brands, but can't wait to order more of these. They have a smooth draw, great taste and after taste, and a nice ash. Incredible cigar.
I got 5 of the Lionhearts through the build-your-own sampler, and at first drag, I was disappointed. I always look forward to new flavors from cigars, but this one just tasted a little airy. About a 1/2 inch into though, it got pretty good. Mild, smooth, easy to smoke, it's everything I heard that it was. Not really any special flavors that I could tell, but definitely no bad tastes either. It's my LT's new favorite cigar after I sadly parted with one through a trade for an unnamed Nicaraguan. Definitely worth it for special occasions, but a little too pricey to be an everyday cigar
I don't know what or why it took me so long to try one of these? A buddy gave me one and I was so impressed....That I ordered a box that night! That was 3 boxes ago. I just ordered my 4th of the Crusador and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. A well rolled Medium bodied Cigar that for the money. You just can't beat. As so many others have pointed out the level of complexity is just fantastic. So many makers strive for this type of Cigar. And fall way short. If you have any doubts about trying these? Don't. Order a 5 pack. I'll bet you order a box before your done with it! Hell. Maybe like me. Before the first ones finished!
If you like smoking the Monte Cristo #2, but cringe at paying the price, the Ave Maria St George is just as good, if not better! For the past 2 years, I've handed these cigars out to clients who have complimented on the quality of the cigar and many have become loyal Ave Maria customers!
I absolutely love these cigars. They are every bit as good as you've heard. Great smoke.
Just got 5 of these in a sampler and tried one right off the truck. Very smooth, nice burn, good flavor, but not complex. Hopefully some time in the humidor will improve them.
Can't say anything that hasn't already been said. I can just say that these are one of my favorite cigars. Not too mild, not too heavy. Good all around. Treat yourself.
This is an AWESOME cigar, not only do I think the lighter and band is cool, it's definitely in my top 3 favorites right now
With all it's hype I expected much more than I received. I found this stick to be nothing more than an expensive lawn mowing cigar. The construction and burn was top notch' however the taste was flat and boring. No complexity at all. Sorry, I know i'm in the minority here but...
Bought a box of Churchills a few weeks ago, and have been waiting until New Years Eve to light one up. What a magnificent cigar. Great flavors, solid construction, and an even burn line all the way down to the nub. I'll make sure I always have some of these around.
I'm not as good as others when it comes to the different flavors that dance around on their palate while smoking certain cigars. However, I'm far from a novice when it comes to knowing good cigars. The Ave Maria 6 X 54 gives you plenty of smoke time, and remains smooth all the way to the finish. This is a cigar that is a pleasure to smoke, and one that doesn't have to be manicured while smoking. With it's long ash, even burn, huge smoke clouds, and the simple beauty of it's looks. Creates a cigar experience found in only a select few, found at higher dollar amounts. If full in body, you will never know it due to no sign of harhness on the palate. If you enjoy a cigar for the good tobacco, and a slight hint of spice you will enjoy the Ave Maria.
Great tasting medium smoke with some pepper in the first inch or so. I saw a few reviews that say too much pepper. It really does taste great though, it has a very nutty taste that I couldn't get enough of. HOWEVER, these sticks (at least the 6 I had) had some construction issues. They are extremely delicate too...I don't give my two cents on anything be it booze or beer unless I've had several tastes, and I just think Ave Maria's are good but not great. Try the fat camp sampler to get some great sticks and to try 3 Ave Marias if you desire.
One of the tastiest cigars I've had, but the uneven burn is a little irritating.
This cigar has one of most attractive wraps I have seen. Once lit, the oils come oozing out. Medium strength and full flavored in an underlying way. Very creamy with a touch of spice and pleasant nutty aromas. Too mild for me to finish the day but a great way to start it off.
After reading all the positive reviews, I decided to try a 5-pack of the Lion-heart Box Pressed. The big green truck finally arrived seven weeks ago with my box of treasures. I decided to smoke one right off the truck and that may have been a mistake. The construction was flawless with a fantastic aroma. Too much pepper for me and I really did not enjoy the smoke. The burn was even and did not go out after sitting for 5 minutes unattended several times. I tried another today after seven weeks in the humidor. I will tell you that the cigar had mellowed out tremendously. The pepper was completely gone, taste was mild to slightly moderate with lots of smoke. Honestly, I enjoyed the smoke....The taste remained the same until the last inch when it got a little bitter. I may order again, but there are plenty more smokes available at CI that are more sophisticated and much cheaper.
Absolutely Love Ave Maria's. Usually I pick them a 5 pack at a time. I finally broke down bought a box of 20 crusaders, that came with 5 Cohiba red dots and a lighter. Loved that deal so much I reordered and just yesterday got in a box of Ave Maria Reconquista- so much beauty inner coffins and surrounded by leaf. I must say I usually smoke Macanudos and Cohiba Red dots, but I am falling in Love with Ave Maria.
I really wanted to enjoy these. I love the band and the great reviews given them had me looking forward to trying them. Unfortunately, I had a bad experience with them. They were too loosely rolled. Even a friend of mine tried one and he said it was like smoking a cigarette. The slightest inhale (suck) and my mouth was filled with smoke. I punch, so it's the same for every cigar I smoke. It was an even burn but very fast. I am hoping to try another one from a different batch to see if the 5 I got was from a bad batch.
I'm a big fan of the re-review, so here we go. Wanna know how good this cigar is? First of all, know that I only buy decent cigars. Second, I've recently found myself less excited about the cigars I'm having .. "Am I not that into cigars anymore," I wondered. I just lit up one of my Ave's, and answered my question. It's fantastic, and I'm plenty excited about it. If you appreciate the finer things, or just want to impress casual cigar buff friends with something that doesn't say Monte Cristo on it, bust out a couple of these; be a connoisseur; be damn happy about it.
I'm usually not a Churchill fan, but received a new humidor for fathers day with these included. They have been in the box for over 2 months now, until today. Most Churchill's I have had have been boring, giving you 7-9 inches of the "same ole thing"...not in this case! It transitioned from leather to spicy pepper and back to mellow sweet nicely and often. Rich tobaccos slipped in and out and this cigar was never boring....all the way to the nub....a pleasant surprise to me.
The toro tastes just like a Gran Habano Vintage 2002. Not a bad thing, by any means! Oh... Except for the wallet thing. However, at the time I purchased a box, I got a lighter and five Red Dots... Thanks for hookin' it up CI!!!
Smoked my first two Ave's that came in a sampler and when I saw the freebies offer ordered a box. Great smooth smoke with a solid construction and even burn. Appropriately flavorful without overpowering the senses.
I started seeing crazy good reviews about this stick, and I just had to try. I was in shock and Awe with how amazing this beauty is. Wonderful taste, a great burn, and instantly this cigar was added as a favorite of mine.
Friend gave me the 6 x 48....Quite a good smoke. I'll look for a combo or box special in the future to take advantage of a stick I know I'll like!
I received the Ave maria Knights Templar in a combo package, and was interested in trying it based on the other great reviews. And I have to say that the positive feedback was absolutely on target. A very fine cigar with full flavor and a medium strength that is sure to please even the most discriminating palette. There is (as Pete Johnson describes) a distinctive sweetness to this cigar that makes it a rich, satisfying smoke, that I guarantee will be a hit with most anyone who tries it. Not the best cigar I've ever smoked, nor the most complex, but terrific nonetheless. And at the current price point, an absolute no brainer.
I tried one right off the truck and hated it, but after about 2 months in the humi, I tried again and boy what a difference. The flavors mellowed out so nicely. Best 1 1/2 hour smoke I've had in a while!
After reading the reviews, I ordered the five-pack of Ave Maria "Lionheart"cigars and found them to be a very nice cigar! I am a mild to mild/medium cigar person and these don't let you down.The cigars draw easy and have a nice flavor ( with a hint of pepper ), and a nice aroma. As of now, these are not available in my area, so I'll be ordering more! Very nice cigar! Nice job!
Add me to the list of Ave Maria converts. I'm new to cigar smoking and have been trying samplers, like some other newcomers, to figure out what I like and don't like. I was a bit nervous about trying a "pricey" cigar but I hadn't read any negative reviews and I'll admit I was a sucker for the band. I used the "buy 4 get 5th free" promo here on CI and selected some different styles. Not wanting to jump too fast into anything, I let them sit in my newly cured, set up, humidor for about a week. These are worth EVERY...SINGLE...PENNY I paid for them. I've only had one so far but it was hard to put down and I look forward to my next one. I can't afford this as an everyday smoke but it has become my Friday Favorite or "Special Occasion."
I'm not quite a contrarian on these, but I'm not on the bandwagon. I've smoked 3 of the knights templar and enjoyed each, but given all the bombast with which CI introduced these, I'm a little disappointed. Very good construction, nice aroma, good burn - nothing to whine about, it's just sort of like a .270 hitter. The band is perhaps the most impressive thing about this stick - more hat than cattle to slightly twist the adage. This is a very good cigar but I'd rather have a Punch Deluxe, or a Hemmingway, or an RP Decade, or a Padilla Miami, or a Romeo y Julieta 1875, or a Tarano Exodus, or ..... you get my point.
This is a stick that lived up to the hype! I'll be back!
I love everything about this cigar... Very smooth, just the right amount of spice, nice burn, thick smoke, and flavor profile changes every 1/3rd or so. Well worth the premium tag, and a steal during JAMs. AJ Fernandez is the man... er 'El Hombre'
Now i Know what all the talk is about. I recieved one in a sampler and let it nap for a few months. I lit it up yesterday and found out what everyone was talking about. This could be my new favorite.
These cigars, no matter what shape or size, are an absolute great smoke. Hands down the best cigars I've ever had. By no means am I an expert on cigars, however, for a night out with the boys ever weekend, we grab a smoke, and all five of us prefer Ave Maria Cigars while we shoot billiards, have a couple drinks, party, go out to eat, play cards, or even just sit in our lounge chairs and watch television. The Cigars are perfect, not mild and not too full. The best cigars for any occasion. To Ave Maria, we salute you.
WOW! Although I am a mild/mild-medium guy, these cigars are fantastic. Not overwhelming at all. Great flavor, very smooth, easy to light, very enjoyable. A cigar as beautiful as the lady/song for which they are named.
The reviews of this cigar are no joke! This is one fine cigar! Great draw, awesome flavors, very well balanced. It has moved straight to the top of my cigar buying list! Very pleased with it...thanks CI for bringing it to us!
I've had two so far...both right after I received my sampler. Excellent all the way around. Easy light, long ash, great flavor...for once a cigar that actually deserves to be "pricey" (at least it is pricey to me).
The person who said these sticks need to lay up in a humidor was right. Just an opinion. But these aren't for the maduro lovers. Still they're a nice stogie for the pepper people in the house.
After all the hype and superlatives heaped all over this cigar well, Ava Maria me. The cigar had a pleasant taste at the start but i keep waiting for a change and/or some never changed. Start to finish. I'm not saying it's not a good stick....that's just my take.
I'm new to cigar smoking, so I've been ordering samplers in order to find just what I liked. I was drawn to the Ave Maria by the great looking band and positive reviews, but I could never find the right sampler, so I went ahead and bought a single. When it arrived I gave it a few days while I tried the other singles I had purchased. But when I did finally try it, I knew right away I had found my favorite cigar. Right out of the package it smelled unlike any other cigar I had tried. The burn was even and the draw was very smooth with lots of thick smoke. The taste was great and unlike other cigars, didn't leave that stinging sensation in my mouth. I enjoyed it so much, I actually forgot I was in Afghanistan! I'm definately ordering a box to meet me when I get home. This cigar with a wee dram of Balvenie DoubleWood and some time to myself and everything else will just melt away.
This is a strong medium to full bodied smoke. Believe all the reviews these smokes are FANTASTIC!!! I strongly urge anyone whom is in the market for a winner to pick up a box of these before the price goes through the ceiling!
First and foremost...if you are not an AJ Fernandez fan by now you should be. Everything this guy makes is simply expert. Great flavors, construction,etc. and excellent price points. Ave Maria is no exception to anything above mentioned. It did have a strong "Cayenne" pepper to it but I liked it.
This is a cigar that you need to resist the temptation to smoke when it arrives at your home. I did that and had a real bad impression of the cigar. However, now that they have been in my humidor awhile. The second one I smoked (laid in humidor for several days) was so much better in every area that the one I tried as soon as they arrived.
I got the 8 sampler w/ the Hail Mary in Latin on the top of the box. The awesome band and the presentation is exceptional. I began w/ the corona sized claremont,because AJ has an affinity w/ this shape and did not find it to be the best example of the blend. moving to the robusto crusader what a difference! this is what everyone is talking about,very flavorful with an effortless draw and tastes of creamy cedar and some baking spice on the nose.i liked the churchill the best and would buy again.
I want to be as careful as I can, without taking away anything from this cigar. Every review has been postive, and I have no desire to change that, but one has to review according to their experience with the cigar. I ordered 5 of the 5 of the 7.4 X 54, and I just finished my second one. When you have a cigar in your hand that is as well made, wonderful to look at, and you need more than an hour to smoke it. It also burns pretty even all the way down, with a smooth draw until the half way mark. At that point unlike the first Ava Maria I smoked, the draw became less, and the smoke was like dashing pepper on my tongue. Since the first one didn't act in this manner, I trust that I received one that was not made properly. Had I have written this review after the firs Ava Maria, it would have looked like the others who have written. However, just finishing my second one, it has left me a little confused. I smoke full bodied cigars, but this second one knocked me on my butt. In fact, with 5 inches still left, I wondered if I was going to be able to finish it due to the amount of pepper taste burning my tongue and mouth. That being said, it is a work of art to watch it smoke, and I left the ash on until 2 1/4 (I measured) was still attached to the cigar. Being a person who doesn't like to waste money and put a cigar out ahead of time, I smoked it to the nub. Regardless of what my experience was on the second cigar, this is a cigar worth you ordering a 5 pack to form your own thoughts concerning this cigar. In agreement with another reviewer, this is a high priced cigar, and one I can't afford to purchase on a regular basis. It's not so much lack of money as it is better cigars at a lower price. I will go out on a limb and say there are not many that look as good as this one, and smoke as even as the Ava Maria. In addition, I have a real problem with any cigar that has a pepper taste. When that word is used in describing a flavor of a cigar, maybe you can help me out by telling me why pepper is a good thing? I can't ever recall seeing a person grab the pepper shaker and put some in their mouth.
These cigars are the reason I get up and go to work every morning. There's nothing like sitting on the back porch after a long day with a good single malt, my dog and an Ave Maria. Makes me smile.
Not taking the time to read other reviews, since I didn't want them to influence my thinking. I received the 6 X 54 Toro in the Choice Cuts Premium 54 (A sampler pack you need to try). This cigar made me realize why I am among those who understand the love a fine cigar. There is nothing I know to say about this smoke that is negative. In fact, I would place this cigar not far away from Cubans. One can make that statement, if they have had the chance to smoke the divine sticks several times. This was my first encounter with Ava Maria, but you can bet your life in want be the last. I will not attempt to express the flavors, since I never was offered the class in college or grad school that demonstrated how to taste leather, white paper, chalk board eraser (ha, just tossed that one in there), or many other decriptions that are used by those more intelegent than I am. Oh, I do know what pepper tase like, that should account for something. Being serious, and having much respect for those who know how to find the correct way to introduce the flavors. This cigar is packed with the type of feather I love, and it doesn't have any pepper.
Have had two Holy Grails after a month or so of aging....Great Cigar. Construction, draw, burn, and flavor are all top notch. Nicely done CI.
Great Stick, just finished the last one out of the box of 20 of the Knights Templar. Great even burn, smooth taste, and wonderful smoke. Will be recommended to the whole club.
Just unzipped a box of Crusader's . You will find no dissapointments in this fine smoke. Rich in flavor and as smooth as a mild. The presentation is a work of art. Forget numeric ratings and just call this one " Two thumbs up ".
All I can say is wow!! Very smooth, Great flavor! Got to get more!!
I am now on my third box of Ava Maria Lionhearts. This has become my new favorite cigar and will now be a regular in the rotation. They are good any time of the day, they burn perfect everytime and they are consistently so damn good. I like them better than CAO black, which has been a long time favorite. Although I hate to part with my Ava Maria's, the few I have given to friends have received rave reviews. If you like your cigars medium to full bodied, smooth and flavorful Ava Maria is your ticket to cigar bliss.
This is a wonderful stick. Even burning all the way through, near perfect balance without the harsh start of most full bodied beauties. I believe the write up on this one to be very accurate, but the price is a little up there. Waiting for a good special or sampler/freebie might be the way to go if you've on a budget, or for somebody who wants to try one. I would say you'd be a fool not to take on a box of these for a flavorful seasoned warriors.
just tried my first ... very niice ... not mild ... nor strong ... just is ... all the way to nub ... very good experience ... lots of leather and earth in it .. if you like that ... definitely try a 5 pack at least ...
I sampled my first Ave Maria on New Year's Eve. It will not be my last. I enjoyed every puff, down to the nub. Excellent flavor, excellent construction and even though it has nothing to do with the flavor or quality of the stick, you have to love the band.
OMG! AWESOME! Simply Aweseome. Medium at the stat with light complex flavors of cedar, earthness and smooth. Half way she turns it up a step get a lil more kick by bringing in a lil bit of spice. PLUS! The gets more complex by the puff. If you looking for a Med don't smoke it past the wrapper. if you want a Awesome MED that get a lil more of a kick at you go on this is the smoke from you. Don't know if anyone will care but I am what they called a "Pro Palete" at a local Cigar Club. I tend to read Cigas better them some.
Just had the Clermont and although I was hesitant before lighting it, I was pleasantly suprised after the third puff. Smooth all the way through, even burn thoughout, subtle flavors but definately a cigar I can smoke everyday and not get bored. The band is beautiful, and the cigar is well worth it.
Happy Holidays, you fantastic folks at CI!!! I just had to weigh in on the Ave Maria which I had included on my last order. Besides masterful branding... I mean look at that label for crying out loud, it oozes opulence, exclusivity and charm. To that end, great job. I had a couple of Holy Grails at my fingertips to try, and was excited to try them. The finely matured habano wrapper is the clue that you are in for a treat! But the buttery, creamy Esteli fillers tell you, you are about be switched up... ever so pleasantly. This stick gives off a majestic plume and as you get to the last third of this fine medium-bodies beauty... you pick up a nice leathery finish. For its foray into the world of boutique cigars, not a bad way to get started. Nice job... My rate on this stick: 90
I've smoked a lot of cigars in my short time on earth, however; I'd have to say that the Ava Maria is something special. Great burn, generous smoke and the flavor and aroma is unbelievable. For the guys at CI, keep up the good work. I've never been disappointed with your suggestions and shipping. Even up here in the far north of ND.
I had my first Ave Maria yesterday. You are absolutely correct. Loved it.
My partner and I visited the Super Store this past Friday and a huge thank you to Joe for all his suggestions and help. We smoked our first Ave Maria and it truly is nothing short of divine.
I was excited with great anticipation when I heard about these great tasty sticks. A.J., in my book is the greatest maker. What got me with the Ave Marias, was the smoothness with out giving up on flavor.Slightly complex in and out with deeper flavors building towards the middle,then leather and earthy through the end.Taste almost like the diesel unlimited only much lighter. The construction quality and burn is exceptional as is all his smokes. Mild enough for the morning or anytime. I think this is going to score well.
Very nice smoke. Solid medium body until you get to the last 1/3 where it amps up. Flawless solid construction, great draw and an excellent burn through out. Vanilla, nut and a touch of leather with a smooth finish. I've gone through a half a dozen and see a box of them in my future.
Was given some Ave Maria St. George's by a friend. After just a few tasty puffs I knew this was going to be a wonderful smoke. Great flavor, perfect draw and burn. This is everything you could ever want in a top-notch cigar. This cigar also has one of the most artistic bands I have ever seen. Has quickly become my favorite. I am saving the rest for special occasions.
Great cigar. The wrapper was what you want it to be no flaws nice sheen on it. Smoked great, just like a Monte Cristo white label might be better. Smoked it till it was burning my fingers. Get some.
Went to the Thirsty Thursday event last night at the Bethlehem CI store -- great time. They were rolling out the Ave Maria, and so we all got to try it. Very nice smoke, indeed. Easily recommendable. Medium stick, nice burn, very tasty. A little on the full side of medium as it burns through. Smoked mine down to a fragment of a nub!
simply outstanding. you get what you pay for in this cigar.
I just smoked the Arc of the Convenant 4.5X60 and it was outstanding. It was full flavored with a hint of sweetness, which is common with Corojo wrappers. It started out medium bodied in the first third and was medium to full bodied in the last two thirds. It had a great draw and burn also. Highly recommended, if I rated it I would give it a 92.
These make me glad I'm Catholic!

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