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La Estrella Cubana

Steve R

When I think of a maduro cigar, I imagine dark, rich flavors. I’m talking rich flavors....flavors that coat the palate with notes of chocolate, roasted coffee, and rich well-fermented tobacco. Flavors that linger on the palate and leave behind that velvety feel on the taste buds. Flavors that stick with you - in a good way - and urge you to draw in big, thick clouds of smoke with each puff. I have found many that do this, and I just found one more. The new La Estrella Cubana.

Keith just wrote about this cigar. I realize this. Why? Because when we like a cigar, we always talk about about it during or after we write a review. Sometimes both. Lots of “bro, this cigar is legit” messages from me and “try this stat or you’re fired” notes lofted in my direction. Regardless, he tried it, I tried it, and we both wanted to talk about it.

La Estrella Cubana has returned to its roots of Nicaragua, where it all began for this old brand, and I couldn’t be happier. The heart of this new blend is composed of aged, Cuban-seed long-leaf tobaccos grown in the Dominican and Nicaragua. On the outside, a Costa Rican maduro wrapper oozes with oils. Thick, pitch black, and silky to the touch....this leaf screams delicious, and is perfect for the mellow tobaccos within.

Snip, spark up, and away we go. From the get-go, La Estrella Cubana pumps out huge volumes of smoke. I’m talking lots of smoke....thick, heavy smoke that fills the air above. I love it. The flavor is deep and toasty with a rich core of savory maduro flavors. I was in the supermarket last night (always Wegmans – if you have one near you, go early and often because the place is amazing) and saw a jar of ‘Savory Beef Gravy.’ That word couldn’t be more fitting for this cigar. It’s rich and savory to the core. This is my sixth LEC of the week and it’s spot on compared to the rest. There won’t be any twists. No turns. No surprises. Just a rich, savory smoke that brings a variety of maduro flavors throughout a mellow to medium-bodied bouquet. I always pick up dark chocolate, and I love it. There’s also a deep, roasted espresso influence that lingers after each puff. And then the sweetness....oh, the sweetness. The coal-black maduro wrapper lends a delightful sweetness to the mix that’s just perfect. The way a quality, naturally fermented maduro should. And it remains this way down to the nub. The cigar never gets harsh and never gets hot. It’s jam-packed with tobacco and solid from head to toe, but the draw is perfect producing a razor-sharp burn that’s slow and cool from start to finish. The strength doesn’t build, nor do the flavors, but that’s ok with me because each and every cigar pumps out enough rich and savory flavors to satisfy my palate no matter when I spark one up. Did I mention I like this cigar?

There you have it. I think I said just about every good quality one could possibly say about a top-notch cigar. Except for price, I forgot that one. The price is the best part. Seriously, look it up, but don’t close your browser without adding to your cart. Trust me on that one.