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Gurkha XO Big-Ring V Sampler

Over $400 off - $2.81 per cigar + $5 Lighter Upgrade

Live for 1 day, expires Tuesday night - April 18, at 11:59pm ET

It's back, baby! For the next 24 hours, we're serving Gurkha's finest, most prestigious creations on a silver platter, with a generous side of unthinkable savings. This time you'll find Gurkha 125th, Centurian, Beauty, Widow Maker, Titan, and more, each carefully hand-crafted into a beautiful and bulbous 6"x60 vitola then met with $412 in instant savings. That's no math error, this amazing collection of Gurkha's finest is 90% off

And I'm still not done. To tip the scales even further, we'll let you add on a Moretti Churchill Quad-Flame Torch Lighter for $5 more. A powerful, 4-torch burner worth $50 alone. 

By now, you know that Gurkha consistently delivers scrumptious ultra-premiums equipped with exceptional quality and a delicious range of flavor, but astronomical prices keep them just out of reach for most regular dudes. At CI, you also know we bring those prices back down to earth, delivering unrivaled value on Gurkhas of all shapes and sizes, even the brand's most beloved specimens. For example, today's must-buy deal - a ridonkulous offering from yours truly.

Gurkha XO V Sampler includes:
2 – Gurkha Beast XO (6” x 60)
2 – Gurkha Beauty XO (6” x 60)
2 – Gurkha Centurian Double Perfecto
2 – Gurkha Legend Vintage 2001 XO (6” x 60)
2 – Gurkha Crest XO (6” x 60)
2 – Gurkha Titan XO (6” x 60)
2 – Gurkha Widow Maker Maduro XO (6” x 60)
2 – Gurkha 125th Anniversario XO (6” x 60)

With a suggested retail of $416, my $44.99 price is one helluva discount. Plus, you can add on a sweet 4-flame lighter for just $5 more. Save over $400, 90% off, $2.81 per 6"x60 - all the numbers point to hell yes!