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Drew Estate: Isla del Sol Maduro

Boxes as low as $24.99  + Ashtray upgrade.

The amount of sequels that surpass or live up to the original can probably be counted on one hand (don't even get me started on Weekend at Bernie's II). But, you can go ahead and add this one to the short list, because if you dig Isla del Sol (or coffee-infused cigars in general), you're gonna love Isla del Sol Maduro. To ensure it gets its day in the sun, I'm offering up a deal that's going to send fans bananas. Boxes of Isla del Sol Maduro have been cut down to as little as $24.99. Smooth, coffee flavor with a tick of sweetness, and Drew Estate quality, for as little as $2.50 per cigar. The gravy train doesn't stop there. It keeps on chuggin' with a sweet 2-Finger Drew Estate Ashtray ($25 value) for just $2.50 more. Choo-choo! For 1-Day only, it's full steam ahead on Isla del Sol.

As little as $2.50 apiece + $2.50 ashtray. Hop aboard while you can.

Coffee and cigars - easily among the best duos of modern man. And thanks to Drew Estate's careful infusion process, they melded the two together in near perfect fashion. This lip-smacking blend comes dressed in a dark maduro wrapper, complementing rich Nicaraguan fillers. Post-rolling, each cigar is infused with Sumatran Mandheling Blend Coffee, before being topped off with a sweetened cap. Busting at the seams with flavor, each puff ushers in notes of cocoa, coffee, spice, and sweet cream. Most impressive, is the body. It remains a steady mellow to medium, while delivering truckloads of enjoyment.

For a very brief window, boxes of Isla del Sol Maduro are as little as $24.99. Add on a Drew Estate Ashtray for just $2.50 more, and save up to 61% off.