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Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park

WHOA! 20 Cigars only $59.99 + Free Lighter.

Pigs are flying. Hell has frozen over. And the 90-rated Macanudo Cafe is just $3 per cigar. If I haven't earned my stay with the men in white coats yet, this deal will surely seal my fate

Don't worry about me. Just throw 'em into your cart like canned goods during the zombie apocalypse. These things sell for $8 all day, every day, all across this great land of ours. And they scarcely see a discount. But for a limited window of just 24-hours, you can grab 20 Macanudo Hyde Park Cafe (5.5"x49) for just $59.99. What? You thought that was it. Pft! Here comes the milk through the nose moment. With each one purchased, I'll add on a Rockwell Quad-Flame Torch for FREE (worth $40). That cranks the combined savings to 71% off.   

Look, not everyone loves Macanudo. That's why this wonderful hobby of ours has so many options. But, there's a reason it's the best-selling cigar in the country, and a reason it was probably one of the first cigars you ever enjoyed. Just check out the resume. Golden-brown Connecticut shade wrappers with Mexican and aged Dominican long-fillers. Yes. Smooth, creamy smoke that glides across the palate. Yup. Mellow-bodied profile chock full of toast, roasted nuts, and oaky undertones. Affirmative. At just $3 a stick, this cigar is way overqualified for this price point.  

The 90-rated Macanudo Hyde Park Cafe with a sweet FREE Lighter for 71% off combined. Insanity.