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Torano Exodus 1959 '50 Years'

93-rated! 20 Cigars just $49.99 - $2.50 apiece!

Today's 24-hour deal is red two ways about it. Behold, a near giveaway on Torano's finest. The 93-rated Exodus 1959 ’50 Years’ – 20 cigars only $49.99. Is this for real? Sure is. Brings a tear of joy to my eye. One of Torano’s best works – an industry staple – yours for everyday prices. How can you turn this down? Just look at ‘em. Glistening with oils. Packed with dense long-fillers. Mmm-mmm good, son. They could be yours for just $2.50 per cigar. Boom!

$49.99. 20 cigars. $2.50 apiece. INSANE. 

For nearly a century, Torano has been known for some of the industry's tastiest, highest quality handmades. Ask around, and you'll quickly discover Exodus 1959 ’50 Years’, is hands down the golden star. It looks good enough to eat, sporting a dark, thick Sun Grown Brazilian wrapper. But that only gets the party started, kicking into high-gear is a bouquet of specially selected Nicaraguan long-fillers from the Esteli and Pueblo Nuevo regions. This combination produces a plethora of flavors including notes of chocolate, earth, baking spices, sweetness, and a long satisfying finish. Smooth, balanced and complex, Exodus 1959 ’50 Years’ is a treat. At today's 1-Day Deal price, it's also a steal.

20 Cigars just under fifty bucks...sick. There's a good chance you'll never see this 69% off deal again.