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Diesel Mega-Sampler

20 Cigars just $49.99 - $2.50 per cigar!

Ladies and gentlemen, for the next 24-hours it's an all-out slugfest. Going toe-to-toe for your enjoyment are 4 of the biggest, baddest Diesel blends - Unholy Cocktail, Rage, Unlimited, and Unlimited Maduro. This heavyweight assortment steps into the ring with 20 ample-sized offerings in total, all ready for your entertainment. And to ensure you really get to see a show, I've slapped a silly $49.99 price tag all over this thing. That means you get delicious, slow-burning Diesels, in the best blends, for just $2.50 apiece. Ding, ding, let's get it on! 

You're not seeing stars, Diesel has just invaded your inbox to the tune of 70% off. Shocking, I know, but now is not the time to go all googly eyed on me. Gather yourself, man, and add to cart while you still can. This is a momentous occasion to score our top-selling full-bodied line of handmades for chump change. 

The gloves are off, and short of a missing ear, this spectacle couldn't be any more exciting. Grab Diesel Mega-Samplers for just $49.99, save 70%, and pay just $2.50 per cigar.

Diesel Mega-Sampler II includes:
5 – Diesel Unholy Cocktail Torpedo (5”x56)
5 – Diesel Rage Toro (6”x54)
5 – Diesel Unlimited d.5 (5.5”x54)
5 – Diesel Unlimited Maduro d.5 (5.5”x54)