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CI Fresh-Rolled Cuban Wheels

$1.38 per. Wheels of 40 Just $54.99! FREE SHIP.

Well, well, well. Look what we have here. Fat discounts on both varieties of CI Fresh-Rolleds. Usually it's an inventory issue, where I only have enough of one or the other. Today I'm stocked, locked, and ready to rock. So don't worry about how you're going to stock thy humi, we've got you covered. Walk off with one of our top-sellers for just $1.38 apiece!

These are high-quality, long-filler handmades that are offered here for $105 off per wheel! Available in two distinct wrapper types, and in your choice of a 6.5"x52 Torpedo, or a 7"x50 Churchill. They come straight from one of the industry's most famous factories, which is why we call 'em "fresh-rolled." Stock up while the warm rays of savings are upon you.

Connecticut: The original. The Connecticut-wrapped lovely that started the phenomenon. Mellow to medium-bodied with a rich and creamy flavor. Gentle notes of spice and toast round it out nicely.
Rosado: The reddish-brown San Agustin Rosado wrappers steal the show. Each puff is medium-bodied and tasty, boasting notes of spices, cedar, cashew, and leather.

How could I forget?! Free Shipping is at play too. That's right, a mere $54.99 per wheel, and $0 shipping.

That's a whole lotta value right there. For one short day, CI Fresh-Rolled Cuban Wheels, both blends, are yours for 66% less than MSRP. Plus you'll score FREE SHIPPING on your entire order.