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New! Brick House Fumas Maduro

Starts at $1.75 apiece + FREE Torch + FREE SHIP

For the last few days, I've had my nose pointed to our inventory sheet like a trained bloodhound, trying to sniff out a doozy of a deal. After hours of eye-burning, near coma inducing staring, I found just the thing. So good in fact, if it ran any longer than 24-hours, I'd sell more than I could handle. The brand new Brick House Fumas Maduro, in bundles of 20 for as little as $34.99, shipped for FREE, and equipped with a FREE Moretti Torch Lighter. Ahh, just what the doctor ordered! 

Brick House Fumas is a monster. Easily one of our best-selling bundle lines. It makes selling umbrellas in the rain look difficult. That's why I fully expect people to gravitade toward the new maduro like a moth to the flame. Starting at just $1.75 per handmade, this might now be the best value maduro we carry. Boasting a thick, dark Sumatra wrapper leaf with a nice oily sheen, and solidly filled with Nicaraguan fillers, Brick House Maduro will impress from the moment you lay eyes on it. Each puff pumps out billows of smoke, with deep notes of coffee, leather, earth, and toasty tobacco. If I didn't tell you it was Cuban Sandwich, you'd never know, aside from the occasional flaky ash. For the price, it's a gem. Destined to surpass the original. I urge you to take advantage of this dealio while you can. All 4 sizes are up for grabs with a FREE Moretti Torch lighter. 

The brand new Brick House Fumas Maduro. The intro offer you want. No, need. Just 24-hours. My work here is done.