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Gurkha Cellar Reserve

Rare find - 20% off + 8-Cigars FREE

Ahhh, the forbidden fruit - always want what you can't have. But sometimes, that fruit also happens to be delicious. Take for instance Gurkha Cellar Reserve. It's easily Gurkha's most in-demand, and most sought after creation. Typically inaccessible to most, we're letting everyone take a bite of this tasty Gurkha treat. 

Don't go squealing on me...this isn't do I put In addition to limited availability, discounts are taboo (right up there with asking for merlot at a brewery). Well, how's this for kicking the hornet's nest? Not only is it 20% off, I'll include an 8-Cigar Sampler (worth $228.73) containing Gurkha's top-selling wares for FREE. I'm going to get into deep sh!$ for this one. 

ONLY AROUND FOR 1-DAY. 24-HOURS. 1,440 MINUTES. 86,400 SECONDS. Just so we're clear. In short, not long, and probably never again. 

I'm the first one to push back against the suffocating bologna pumped out by various publications. Cigar Boys & Toys will give it a 95, while Cigar Dippity Doo will give it a slow-clap worthy 75. But on this one, they're all in agreement... and correct. Cellar Reserve is a winner. 90+ rated in four different, reputable publications. Cigar Aficionado, Cigar Journal, Cigar and Spirits Magazine, and Cigar Snob. Most notably it was awarded a 97-rating, along with a special 'Cigar of the Decade' title in 2012 by Cigar Journal. And as someone who has indulged in this one - while lounging in Kaizad's 9,000 year old mammoth bone chair encrusted with gold - it's quite good. A real treat. There's a reason it's loved by so many pencil lead-loving, word jockeys and hardcore, seasoned vets alike. 

The Blend:
Wrapper: Criollo 1998: Thick & oily
Binder: Dominican: Aged. Flavorful. The sidekick.
Filler: 15-Year Old Dominican: Dang.

The Experience: Upon lighting, the Cellar Reserve immediately asserts a rich and smooth bouquet beautifully displaying the tobaccos at hand. Pay close attention, as this treat subtlety delivers uber-complex flavors behind a slow and methodical burn. Puff after puff reveals unbelievably smooth flavors of oak, earth, and leather backed by a medium to full body.

Trying to track down a deal on Cellar Reserve is worse than trying to navigate the dark web. 20% off. Free 8-Cigar Sampler. History made. Mic drop.