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Steve R

We just finished up our Christmas catalog, and added a nifty little gift-buying section for all types of buyers. Some of us were chosen to play the role of everyday characters folks can relate to. Characters you work with, associate with, are related to, etc....characters best described as, ‘that guy.’ My character, in a word, was superficial. Makes a lot of money (completely false), prefers name brand stuff (depends on what I’m buying), and spends a lot of money (busted). Anyhoo, the cigar for ‘that guy’ is Cohiba Robusto. I lit one up for my photo, and decided to keep it burning to double-up on a review. Multitasking, check. Efficiency, check. Cutting costs, check. Yeah, I’m also ‘that guy’ - where you at, boss?

First off, this Cohiba certainly ain’t the prettiest cigar. The wrapper is mottled and marbleized. No biggie, sometimes I prefer a cigar rustic in appearance. It’s more genuine - more authentic - and seems less fabricated. It’s solid as a brick, though. No soft spots anywhere throughout the barrel. A slight barnyard aroma on the pre-light, a quick toast, and away we go.

There’s a good amount of rich, raw tobacco at play here. Not bad. But the thing that I enjoy most is the salt and pepper flavor I’m getting. Salt up front, pepper on the exhale. Not a spicy, lingering pepper. But a quick, cracked black pepper that diminishes with ease on the finish. Through the nose I get cedar and spice. Actually, if I exhale through the nose that black pepper on the palate lingers much longer. An enjoyable little discovery. After about an inch, the salt-like influence fades, the pepper remains, and a sweet, woodsy nuance takes center stage along with a softer hint of almond. Who knew Cohiba was this complex?

This is where the cigar remains ‘til the end. I’ll be honest, it burned a little fast but the flavors were pretty damn enjoyable....especially on a fresh palate paired with a cream and sugar ‘Great One’ from Dunkin. I’m drinking Dunkin, fool. This is a tasty, medium-bodied cigar with some good flavors at play. Now....mind you, I probably wouldn’t find myself buying a box of these anytime soon, but for the right price, this is a good buy. And we have enough ways to save on this brand to make them more reachable for the common man.

I have to say....I am pleasantly surprised. Don’t be fool by my 89-point score. Remember the days when 89 was ‘outstanding?’ Indeed, 92 seems to be the new 89. And if you compare this score to my previous scores, know that price is always a factor with me. If this were a $5 stick, we’d be playing a much different game.