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Zino Platinum Scepter

Steve R

Davidoff is a name that needs no introduction. Whether you’ve managed to pony up the dough and buy one for yourself or not, there’s no doubt you’ve heard the name at least a hundred times over. Davidoff, founded by the late Zino Davidoff, is a symbol of pleasure and the good life. Well, have to have a ‘good life’ to enjoy a Davidoff cigar with any type of regularity.

I think I have a pretty good life. I work for the greatest cigar retail company on earth and enjoy a wide variety of premium, hand-rolled cigars from around the world on a daily basis. And, it’s part of my job description to do so. But, I am always open to bettering my quality of life, so I decided to see if Zino Davidoff could help me out with his Zino Platinum.

I purchased a ‘drum’ of Zino Platinum Scepter Series in the Grand Master size. A stout, 5.5” x 52 robusto shape wrapped in a shimmering Connecticut-seed leaf from Ecuador. This wrapper is exceptionally smooth with small veins and a nice, caramel hue. Inside, the Dominican and Peruvian long-fillers give off a sweet, but subtle aroma. The flavor opens nicely, smooth and woody. These woody (I’d say cedary) undertones dominate throughout the smoke. A hint of white pepper develops on the aftertaste about an inch in, welcoming my taste buds to Peru. This aftertaste diminishes within just a few seconds after each puff, but remains a prominent element of the cigar’s flavor profile until the end. The aroma is soft and pleasant, filling the office along with thick, billowing clouds of white smoke overhead. hardly grows beyond the upper tier of gentle, while the flavors neither grow more intense, nor change. It's like a perfect dive in the Olympics losing points for a big splash on entry. The potential was there.

I’ve burned my way through half the drum over the past 3 days, and each Grand Master has performed in the same manner. Incredible consistency, one which smooth-bodied fans will drool over and appreciate after each cigar. Me, I just wanted more...something magical to happen. Don’t get me wrong. I won’t hesitate to finish the drum and will enjoy the Scepter Series for what it is: an elegant, smooth-bodied cigar. But, I also know this cigar will not do a hearty meal or tough day at the office justice. If you’re a fan of Macanudo, consider this a well-deserved step up in the food chain. If you’re like me and want to be “wow’d”, seek elsewhere.