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Hoyo de Tradicion

Steve R
Over the past 2 or 3 months I’ve been enjoying a cigar pretty regularly. And by regularly I mean at least 1-2 each week. Now, that might not seem ‘regular’ to you, but considering the variety of cigars offered to me each week, between samples and new blends, 1-2 a week is surprisingly routine these days. That cigar is Hoyo de Tradicion, the latest addition to the legendary Hoyo de Monterrey family.

The cigar is nicely box-pressed and, despite being solid from head to toe, feels light in the hand. Throughout the box there seems to be some variances in wrapper color, as some leaves are dark brown, while others are lighter and slightly marbleized. However, the reddish Rosado wrapper is thick and smooth to the touch, and the foot of each cigar offers a soft, cedary pre-light aroma. The cigars are fitted with at least 2 caps, which has since been removed by my cutter to get things started.

Upon lit, the Hoyo de Tradicion emits a creamy core with thick grey clouds of smoke. A light spice tickles the back of my palate and seems to grow more intense during the initial inch of the burn. The Rosado leaf promotes a nutty characteristic that’s quite pleasant. One could easily chew on this cigar (lit or unlit) and pick this up. Give it a try, the leathery wrapper can withstand a good deal of chomping. The ash is dark grey and black, solid in form, and holds strong after the first inch, at which point the cigar becomes richer in flavor. A nice stream of earthy undertones begins to develop, and an unexpected sweetness now lingers on the sides and front of my palate. The cigar is medium-bodied, and very smooth, even through the nose. The spice on the finish fades a bit, lending room for a dry, cedary aftertaste which holds strong until the end. During the burn I notice a few changes in the cigar, and each time the transition is gradual and balanced. It’s medium in body, but don’t be surprised if you get a light buzz every now and then.

While enjoying Hoyo de Tradicion, I highly recommend exhaling through your nose every once in a while to truly appreciate the rich subtleties of General’s proprietary Ometepe tobaccos. If you’re unfamiliar with this type of leaf, it’s grown in the volcanic soils of Ometepe, an island of Nicaragua. The tobaccos are hearty and rich, and when properly aged and combined with comparably aged Dominican and Honduran long-fillers to make Hoyo de Tradicion, it really is something special.

If you’re a fan of Hoyo de Monterrey or Excalibur, I highly recommend giving Hoyo de Tradicion a go. If you’ve yet to try anything from the family, this is a great place to start.
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