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Medium Cigars

Like Goldilocks discovered, sometimes the bowl of porridge in the middle is just right. And for many, medium-bodied cigars are the perfect middle-of-the-road sticks that provide just enough kick, without knocking you back in your chair. They’re strong, but not too strong, and tend to be complex, balanced, and full of unique flavors. Want medium cigars that fit into your budget? Want the best blends at the hands-down, bar-none lowest prices? Look no further, my friend. Medium-bodied cigars find their home here, and now it’s time to welcome them into yours.
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Oliva 2nds Cigars
As low as $32.50
ACID Cigars by Drew Estate
As low as $16.99
5 Vegas Classic Cigars
As low as $17.00
CAO Gold Cigars
As low as $11.55