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La Herencia Cubana

Steve R

If you read Keith’s review on this cigar, you understand the debate behind it. If not, it seems to be a love or hate blend. While most of our customers enjoy it, some do not....and our retail store has been marked as a meeting grounds for their (seemingly) weekly debates. Ever since Keith wrote his review last month, I have received a steady stream of emails asking me what my take is. Why? I have no idea. I’m just cigar-crazed goofball with spiky hair. But here goes!

First off, let’s talk looks. La Herencia is a blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers inside a Sumatra-seed wrapper grown in Ecuador. Like most Ecuadorian wrappers, this leaf is smooth and oily. However, it maintains the dark hue and almost-leathery trait of a good Sumatra. The cigar really is quite pretty and gives off a nice pre-light aroma.

Now, let’s get into the smoke itself. The opening is quite creamy, with a heavy dose of toast and wood. Every now and then some hefty spices enter the fray, but they are quickly diminished by the smooth, lingering aftertaste. After about an inch, the flavors seem to mellow a bit, but the strength does quite the opposite. Ahh....welcome to Nicaragua, please enjoy your stay. The flavors are balanced, but rich, releasing a deep, aromatic smoke with some body behind every puff. The smoke coats my palate, leaving behind the slightest tingling sensation. The toast and wood remain, but I am now picking up a trace of coffee bean. The smoke is all over me, with a zesty, cedary element. The peppery aspect of this cigar is beginning to build with each puff as the cigar approaches the midway point.

I’ll be honest with you. My head is starting to swim a bit. I’ve burned through enough of these to know it’s medium to full in body. However, every now and then one really seems to kick me in the knees early on.

The cigar ends in a big way, with all the flavors (except the coffee) fighting for supremacy. Quite a nice ending for such a subtle, yet sophisticated cigar. Now that it's done, here's my take: it's not the best cigar on the planet, but I have to agree with the majority here, and I'll continue burning them.

While reviewing this cigar, I thought about the love-hate relationship people seem to have for it. And believe me, these types of relationships occur with many brands, even some of today’s best. I think there are many times when enthusiasts give up on a cigar after just a few minutes, not knowing how the cigar might change in both flavor and strength during the burn. While the first inch might be boring, the final 4 or 5 inches might be fantastic....but, some people might not last long enough to get there. Worst part is, many won’t give the cigar another chance after chucking the first out the car window. One, stop littering. Two, give cigars a chance, you might be surprised!