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Xikar Envoy Leather Case

Steve R
This week, I’ve decided to do something a little different. Something a little crazy, that could get me in trouble with the ‘Big Guy’. But, guess what? I don’t care, because I am just so damn impressed with the Envoy 3-Finger Leather Case from Xikar.

Here’s the deal. I have just about every cigar toy imaginable, including countless cigar cases, caddies, travel-dors, etc. The only thing I never had was a 3-finger leather case. Why? Because I just couldn’t find one I truly liked and I was afraid I’d crush my cigars sitting down at the bar. Instead, I kept my 5-capacity Herf-a-Dor on me at all times, stocked with 5 cigars, even when the night only called for just a few.

Last year, we decided to carry the Envoy from Xikar. Finally, a stylish leather case that’s crushproof, yet slim enough to fit into my jacket or jeans pocket. Dressed in top-grain, black armada leather and fitted with metal caps on each end, this case fit the bill to a ‘T’. It’s lined with Spanish cedar and can hold three 54-ring cigars. With a quickness, I rang myself up for another employee purchase.

I’ll be honest; it took a good 4 months to truly appreciate this case. In January, a few of us went to see Arturo Gatti throw down with Thomas Damgaard in Atlantic City, NJ. Of course, the first thing I packed was my Envoy, and holy cow did I abuse this thing. It flew down the concrete steps just outside the arena, I accidentally kicked it down the steps inside the arena, sat on it twice at the arena and sat on it countless times at the Blackjack table. It took a pounding worthy of a heavyweight championship belt, while the cigars inside remained safe and sound. You may ask, “why were there cigars inside?” I’ll tell you: the freaking cigar Nazis wouldn’t let us smoke anywhere. At one point, we were hiding in the stairwell during the Undercard bouts, puffing away furiously to get back to the action. Even the Blackjack tables were smoke-free! What the hell is this world coming to?!

But I digress...the Xikar Envoy is one of the best purchases I’ve made to date. I couldn’t be happier with this buy, and am glad I held out to find the perfect 3-finger leather case.