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msrp $9.99
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How Does a Travel Humidor Work?

Most travel Humidors are not meant for permanent storage or keeping cigars humidified. The main goal is to provide a protective layer for your cigars, so they don’t get damaged in a pocket, in a suitcase, or in the golf cart. A few days without humidification won’t ruin your cigars, but you can always throw a Boveda pack in for safe measure.  

How Long Will Cigars Last in a Travel Humidor?

If cigars are properly cared for before moving into a travel case, most cigars will remain in good smoking condition for up to 10 days in a travel case or humidor. If you plan to keep cigars in a travel humidor for longer, it's a good idea to add some humidification. 

Do You Put Water in a Travel Humidor?

Some travel cases are very simple – just a vessel to protect your cigars. Others come with small disk humidifiers that you can add a few drops of distilled water to, in order to maintain humidity.  

How to Season a Travel Humidor

Since most travel humidors and cases are meant for protection, many come with foam inserts that don’t need to be seasoned. Some larger travel cases like the Herf-a-Dor's come with built-in disk humidifiers that require only a few drops of water to charge them up.