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Travel Humidors & Cigar Cases

Who wants to carry their nice wooden 150 count humidor to the beach with them? Not me. Who wants to bring cigars on vacation without humidification? Not me. Solution: These travel size humidors and cigar cases are road ready, durable and easy to fit with you on a plane or in your suitcase. Don't let your large humidor stop you from bringing cigars with you on vacation.  The Herf-a-Dor travel humidor is the perfect solution. 
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Davidoff Escurio Small Cigar Case
$120.00Only $113.99Only 1 Left
Diesel Leather 2-Finger Case
$40.00Only $19.99Only 4 Left
Davidoff Escurio Large Cigar Case
$160.00Only $151.99Out Of StockShop Now