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  • A Budget-Friendly Banger To Remember

    Rick G.
    It isn’t much of a secret to anyone that I’m a fan of expensive cigars. If you tell me that someone made a limited-edition cigar that I won’t be able to find ever again if I don’t get some right there and then, I’m all over it. I love the serene wrappers, the beautifully embossed bands, and the overly detailed and pricy boxes. Now, you may be asking yourself: Is the Mark Twain Memoir one of these …
  • Council Under The Charter Oak

    Rick G.
    Today I decided that I wanted to blindly review a cigar. I asked my buddy Scott to pick out a cigar that I would likely enjoy, but something that I don’t already smoke regularly. My typical rotation is made up mostly of full-bodied smokes, so I’m a bit taken aback when a few minutes later, he came back with what I can only assume is a shade-grown toro that was de-banded and ready to …
  • CI Smart Sensor

    Chase M.
    The CI Smart Sensor is a new product here at CI that we’re super excited about. I’ve been testing the device for a few months now, and here’s what I’ve learned. The good: Pairing the device to the mobile app is about as easy as it gets. Once you have the app downloaded, you simply place the device on top of your phone, and it connects in no time.  My device's humidity readings …
  • Back in Black!

    Scott W.
    Cohiba is one of those cigar companies that even non-cigar smokers seem to know of. The original Cohiba Red Dot has been mentioned in many of my conversations with customers as having been their first “real cigar”. Cohiba has branched out with multiple blends since the Red Dot, and since I typically smoke cigars on the fuller end of the spectrum, I decided to see where the Cohiba Black shakes out …
  • A Classic for a rainy day

    Chase M.
    The La Perla Habana brand has been around for a long time, I believe first getting into the game during the cigar boom of the 90s. Initially, they got a lot of love, with some high ratings from the critics, but it’s been a while since they’ve been in any cigar industry headlines. To be honest with you, my experiences with this brand have been few and far in between. But on a rainy day sifting …