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Staff Reviews

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  • Uncut. Uncompromising.

    Unlike some of the guys around here, I don’t have a cigar lit at all times of the day. A few of the clowns around here burn ‘em like they’re going out of style. But when I light up a cigar, I want to make sure I’ve got the time to savor and enjoy it. Plus, my personal preference is for full-bodied, powerhouse sticks. And they taste so much better when the sun’s down, and there’s a beer in my …
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  • Putting Quintessence Through the Ringer

    Joey J.
    Quintessence. A quick Google search tells me this SAT word means, “the most perfect or typical example of quality or class.” Sounds a bit hoity-toity, no? It’s fair to think so — San Cristobal has certainly built themselves up as a boutique brand, a bit of a connoisseur’s favorite. Today, we’re going to take a look at the newest release from San Cristobal, …
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  • Try Post-Embargo Post-Haste

    Joey J.
    Where do you start reviewing cigars? With an old classic, with something edgy and new? With grape flavored cigarillos? Well, probably not that last option. Picking a blend to review was a tough choice, but ultimately it came down to one simple answer. Review something that we haven’t reviewed before. And in all of our staff reviews, I could only find a few Alec Bradley blends. …
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  • Escape Mediocrity - Explore Excursion

    Erick V
    Summer is coming to a close. Maybe it’s a bit early to be thinking about, but it’s true. It’s a bummer, too, but it does mean one thing is right around the corner: the return of Sunday night games, and Fantasy Football. As I write this we’re one week away from the CI Office Draft, and if you look closely at anyone’s browser, you’ll probably see an ESPN tab …
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  • Diesel Heart of Darkness

    Steve R
    Long overdue, but hashtag-ohsoworthit. Boss-man has been telling me to write a review for a year. It’s been on my back burner for equally as long. Then we received lovely news from the FDA about 88 days ago. Priorities changed, but boss-man has still been riding me. Over the past 88 days, we’ve worked like mad, creating new products with everybody under the sun. From AJ …
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