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  • I've Put A Spell On You

    Scott W.
    Diesel has long been one of my favorite “bang-for-your-buck” cigar brands. The Diesel lineup is well-known and respected by consumers who live to smoke full-bodied cigars. Building upon the success of the original Diesel, the Unholy Cocktail, the Diesel line has grown and expanded over the years, highlighting the quality tobaccos grown in Nicaragua by AJ Fernandez. The cigar I am reviewing …
  • Welcome Back Nestor!

    Chase M.
    Nestor Reserve Maduro is a true undercover gem. These things showed up on our docks a couple months back and the boss man said they used to sell like hot cakes, and they’re now back in production. I took a risk and fired off an email to the lovely CI Nation…crickets. I guess you all forgot. So here I am putting my name behind them. There are definitely some solid contenders out there for …
  • Wrap it up, I'll take it!

    Scott W.
    The Espinosa Laranja Reserva has been one of my go-to medium bodied blends since its release. Laranja is Portuguese for orange, and the name was given to the cigar because of the beautiful color of the wrapper leaf. Smooth and flavorful as the day is long, it’s a really easy cigar to enjoy at any time of day. As much as I enjoy it, I wondered what it would be like with a darker wrapper leaf. It’s …
  • She don’t know she’s beautiful…

    Richard M.
    Southern Draw Rose of Sharon Toro 6x52Burn Time: 1 hour 30 minutesPersonal Score: 97So, most of my staff and several customers have asked me why I have not done a review of the Southern Draw Rose of Sharon, a cigar that I have probably bought 30 boxes of in the past few years…Well, I guess I was just blind to the fact I had not written a review here, but I had done a 30 second review of this …
  • Ash Down, HERFs Up!

    Chase M.
    Here’s the story of the best ashtray I’ve ever owned. The HERF Signature astray. What is it? A place to ash your cigars. A hunk of metal. A small weapon. All of these apply. I got a sample about six months ago and have been using it ever since. Here’s how it’s going.Initially I was a little skeptical. The pitch I received was sort of like this: “Here’s a new ashtray we are going to carry. …