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Natural Ltd. Pimp Stick by Drew Estate

Steve R
Drew Estate is known for their Acid line, a series of unique, aromatic blends. Whenever I am in our retail store and recommend a Drew Estate product, I see the gears inside their head start to turn, and there’s no doubt in my mind that they’re thinking ‘flavored’ or ‘aromatic’. Considering my DE recommendations usually include the Natural line, this is not a good thing. The Natural line is not flavored, or aromatic. Actually, none of Drew Estate’s cigars are flavored – say that word in Jonathan’s presence and you may lose your tongue. But I digress; the secret behind the Natural line is the use of exotic tobaccos that you won’t find in your more traditional cigars. Leaves from Haiti, Turkey, and various other places are used. Even some of the world’s best pipe tobaccos are blended to create some of the cigars within the line. And let’s not forget the names. They’re great, and my favorite is the Pimp Stick, which is why I tried it so long ago, and am trying it again today.

With a name like Pimp Stick, I feel like I should be smoking this while cruising in a tricked-out Cadillac with shag carpeting. Unfortunately, my ride is the shop, so this desk will have to do. I’ve always enjoyed the pre-light aroma that this perfecto promotes. Cedary sweet and very pleasant. Already, I’m glad I am revisiting this cigar. I fire it up and it all comes back to me. An explosion of flavor ranging from a light sweetness to a rich toasty note that lingers long after the cloud of smoke above me clears. The flavors seem to amplify as I reach the thickest section of the cigar, and for once, my co-workers are not complaining about the smell (I smoke a lot of bad, BAD samples). The Cameroon leaf helps transform this blend into a solid medium-bodied smoke, and adds a slightly nutty flavor to the mix. As it tapers down, the flavors begin to mellow a bit, ending with a creamy, relaxing finish. Complex would be an understatement; this cigar is a roller-coaster ride for my palate. You won’t catch me enjoying a Pimp Stick every day, but I’ll be more than happy to revisit it on a regular basis.