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5 Vegas Gold No. 1

Steve R

For the past 5 days we’ve seen nothing but rain here in Bath, PA. Flash flood warnings bombard the airwaves, while local residents can be seen paddling down the streets on the evening news. Craziness. Yesterday, there was a break in the rain and a few rays of foggy sunshine before the day came to an end. This was my chance to go outside and enjoy a cigar, and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t going to make it last. I reached into my desktop here at the office and pulled out the biggest cigar I could find (5 Vegas Gold No. 1) and went on home.

The No. 1 is a new size within the Gold series that measures 7.5” x 54. The fine folks at 5 Vegas were kind enough to send us a sample box of 20, which was quickly ravaged by our merchandising team. And so, here is my review, just days before our shipment hits the dock.

Characteristic of the more traditional sizes, the No. 1 opens with a creamy, nutty burst of flavor. Almost like cashews. There’s some pepper on the aftertaste, but not much. Just enough to keep me interested in between puffs. Throughout the burn, the cigar is notably smooth and balanced, offering a refined bouquet of flavor that’s far from overwhelming, yet hardly one-dimensional. Once the peppery note subsides, a natural sweetness kicks in, complementing the cashew-like flavors quite well. The smoke is cool and slow, providing a long-lasting, enjoyable break from reality. I find myself studying the cigar and clouds of smoke around me, forgetting about the creamy flavors that coat my palate. To me, this indicates that I am enjoying the cigar (if you find yourself thinking about a cigar too much, chances are you’re probably not enjoying it). Even the charcoal ash impresses me, requiring a few taps every 2 inches. Roughly 90 minutes later - about 30 minutes after my second Weyerbacher Quad was finished - I place the nub in the ashtray one last time, completing a perfect smoke on a not-so-perfect night.