5 Vegas Tradicion Humidor
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5 Vegas Tradicion Humidor

Celebrate the rich tradition of 5 Vegas.

This 5 Vegas ’Tradicion’ Humidor is a unique storage piece for your treasured tasties. The exterior features a beautiful vista and rich details, boasting vibrant colors and artwork. If ever there was a humidor built to capture the essence of premium cigar making, this is it. The 5 Vegas Tradition humidor will store 100+ of your finest, while catching the eye of every one that enters your office or smoking den.

The 5 Vegas Tradicion Humidor features:
- 100 cigar capacity
- Premium kiln dried Spanish cedar lining
- 1 lift-out Spanish cedar tray
- 3 Spanish cedar dividers
- 1 large rectangle humidifier
- 1 analog hygrometer
- Hidden quadrant hinges
- Scratch resistant felt-lined bottom
- SureSeal Technology insures optimum humidity control

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5 Vegas Tradicion Humidor
100 Cigar CapacityBackordered$175.00
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Overall Rating4.67 out of 5 Based on 9 Ratings

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5 out of 5
Seasoned it for 2 weeks
Seasoned it for 2 weeks and just started using it. So far good. Love the look and coating. Still early to write a review but worth the price. Nice design as well.
4 out of 5
Great looking
Great humidor for a great price! The only draw back was the gauge, the back will not stay on, therefore, you can not mount the gauge where it belongs without it falling apart when opening.
5 out of 5
Just Do It!!!
For $100 bucks this is a GREAT box!The artwork is beautiful and the "top protective coat"(???) holds off scratches well. I wanted one from CI but they sold out when I had the cash I bought mine used on E bay. It had 1 minor scratch and I can tell from it the clear coat (???) and artwork is done well. I seasoned it once in May and has held Humidity well!!! GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!!!
5 out of 5
It's a good box. Seals good and looks great.
I bought this a few years ago with 30 sticks for fairly cheap. Great smokes. And the box is very good I put a zederkoff humidity tray in the top and a black ice pie jar in the bottom. After seasoning the box and calibrating the hygrometer I've had zero problems with it. It has a nice seal and keeps the humidity well. It's very nice looking too. I always get compliments on the humidor. I'd definitely get another if I was in the market for one of this size.
5 out of 5
5 Vegas
Solid and nice seal. Easy to maintain and looks very nice. Need a second one because I already filled it.
3 out of 5
Hygrometer NG
I just got my Vegas humidor other day set it all up looks beautiful it looks elegant it looks great the only bad thing about it is where the hygrometer goes it doesn't set in the wood they give you the hygrometer with a magnet sticky tape on the other side the sticky tape doesn't stick it keeps on falling keeps on falling which is no good for this and besides that I got a digital one it's saying it's at 70 and the one that came with the humidor says it's at 58 so that's why I only gave it three stars that wasn't for that I would have gotten a full 5 from me because I do love it hopefully the next round of them making the humidor they will correct it
5 out of 5
Amazing for the price.
For the price you can't beat this deal. The seams are smooth, holds humidity extremely well. Everything you'd expect from a humidor costing twice this price. The design on the outside is neat and gives homage to cigar makers. 5 out of 5 don't pass this up.
5 out of 5
Best for the price
RH is staying between 65-70. Solid case with a cool design. What's not to like?
5 out of 5
5 Vegas Tradicion Humidor
Great looking Humidor
Customer Testimonials
I won it.... and got this bad boy for $40.00 which is a steal. It is the nicest humidor on the market for that price. I am going to buy a few more and give them away as Xmas gifts this year. I am going to look like a Boss for sure.
RJ of Oshkosh, WI
Purchased during a "Whack-a-Deal." What the heck, I thought, I could use another humidor. Turned out to be a good deal. This humidor was much larger than another similar humidor I brought at the same price point and just as good if not better. It sealed well, held humidity well (after proper seasoning), and smelled great (like Spanish cedar should). If you like what you see, you may very well like what you get.
CG of San Antonio, TX
This is my first humidor, and I'm very happy with it. I've owned it for a couple of weeks now, and it has been a breeze to maintain. The humidity level has stayed rock solid thus far. I've got 62 sticks on the way this week, to help fill it up!
CL of Tiverton, RI
I got this on the pick a deal, I had ordered my cigars and won this deal on Sunday, and I used the cheap, ground shipping. Two days later, on Tuesday, this was at my house! I am amazed by how quickly it was shipped, and the humidor looks absolutely gorgeous! Thanks CI!
AD of Saint Paul, MN
Snagged this gem at the CI Fest this year (the deal was incredible, so I won't mention it :) ) The fit and finish of this humidor is nothing short of outstanding. I was thinking this was going to be some cheapo junk...far from it. There is a "technology" that give this humidor the excellent seal that it has. Even down to the handles are solid vs. where some other humidors have only half handles (meaning one side looks good while the other is hollow). Extremely impressed. Thanks CI!
This box is not just a humidor, but also a work of art...beautiful. The seal is great, has been keeping the 70/70 without problem. I recommend this humidor to anyone. I also recommend the Black Ice. I just need to do some more shopping at CI to fill it up.
ML of Aurora, IN
Great humidor (5 vegas tradicion humidor and 30 churchill cigars) for the price. Good smokes (though I don't care for full-bodied) with the humidor. Definitely a good buy. Holds many MANY cigars and is larger than life. Keeps steady consistent RH, but I can't get the temperature right. Might have to re-calibrate the ol' hygrometer!
AC of Liberty TWP, OH
I have several humidors and this one consistently out performs the others. It maintains a good humidity and maintains it longer than any humidor I've owned. You won't regret putting your favorite cigars in this bad boy. In fact you'll be rewarded.
I loved this humidor once I got it and it looked amazing. After 4 months of owning it and storing it in a safe location, I noticed it was beginning to warp on the sides and realized it is cheaply laminated. My humidor is now warped around the sides and the laminated cover is peeling. It is a great humidor and I have been taking caution not to let it get damaged, but this is because it is covered with cheap materials.
MD of Oceanside, CA
I cannot be more pleased with how this humidor looks and functions! My 5 Vegas cigars are well protected and kept perfect and ready to smoke in a nice looking piece of furniture! It's look adds to the room and I get a lot of comments on it! Worth every penny! Thanks CI for MMAO! I scored and you all need to take advantage!
DM of Port Orchard, WA
This is a great Humidor no doubt. My pal picked one up with the combo. If properly managed he has no problems keeping 65% or higher. However I picked one up on a whack a deal for a price way to low to talk about. So I'm totally stoked cause I always wanted a nice looking piece. And this one is totally functional. Thanks CI
JK of Louisville, KY
This is a beautiful humidor that I got for a great deal from CI (thanks again guys)! I was planning on taking it to the office to show off... but on second thought, it may draw too much attention and my prized possessions will quickly "disappear"... ahh the dilemma!
TW of Fpo, AE
I got this humidor with the 30 5 Vegas cigars in the combo deal and honestly didn't expect too much. But every time I look at it I just stare. Its truly a beautiful piece. I wet everything down and left it for a week, popped in my stash, and haven't had a problem yet! Definitely a great buy!
RG of Shrewsbury, NJ
won this humi on Make An Offer. This is a very impressive humidor. The finish is like 2 inches thick or something! The artwork has a vintage look. My cigars would thank me for getting this new home for them if they could.
SL of Lexington, KY
Love this humidor(5 Vegas Tradicion Humidor). Great price. The size doesn't say it all. I have plenty of room for my 100 Churchill's in this humidor. CI has done it again. Easy set up. Took only 1 day to get to 70% humidity. Stays at 70% humidity easy. Thanks CI.
CR of Weston, MO
Absolutely love this humidor! (5 Vegas Tradicion Humidor) The picture does NOT do it justice. It has a nice glossy finish and looks great sitting on my bar. I had no problem getting it to 70 percent humidity... even in the desert!
BL of Hesperia, CA