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Nub Cameroon - Vertical Tasting

Steve R

After tasting countless cigars and working hands on in the Oliva factory, Sam Leccia concluded that a cigar normally hits its ‘sweet spot’ within 3 to 4 inches of the burn. Therefore, one must invest a good amount of time with a cigar prior to being rewarded with its true character. So, Sam worked with the Oliva Cigar Family (maker’s of Serie ‘V’ and Serie ‘O’) and developed the Nub line: a variety of blends and sizes within the 4 inch range, with ring gauges ranging from 56 to 66. These cigars were engineered - using three wrapper varieties - to capture the essence of the blend from the get-go, rewarding you with the cigar’s sweet spot throughout the entire burn. Packaged in boxes of 24, each box contains the weight and burn time of the cigar, so you know exactly what’s in store.

Nub offers three blends. Cameroon, Connecticut, and Habano. Each blend offers four sizes - three are shared among all three blends, then a fourth that is specific to each blend. Clear as mud? Good. I’ve burned them all and can say each size in each blend offers an entirely unique bouquet and body. For that reason, I decided to do a vertical tasting of each blend...this time, it’s Nub Cameroon.

Nub 358 Cameroon: A nice, stout rothschild. Opens with a cool, creamy start. Hints of roasted nuts right off the bat with a toasty, cedary aroma. I sense a spice on the aftertaste, itching to come out and play. The aftertaste is dry and surprisingly crisp. An inch in, the spice can be felt through the nose. It’s short, like wasabi, but there. This size is preferred for those seeking the rich, nutty, and sometimes sweet flavors promoted by quality Cameroon wrapper leaf. It’s present throughout, despite the cigar's tendency to grow more intense.

Rating: 90

Nub 460 Cameroon: A slow starter that didn’t really grow any legs. This hefty vitola is smooth and mellow with some subtle notes of toast and nuts. There’s no real complexity here, which I find odd. The flavors are nice, but I am experiencing no changes, despite the medium to full-bodied profile.

Rating: 87

Nub 464 Torpedo Cameroon: A shapely torpedo with some definite weight when held in the palm of the hand. The foot shows signs of ligero. The opening is quite mellow, with a leathery component mingling with the cedary influence common to this blend. The wrapper is lending a really nice sweetness. Finish is a bit longer than other sizes, with some zest to boot. There’s some power behind this size, which is obvious from the get-go. Flavors are subtle, but smooth, balanced and linger long on the palate. A good, ‘get mellow’ cigar.

Rating: 88

Nub 466 Box-Press Torpedo Cameroonp: This sucker is heavy and boasts an impressive square-press. The opening is elegant, with a cool draw and sweet, toasty component. Tons of smoke coming from this vitola. I love the dry, nutty flavor. There’s even some salty-sweetness to it. Flavors slowly build during the burn, developing a dry, but pleasant touch of pepper. Strength remains a solid medium, however. Great anytime smoke.

Rating: 91

As I said in my last review, this is certainly no gimmick. Each size in Nub burns slower and cooler than most larger-sized vitolas, and come equipped with ample complexity. The Habano remains my favorite blend, but the Cameroon is most definitely legit, and you will find a nice supply of 466 Box-Press Torpedos in my humidor.

There is a lot to know about Nub, and I really do suggest giving this line a shot...and it’s not just because of its innovative twist on handmade premium cigars. Since it may be difficult to choose a size or blend, I created a nifty chart to quickly break down the entire line:

I highly recommend giving this variety of Nub, the Cameroon, a shot.