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Montecristo Media Noche

Steve R

I’ve really been struggling this week. I can’t snap out of it. The weather has been flippin’ gorgeous and I just want to be out on the golf course. Despite putting the lives of others at risk with my horrific slice, it’s always good to be out in the sun with the guys and a great cigar or three. But, I’ve hardly had time to hit the range after work, let alone make room for the course.

Adding insult to injury, a delicious new cigar hit our docks just in time for the golf season. Montecristo Media Noche, a very different breed of the industry’s most powerful brand. Of course, the standard No. 2 Torpedo can be found among the lineup of sizes. However, two new vitolas have been introduced: a ginormous 7” x 58 Churchill and a stout 5” x 55 Edmundo. The Edmundo is actually a variation of Cuba’s Montecristo Edmundo, just made a little thicker with a 5 inch frame.

I chose the Edmundo. I love the size.

The Media Noche is dark. Very dark. The wrapper may not be the oiliest leaf on the planet, but you can feel its soft, silky texture when rolling it between your fingertips. This Connecticut Broadleaf is used to complete a long-filler blend of Nicaraguan, Dominican and Peruvian tobaccos; the same combination used for Montecristo Platinum and the new Montecristo Serie C. The pre-light aroma is sweet with a slight barnyard influence, with no hints of ligero.

The cigar is packed pretty solid. So much so, it took some extra effort to cut with my Xikar MTX. Fortunately, the pre-light draw was just fine...a little resistance, exactly how I like it. First thought after lighting: the Edmundo is a chimney, filling my palate with thick, chewy smoke and leaving behind a series of thick, pillowy clouds overhead. The burn is somewhat slow, creating a dark grey ash that’s a bit flaky, but strong.

The smoke is leathery in character with a toasty (almost smokey) note that hits the center of my tongue and the nose. A hint of cedar sneaks in just before the sweet aftertaste takes center stage. The aftertaste is very long, and the surrounding area has become filled with the lovely aroma of toasted wood. The Edmundo finishes with a bang, developing a deep richness and creeping into the full-bodied realm. Thanks to the Edmundo’s thick 55 ring, the burn remains cool right down to the last inch.

Yeah...I really need to get out on the golf course sometime soon. Montecristo Media Noche will no doubt keep my mind off my terrible game.