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Oliva Protege

INSANE $1.50 apiece. 20 cigars just $29.99.

Pinch yourself if you must. Just know that you're not dreaming. A rare opportunity to take home premium handmades from Oliva for a scant $1.50 apiece just landed in your lap. For a short window, 20 cigars are now just $29.99. 

Oliva makes a boatload of cigars. In order to keep up with demand, they're constantly training new rollers. To ensure their skills are up to snuff, the factory managers have these newbies craft a top-selling blend, one they know like the back of their hand. Protege is simply an unbanded bread and butter Oliva blend made by a fresh class of rollers. I'm sworn to secrecy on the exact blend, but here's what I can divulge:

- One of Oliva's top 5 best-sellers.
- 90+ rated many times.
- Former Top 25 honoree.

- Habano-wrapped, medium to full-bodied classic.

Full disclosure, you might have to chuck one or two out of the bundle into the bushes. But I've more than compensated for that with the ludicrous $1.50 apiece price. Rolled utilizing premium, long-leaf tobaccos into a 5"x50 robusto, each puff delivers a meaty profile rife with earth, leather, woody undertones, and a spicy aroma. Smooth and balanced throughout, this is a damn nice cigar. A cigar that sells at 4 to 5 times my asking price on a daily basis. 

This no-brainer deal is easily in contention for best value of the year. 20 Oliva cigars for just $29.99

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