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Room 101 Big Payback Connecticut BLOWOUT

$2 and $2.40 apiece + FREE Shipping

Room 101 Big Payback. Lots of good things to say. From me, that's rare. But in a nutshell, the line provided Camacho-made quality, for a fraction of the price. And 9 times out of 10, I'm hoppin' on that gravy train from the very first stop. But since $6 to $7 per ain't exactly a drop in the bucket, we decided to steer this locomotive down a new track. $2 per Robusto (5"x50), and $2.40 per Gordo (6"x60). Ahhh, much better. Up to 65% off MSRP, that's just what the doctor ordered. Payback? Nah. More like back pay for all those years of pricing restrictions and enforced policies. 

In order to save money, and time, we had the factory forgo the boxes. They wanted to wash their hands of all remaining inventory - we obliged, with one condition. Package them into a one-time deal of 25-count bundles, so we can unleash to the masses. Normally, 25 cigars in these two generous sizes would go for $147.50 and $172.50, respectively. This week, they're yours for $49.99 and $59.99. Did I forget to mention shipping is on the house? I got too caught up in all the good news. Which each bundle purchased, I'll ship your order for FREE

Produced in the same factory as Camacho in Honduras, each cigar comes adorned in a silky Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf, and packed with Dominican long-fillers held by a Mexican binder. Firm from head to foot, the craftsmanship is immediately evident. A good, deep sniff unveils a lovely barnyard aroma - the signs of proper aging for a cigar of this nature. From the very first puff, the artistry pays off in dividends, delivering unwavering consistency and top-notch performance. Gobs of creamy, cool smoke deliver ample nuances of hay, coffee, cedar, and soft spices. The draw is perfect. The burn damn near even. Worth much, much more than $2 per. 

Indeed, sharpen thy stick, it's time to have thy vengeance on Room 101's normal retail prices. Grab 25-count bundles for as little as $49.99.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Room 101 The Big Payback Connecticut Chavala (Robusto) (5.0"x50)
Pack of 25 In Stock $147.50
save $97.51 66% off
Pack of 25 In Stock $172.50
save $112.51 65% off