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Diesel. Shaq diesel.

A rare breed, this off-centered handmade is the cigar equivalent of a thick, juicy porterhouse. Crafted with fillers from Nicaragua’s black fertile soil, Diesel’s geographical terroir is evident with its luscious PA Broadleaf wrapper bringing an indescribably satisfying element that yields a layered, spicy-sweet, intense smoke.

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Robusto (5.0"x52) + FREE Xikar Lighter
Box of 24 + Lighter In Stock $236.00
save $136.01 58% off
Robusto (5.0"x52)
Pack of 5 In Stock $32.50
save $11.50 35% off
Xikar Turrim Diesel Lighter FREE!!

For a limited time, enjoy a Xikar Turrim Diesel Lighter (worth $80) FREE with any qualifying box purchase! 

Shorty Ltd. (Gordo) (4.5"x60) + FREE Xikar Lighter
Box of 24 + Lighter In Stock $272.00
save $162.01 60% off
Shorty Ltd. (Gordo) (4.5"x60)
Pack of 5 In Stock $40.00
save $15.00 38% off
Xikar Turrim Diesel Lighter FREE!!

For a limited time, enjoy a Xikar Turrim Diesel Lighter (worth $80) FREE with any qualifying box purchase! 

Unholy Cocktail (torpedo) (Belicoso) (5.0"x56) + FREE Xikar Lighter
Box of 30 + Lighter In Stock $290.00
save $180.01 62% off
Unholy Cocktail (torpedo) (Belicoso) (5.0"x56)
Pack of 5 In Stock $35.00
save $14.00 40% off
Overall Rating 4.725 out of 5 Based on 120 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Diesel”

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5 Star
4 out of 5
4 Star
3 out of 5
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5 out of 5
The PA wrapper caught my attention, the quality keeps me coming back to the alter... Fine smoke
5 out of 5
Unholy Cocktail, a divine experience
When I need some time to reflect and savor a few precious moments of the day I reach for the Diesel Unholy Cocktail. A good solid smoke with a lingering finish that puts me on Cloud 9.
3 out of 5
Diesel Shorty's are great. The cigar lighters are cheap and don't work so well. So much for saving the cost of shipping.
5 out of 5
Great stick!!
5 out of 5
Don't get better than this!
Full body, blast of pepper, filled with flavor start to finish. Great smoke
5 out of 5
Great Cigar Diesel never disappoints
Great Cigar Diesel never disappoints
5 out of 5
Great smoke!
My go to cigar lately, Shorty is my favort size i think they taste best.
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
Great full bodied cigar at any price point. I purchase them whenever I can.
2 out of 5
not worth the money
Tough draw, a bit harsh with lots of pepper
5 out of 5
OK, this is the first Diesel I've tried and I've become a fan. Great tasting right down to the finish. This is not just a "good" smoke, it is a PERFECT smoke from taste to draw to feel to..... you name it.
5 out of 5
My Go To Stick
My go stick. Best quality at this price point hands down.
5 out of 5
Diesel Robusto
Very good smoke. Easy to draw
5 out of 5
Continue to be my go to brand.
5 out of 5
Very nice cigar. Well made
Very nice cigar. Well made and a good burn
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Wonderful little smoke.
5 out of 5
Full nice finish
Tasty and bold
5 out of 5
If you haven't tried these, you should.
At first smoke these suckers were way too strong for me. But having gone back a couple more times, Diesel has become my favorite cigar I have tried to date. Spicy and full but amazing.
5 out of 5
Diesel a great smoke
Awesome smoke. Definitely will be in my rotation
5 out of 5
A Great Cigar
I love these cigars. They are well made, they burn evenly every time and they have lots of flavor. You should try them.
5 out of 5
Diesels shorts
Good but Nubs are still number1.
4 out of 5
Exclusive Cigar
This was a great flavor packed smoke. I was only able to find this cigar with CI.
5 out of 5
Diesel Delight
Nothing like a good full smoke with a cocktail and a smokin' lady by your side. Just saying . . .
5 out of 5
Smooth Sailing
I enjoy the many different brands and flavors .. Never stick to just one type ,like to reach in & just pick out a surprise everytime .. Cigar International has great deals on many great specials .. So they always give me a choice cigar when I smoke ... Thanks for the speedy and friendly service .. Signed Captin Long Beard...
5 out of 5
God Bless America and AJ
I smoke 3 premium cigars/day, always the best. Many excellent sticks I can only do 2 or 3 in a row and then need to change the profile. This cigar I am not able to become bored with no matter how I try, and I have. Would recommend this as a treat or everyday event. God Bless America and AJ.
5 out of 5
My go to smoke.
My go to smoke.
3 out of 5
Ok smoke
I tried this bundle of 30 out for a possible change. I smoke these if i have a second cigar that day. I think i will stay with the Cohiba knock-offs which have better taste to me and a more consistent smoke. My main smoke for the day remains 5 Vegas "A" series
5 out of 5
Highly Recommended
Awesome cigar! Flavor was great, it burned very even, and the amount of smoke produced with each puff was visually appealing. These are thicker than I thought they would be, but I was still impressed with the flavor and burn. Would definitely recommend these. Thank you Diesel!
5 out of 5
A really great smoke! Flavorful and well made. a regular reorder cigar for me.
5 out of 5
Worth every penny.
These babies pack a punch. I've had 2 of them now and they're excellent. Nice even burn, solid draw, and extremely flavorful. They're a little on the full side for my tastes but they're definitely worth a try.
5 out of 5
One of my Favs
First one I had to continue to relight and fix. The rest after that were Outstanding! Ill just tick off the first one as a fluke.
5 out of 5
Diesel Unholy Cocktail
This little dynamo is my go to cigar. I love the full bodied power of the cigar and the taste is remarkable. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys full bodied cigar with flavor that doesn't quit.
5 out of 5
Looks scary strong
Don't let the super dark wrapper scare you. It's really a sheep in wolfs clothes. This medium to full cigar is chocked full of flavor and has an even, smooth burn to the end. To top it off, it's very reasonably priced.
4 out of 5
A little too full bodied
Its a delicious smoke but too full for a summer smoke
3 out of 5
Diesel unholy cocktail
The quality of taste and draw was lacking with my latest box. Uneven burn. Was my favorite.
5 out of 5
My go to smoke
I've been going back and forth between the motheload 35 cigar diesel sampler and the Unholy cocktail. The unholy cocktail diesel is my daily smoke.
5 out of 5
Good value. Diesel is a good cigar.
Very flavorful. Full taste.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Loved the unholy,great flavor and a nice change of pace from the normal cigar!!!!
4 out of 5
5 out of 5
Diesel Shorty is a powerhouse,
I always expect a great smoke from Diesel.
4 out of 5
Some tasted a bit too
Some tasted a bit too chemically and were not as other batches in the past.
5 out of 5
day one
Been smokin Diesel sticks since they first dropped and theyre just right for me but i have always gotten the unholy cocktail box. My last purchase saw the cocktails on backorder so i settled for a box of robustos. Did not disappoint thays for sure. Slightly uneven burn on a few but other than that delicious smokes. Will smack you around a bit if you let it. Ill b buying these again if ever the cocktails are unavailable
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Great smoke
5 out of 5
Very solid cigar. Good draw and full bodied
5 out of 5
Diesel Unholy Cocktail ( Totpedo)
I do like the Diesel Unholy Cocktail Torpedo's , they are smooth and taste good. I try to keep a few of these in my humidor.
5 out of 5
Great gift idea
These were a gift. Drop shipped to his house. Worked great.
3 out of 5
Short but Stout
Strickly for those that enjoy strong cigars....not my style, but a must try for those that enjoy this type of smoke.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Nice stick
Full flavor, awesome draw. Will be ordering more soon. Cigars international goes out of their way to make your customers happy. Thank you very much
5 out of 5
Like'm strong
Best of the bunch, long as you like'm strong!
3 out of 5
Nice full falvor with a bite
Has a a sharp full flavor; not as rounded as expected, but an enjoyable full flavor smoke
5 out of 5
Diesel "Shorty"
Another AJ Fernandez goodie! I like the 4x60 size and the good draw and dark wrapper..
4 out of 5
Heavy Handed
I have to say this one is harsh, kind of like a dry parodi, strong! Its like they said lets make it as strong as possible.... If you like strong this is for you, otherwise not...
5 out of 5
Don't smoke this cigar, I want them all!
By far my favorite cigar, if you smoke these there will be less for me!
5 out of 5
Please Try
Great cigar! I bought more after enjoying these.
5 out of 5
Great smokes!
5 out of 5
My go to choice
Being a rookie I have been trying numerous smokes to test the waters, and this thing has become my #1 preferred go to smoke and for a decent price. I keep many of these on hand and have not been let down by a one.
5 out of 5
This rabbits brand of carrots
All diesel brand cigars have been a pleasure to smoke. They are awesome, including the Diesel Robusto. Smoke one, you will not be let down.
5 out of 5
Love my Diesels.
Bought the Robustos when the Unholy Cocktail was backordered. Like the Robustos even more. Diesel has been my go-to cigar for some time now.
5 out of 5
Look no further and give this a try
Great burn, great flavor, great cigar. Definitely gonna pick up a box of these as the price ain't bad at all.
5 out of 5
Diesel cigars
I am a full bodied lover. Diesel quickly became my favorite.
5 out of 5
Hands down my favorite cigar!
Excellent taste, moderate price and just the right size e.g. if one ain’t enough smoke two!!! I have to watch out though as it taste so damn good toward the end I am burning my mouth and fingers trying to get one more puff! Guess that’s why I say smoke two!
5 out of 5
The best!!!
The best!!!
5 out of 5
Nice Cigar!
It is a nice compact little smoke. So far every stick has burnt cleanly and constantly which is saying a lot these days.
3 out of 5
Put the first one out about half way. Boring in my opinion and even a little bitter. I'm a fan of strong cigars but this just didn't please. Maybe after sitting a few months they will improve.
3 out of 5
just ok
expected more flavor but fell short and maybe because it;s so short
5 out of 5
Great Smoke !
This is one of my "Go-to" cigars. Very well constructed, nice even burn, full flavor that doesnt overpower. This cigar is a staple in my humidor.
5 out of 5
Great cigars
This cigar was so tasteful I loved it I would also recommend the obsidian
4 out of 5
Love CI!!!!
Sweet lil stick, great price!
5 out of 5
Great service
Always quick and accurate
5 out of 5
Diesel Unholy Cocktail - Torpedo
Excellent cigar; particularly convenient for smoking on colder winter days/nights outdoors. These are regulars in my humidor.
3 out of 5
Tossed the torpedo!
I love this cigar, love the taste, feel, smell, everything but the draw. The draw is so bad that the last one I smoked I alternated between cutting it and using a punch in an attempt to smoke it to the nub. I became so frustrated with it that I tossed it. My cigar buddies just about fell on the floor. They have seen me smoke a few terrible cigars all the way down and could not believe what they had just witnessed. I really want to like this cigar, but so far we just cant seem to find any middle ground.
5 out of 5
Awesome full-bodied cigar!
These are special cigars for those who like a full, heavy stick. Rock hard feel leaves you thinking they're rolled too tightly, but they draw like a dream, burn well and really please!
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
These "SHORT DOGS" are awesome! They packed really pack a punch! Great taste, love the flavor. Will buy these again and again!!!
5 out of 5
Wonderful Smoke
Great smoke paired it with a shock top pretzel beer it complimented a chocolate taste with the cigar not to heavy and was a perfect night cap to the end of my weekend.
5 out of 5
Awesome cigar
Great smoke to the nub one of my favorite
5 out of 5
Unique, good stuff
When I first tried them I immediately thought of a junk yard full of antique trucks where these cigars were fermenting underneath the oldest most oily, greasiest, dirty relic in the yard! It was wonderful. I like the shape and size. Smokes well down to the stub. Take your time with the first cigar or two, make sure they are completely lit. Let it sit for a minute, clear your air then enjoy. I like all of the various choices. Pick one for the name to start, then try them all.
5 out of 5
Cant go wrong if you like rich full bodied cigars
I am currently smoking my third one of these for the weekend. These are excellent cigars. The flavor is very rich and long lasting. Cant beat the price either. I have another box on the way. I am a big fan of AJ's blends and the diesels are my go to cigars. You can't go wrong with these if you like rich, full bodied cigars. They are excellent right off the truck. But, the ones I've been smoking have been aging in my humidor for at least a year and let me tell you, they are amazing!
5 out of 5
Get these! Trust me.
One of the best cigars you will ever smoke.
5 out of 5
good smoke
4 out of 5
Flavor Bomb
One of the most flavorful cigars i have smoked at this price point to date.
5 out of 5
one word review
5 out of 5
Love the shorties!
Great affordable everyday smoke that I will always have in my humi. Huge value for the price on these babies.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
This beauty packed a punch! I usually don't smoke full strength sticks but I wanted to give this one a shot, and let me tell you that I was not disappointed. I received notes of roasted almonds and espresso. From snip to done, it lasted about 1.5 hrs. I think I'm going to put them in my long term humidor and let them age. But once I'm through with this 5-pack I will be ordering more.
5 out of 5
unholy cocktail
love this cigar, its my everyday smoke
5 out of 5
A great stick
How can I begin...first off plain and simple, a great cigar and a personal favorite of mine, amazing flavored of coffee and spice, spicy yet smooth and nutty, as for the burn...razor sharp burn on every one I've smoked with a bright white ash that holds on past the halfway point, a slightly toothy thick wrapper holds it all together, all in all an amazing cigar and a favorite of mine and I highly suggest if your looking for a pepper, leather, coffee stick
5 out of 5
Diesel Unholy Cocktail.... 5 stars!
Sitting in my back yard enjoying one of my Diesel Unholy Cocktails that just came in the mail and I'm enjoying it.... When you first fire it up its a very peppery strong flavor. After a few draws it mellows out a bit with a nice peppery woodsy taste. Good full body cigar. You need to still and relax to fully enjoy this beauty, at least in my opinion... You won't be disappointed if you're looking for a nice full body cigar with this one...
5 out of 5
Love this cigar top 5 never lets you down
One of my top 5 cigars. Nice everyday smoke.
4 out of 5
Very Nice
I tried the shorty (4.5"x60), before and I really liked it so I ordered a 5 pack of these to take to TX for a family reunion so My son and Son-in-law and I could have a good smoke. They weren't as good as the shorties I had tried during the Summer but were still good. I no longer see the shorty listed but maybe (hopefully) I'm wrong
5 out of 5
Great cigar
You can't beat these for the price. They are a great cigar with really good flavors.
5 out of 5
Diesel Shorty
Very tasty smooth smoke good kick will buy again
5 out of 5
Great cigar great price an
Great cigar great price an great place to buy them keep it up!
5 out of 5
good stuff
good stuff
5 out of 5
Highly recommend
Everyone has their favorite cigar and the unholy is mine. Well constructed, consistent smooth draw, volumes of smoke, great ash and a full bodied flavor. For me it just doesn't get any better. I highly recommend it.
3 out of 5
Not impressed
Wish it were a little bigger ,taste is good not great,decent price for what you get
5 out of 5
love it
one of the best ive ever smoked!
5 out of 5
love this cigar what a great smoke
I love this cigar, on my top 5!
5 out of 5
A great cigar
Shorty Diesel should not be limited, and it should be made forever. This is a great cigar that ha excellent taste, has a perfect burn, and is beautiful overall. AJ and Shorty did a great job.
5 out of 5
The awesome Diesel *****
CI always comes through as promised, super fast reasonable delivery, and the Diesel is an awesome smoke. A good strong full body smoke that is very consistent. A good draw and always an even burn. I love Unholy Cocktail. If you can handle a smoke with some body this is one to try.
5 out of 5
Very good
Very good
5 out of 5
Diesel Cigars
Diesel unholy Cocktail have been my go-to cigar for several years. I have tried others, but for the price, I wouldn't change.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Solid cigar. Great construction even burn another great cigar from Aj
4 out of 5
Go get some!
Fantastic cigar. I really like the belicoso vitola - like a chunky little torpedo. Big spice up front, and develops into a great leathery, coffee sort of feel. The leather aroma is rich, like walking into a saddle shop that's been in business for several decades. Cannot be beat at this price point...
5 out of 5
Best yet
Got these in a diesel sampler...being fairly new to the cigar world i love these! First cigar i can actually taste the flavors described and can actually taste changes the further into it i get! Only in the humidor a few days and these are supposed to get better the longer they are in? Can't wait to give the rest some time in my humidor!
5 out of 5
I've graduated to Diesel!
My favorite ....period! This is a full flavored ,complex cigar..chocked full of flavor. you will never regret ordering these. I've been enjoying cigars or years,many brands tried, Diesel Robusto is my go to smoke, and as always, Cigars International is where to find them. I've always and always will be a CI shopper, the ONLY place to shop!
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Diesel Unholy Cocktail
Great daily smoke! Full of rich hearty flavor, burns even and is good all the way down till it's burning your fingers! Would definitely recommend these!
2 out of 5
I get that this is a heavily wrapped, manly looking stick but what's with all the hype? Don't get me wrong it's pretty stout and somewhat flavorful, but the real truth is the inconsistent construction. Every other cigar in my batch of UHC's is a dud! Poor draw and burn, huge stems running right through the center of the cigar? Really? I would think that with such a popular choice the attention to detail might be a little better? I know it's an inexpensive stick but come on? Over rated cigar and cannot recommend it since I can think of several other great cigats for the same price.
5 out of 5
Shorty Diesel is amazing
Shorty Gordo is my go to cigar, and I have my humidor packed with these yummy ones. The taste is excellent, the burn is even, and they taste great. I hope that these are around for a long time.
5 out of 5
Great cigar period!
This cigar tasty always a excellent smoke. Great flavor good burn and draw. This is one of my favorite cigars...
5 out of 5
If you spend money and buy cigars this is the place to do !
Great service in all matters. I have ordered thin gs that I was not sure about but I knew I could return it ---no hassle and best of all no cost. TRY THAT NEW MAZO and do not worry about getting stuck with it
5 out of 5
cigars international performance
great service and quality. love to see Diesel on sale more often!
5 out of 5
Diesel Unholy Cocktail (torpedo) ROCKS
Cigars are best shared amongst friends and all my comrades in leaf are in complete 5 star agreement that the DUC is awesome and the best value fact it's a DUH !!!
5 out of 5
Favorite Go-To!
AJ Fernandez does it again. He proves time after time why he's my favorite cigar blender/artist. The Diesel Unholy Cocktail is a flavor bomb. This is every bit a full strength cigar and the price cannot be beat. The Diesel line is excellent, but this one if my favorite. I bought a box of 30 and it goes fast...friends end up loving them too! Give it a shot, you surely wont be disappointed.
5 out of 5
Diesel cigars
Excellent full bodied taste. Good value.
5 out of 5
I have never had a
I have never had a "Bad" Diesel and the Shorty is an excellent size and taste I have come to not be able to live without!
5 out of 5
my favorite full bodied cigar! Full rich taste and great flavor.
5 out of 5
Get Shorty
The best! Lots of smoke, stays lit when it sits for a while, great strong taste. Gotta have at least one a day.
5 out of 5
Always great!
Customer Testimonials
After receiving one of the UHC's (Unholy Cocktail) in an AJ sampler I am now finding myself scouring the CI website for deals on this really amazing stick. It's a really good med-full smoke with some nice flavor shifts. Starts out peppery and changes to coffee, leather and nuts but never harsh. It's a very good cigar to start the day off with when I'm sipping my coffee.
This stick is not for the faint of heart, but if you like some umpphh behind your smoke I don't know that I have ever had better. Continuous flavor does not go over the top on the bottom third as you would think after the first third. Great smoke!
AWESOME cigar! I'd put this $3 cigar against most $10-15 cigars. BOLD/FULL and a smoke monster; can't say enough good things. I'm an AJ Fernandez fan, and this one doesn't disappoint. After numerous samplers, I bought my box of Unholy Cocktails!
Diesel Corona. Perhaps the best maduro cigar I have ever smoked of that particular shape & size. I have 12 left & have begun to have recurring night sweats that waken me to a soggy pillow & the unnerving reality that when those dozen little firecrackers are gone, I may never again know the bliss of lighting one up & grinning like a possum jumping rope for the next 30 or so minutes. The fates are cruel! Of course, I can assuage my grief by torching any of the regular 2 sizes or the 3 or 4 other special run type sizes (when available). I have had them all & Diesel Corona is my hands down favorite size of what is my favorite maduro & considering the affordability of Diesel, 1 of my top 5 favorite cigars in the entire world! Whoa, you say! High praise for a stick that costs about the same as some mediocre bundled, probably 'wich style vitola with a tear in the wrapper. Try Diesel today. Right now, if you haven't already, you will come around very, very quickly when you realize you can have 2 or even 3 of these dynamite maduro dreams for the cost of almost any other maduro you may be currently smoking. Diesel carves out a well earned 93/100 for taste, flavor, blending mastery, affordability, construction, dependability, uniformity, consistency, well, you get the idea. Don't take my hyperbole as reality, try a fiver. If it's not the best maduro cigar you have had the pleasure of toking up, please enlighten me as to the name of the cigar that Diesel cannot stand up to. I have to get me a few of that beast, if it in fact, exists.
My go to smoke. I always have a box of these on hand.
Pleasant surprise is how I would describe it. I wasn't expecting an over the top smoke, but found a very enjoyable hour plus of stress relief.
As much as I love the Diesel Unholy Cocktail the Diesel Shorty is my favorite. Now you guys might not think that 4.5 by 60 is as great as I do but it is my all time favorite cigar. Smoked more than three boxes and I will continue to smoke more. Love you guys. Also, for the price.
Legendary. Unlike some, I judge a cigar not only on its flavor, but on its cost. A cigar can be amazing, but if it costs $25 apiece, what's the point? These little gems bring full on powerhouse flavor and quality you simply cannot beat for $3.25 a stick. Construction is immaculate, beautiful dark,toothy wrapper, and it just oozes creamy dark chocolate and black coffee flavor. I have NEVER found a cigar with better cost to quality ratio. Hands down winner.
I am guilty. I love rich maduros. Diesel is up there with one of my all-time favorites. It is rich, pretty full-bodied, and consistent. If you like potent and enjoyable maduros, then you have to give this one a try... and another try... and another try (heck, try 30).
Delicious. A staple for every humidor. I am most impressed with the value you can get at the price point these come in at. Unholy cocktail is my daily go to.
There is not one Diesel in the family that I have disliked or found to be too much like their brethren. Okay, maybe a lil like there brothers, - BUT apples never fall far from the tree. I am a picky one. I have left some BAD reviews. Yep, I'm older and have been smoking for quite a while. I am hard to please. Diesel has made me HAPPY!
All factors applied, this is the best cigar I have ever smoked. Have I had cigars with different, possibly better flavor? Yes. But those cigars came with a $10-$15 price tag. Find me a well made, full-bodied cigar with an amazing flavor profile for $3. Just try.
Man what can you say? An awesome cigar. They hit it right on the nail with this one. If you love full-bodied cigars this is the one to have in your humidor, but I guarantee it won't stay long. You will find your self coming back to this beast every time. I highly recommend all you lovers of the leaf to give this one a try!!!
I have had a gut feeling for months that I needed to try these out. I held off as I have never tried any of the Diesel line. Finally, I took the chance and ordered a box. Money well spent. Flavor is excellent and they are rolled just right (belicoso). They are nice and even, firm but still manage a excellent draw. The burn is razor sharp. At $3 a stick these are a absolute steal! I dare you to find a premium full-bodied cigar for less.
Very good smoke if you like a full bodied smoke. Can't rush smoking these!
You have heard all the hype by now. You have probably tried & enjoyed Diesel. I suggest that no real maduro admirer can dispute its uncanny taste, flawless construction, consistency or value. It simply has few peers that score so highly across the board. This review is to tell of the masterfully created vehicle, devised by AJ himself no doubt, christened "Unholy Cocktail"! A perfect moniker for a near perfect smoking experience. This 5" X 56 torpedo looks the part. Choc-a-bloc with Nicaraguan ligeros & draped in a dark, thick Pennsylvania Broadleaf, UC is the penultimate muscle maduro. It emits dense clouds of smoke filled with heaping helpings of spice, black tobacco & that leather/earth component so often associated with Mr. Fernandez. For years I have been a refined Rothschilde smoker. Many good full bodied blends use this size to advantage like Punch or Joya de Nicaragua. Along comes Diesel & a lusty gordo torpedo is now my favorite shape. It really comes down to the value. At regular price, UC costs less than just about every other very good cigar. Finding deals, which is easy thanks to CI, makes them even more affordable. Keeping them stocked, so I always have one to "g0-t0", is my job.
Without a doubt, Diesel is a strong candidate for the finest maduro wrapped vitola available among regular production cigars. Factoring in, cost, construction, flavor, burn, pedigree & last but not least, overall smoking experience, Diesel makes a solid case for itself. They sell like hotcakes. It tastes divine. They literally leap out at me as I peruse my humidor for an affordable treat, demanding I smoke them at regular intervals. With so many very good to excellent maduro choices available, the competition is stiff. But Diesel need not take a back seat to any of those other maduro offerings, because invariably they fall short in one or more category, while Diesel excels in every aspect of what makes a cigar, more than just another stogie. Cheap enough to be in every maduroheads regular rotation, yet fine enough to meet or exceed the lofty standards of sticks costing two or three times as much. My personal favorite maduro, Diesel is a testament to the skill & blending genius of one AJ Fernandez. Heartily recommended, I give all things Diesel a heartfelt 94/100.
I normally don't leave feedback on cigars but this Unholy Cocktail is just perfect. This full bodied cigar has the complexity and balance every palate needs.
Very enjoyable. I smoked one, and then the next day I thought, "which cigar from my collection do I want to smoke tonight? Lots to choose from, but, I really want another Diesel!" I was again, very happy with my decision. Like a lot of people here, I was also a skeptical hold-out on trying this one because of the name. It just makes my subconscious think that the cigar will be like big-rig or tractor fumes! But I finally made the plunge and tried them, and I am so very glad I did! I am a believer now. I plan to always have some of these in my humidor. Just a delicious, enjoyable, and all-around solid cigar choice.
What a terrific cigar! It burns smooth, even and slow. It's hearty and full of flavor.
I tried the Diesel Unholy Cocktail. Then I tried some others. I tried the Diesel Unholy Cocktail. Then I tried some others...etc, etc, etc. I have yet to find any other cigar that carpet bombs your mouth and lips with such an oily, sweet tobacco goodness. The oily, sweet tobacco goodness also hangs around for a while after the cigar is finished as well. Never harsh, never bitter. I am not a pro cigar smoker so my needs may be simple. I don't need (not sure if I ever even get) complexity and notes of wood, leather, toast and whatever other mystical nuances of flavors there are out there. I am enjoying the oily, sweet tobacco goodness that I get from The Unholy Cocktail. Now if Diesel can give me the Unholy Cocktail with strong notes (that slap you in the face with flavor cause I think that's what I'll need to really notice them) of chocolate and or coffee that would be my perfect cigar.... Now, how about the exact flavor profile of the existing Unholy Cocktail (Hey, the dream profile would be awesome as well) in a 6x60 or 7x70 (How long would it take to smoke an 8x80?). Until some dream comes true.....I'll have to "suffer" with the present version.
This is a tale of 2 cigars. I've tried both sizes, the Belicoso and the Shorty recently. The Belicoso size was fantastic. Perfect burn, wonderful earthy flavors. The Shorty, had the same flavors, but was absolutely maddening to keep a good burn on it. It didn't matter if you toasted the end or puffed it right away, it simply wouldn't keep an even burn. Which is too bad because it had the markings of a good stick. I cannot recommend the Shorty, the Belicoso though I would recommend. I should also point out that I've tried 3 shorties and every single one of them had sever burn issues (2 didn't last 10 minutes). The remaining 2 I had in my humidor got tossed.
The Diesel Double Perfecto is the bomb! It's a meaty cigar with very good taste. Nice.
What can i say ( DELICIOUS) Mmm, Mmm, GOOD IM JONESIN for it right now.
I am weighing in again, in order to give further comment to the attributes of all things AJ Fernandez in general & the lovingly produced wonder known as Diesel, in specific. Last time I sung the praises of the limited edition 7" X 56 Figurado. This time it is the limited edition Toro at 6" X 50. Truth be told, these odd sized, out of the normal vitolas AJ has produced just for promotions & samplers are remarkably delicious & a nice change from the regular production sizes. Of which there are only two, to my knowledge. Both the Figurado & the Toro are larger smokes than Shorty. They afford me a longer time to savor the complex mix of powerful ligeros & Pennsylvania broad leaf Maduro wrapper that are the signature of this particular blend. Mr. Fernandez makes some of the best Maduro sticks available, IMHO. I offer up Estd 1844, San Lotano Oval Maduro & Nica Libre as proof. One of those excellent blends costs as little as 2 bones & change for a lusty Figurado. Diesel holds its own & more considering the modest price, spot on construction/burn & assortment of fine tobaccos it features. Attributes usually reserved for sticks costing twice as much. This is the genius of AJ Fernandez. If you have to pay 8 clams for a cigar, he has several blends so delicious that you won't even mind paying that price just to say you have them on hand. But, if you are like me, you seek a great cigar at a great price & AJ is there to fill the void with at least half a dozen offerings so fantastic & yet so affordable, that one cannot help but lavish praise upon the maker. That my cigar loving friends, is Diesel in a nutshell. Good enough to sit proudly next to your most expensive vitolas, yet affordable enough to smoke everyday. Thanks to AJ Fernandez & CI, life is good.
I just smoked my first Diesel after letting it rest for a while at 66% and this cigar is amazing right down to the nub. You don't want this cigar to end. worth every penny. i will be buying a box of these.
Despite being offered in only two sizes, I have smoked several different configurations of this blend besides the standard & Shorty. A 5" X 50 Toro, the Corona from the tin & my favorite, a bulbous 7" X 58 figurado. All are limited edition items from samplers & the such, but AJ might want to consider regular production of this 90+ minute Gordo. The Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro wrapper is sturdy, flawless & adds a dimension of sweet peat to the medium/full bodied character of the underlying ligeros. I can understand its popularity. I like it very much. The unlimited is even better, being somewhat smoother & just a tad stronger overall. the Figurado I am currently smoking has been languishing in my "last one" humidor for almost nine months. I recently purchased several CI's Kitchen Sink Mega Samplers which contain one each of the Diesel blends in a Toro size. So I carefully replaced the old stick with a new one & began by toasting the foot. It lights easily due to the Figurado shape. After a few minutes it opens up into a medium/full bodied assault on the senses. But in a good way. Peppery, leathery, oaky flavors predominate the 1st 1/3. A half an hour later, the vitola reaches its largest girth. Clouds of luxurious smoke billow forth with every puff. I tap off a firm white ash at the 2" point, but I still have 5" of Maduro madness ahead! This goes on for at least another hour, but even then I am saddened by the untimely end of a very good smoke. Highly recommended to full bodied freaks. 90/100
I received the Unholy Cocktail in a sampler & I gotta say... this is an awesome stick! Very complex & very full flavored w/out being overwhelming. Nice construction. Nice firmness w/out being heavy. Lots of pleasant smoke. Prelight smell is good. Toast is good. Upon lighting you get those hints of pepper. They start to mellow out in the first 1/3 giving way to hints of coffee, dark tobacco, & a tiny bit of creaminess. This stick has a great burn, great body & very nice balance throughout. Even mild bodied fans would appreciate this one. You gotta try this cigar. I will definitely be getting a box when there's room in my humidor. Try it. You wont regret it. At $4 a stick you cant go wrong with this one. Great cigar.
I just ordered my eleventh box in two years. My favorite of all cigars.
Wow what a cigar! I cannot begin to describe all the amazing flavors in this stick. I think I tasted every flavor in the cigar rainbow in this one! Normally I put my cigars out when they get around the last quarter. Sometimes I take a few extra puffs but the flavor is usually poor at this point. That was not the case with this stick. It maintained a wonderful flavor throughout the entire burn and I did not notice a decrease in its quality at all. I smoked this stick so far down to the nub that my lips where starting to burn on the last few draws. I had to spit the cigar out into the ashtray when I was done with it as it had burned so far down that I could not grab it with my hands without burning them. And the entire time I never felt like I was being overwhelmed with flavor or body. I just couldn't put it down. I will definitely be keeping this cigar in rotation. It is my new favorite. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a strong cigar loaded with flavor who doesn't want to get knocked flat on their back either. And I guess since I can smoke almost the entire thing it makes it a pretty good value too!
Just got some Unholy Cocktails in a sampler. Wow. Just fantastic. Lots of complexity and really full. Enjoyed this guy right off the truck and it was excellent. Already considering a box.
Unholy cocktail is one great cigar! Taste, burn, and draw are a 10 on a scale of 1-10. The only bad thing about this cigar is that it's smoked to the nub to quickly.
Stupid good!!! Had one today that had been resting for two years. Needless to say absolutely beautiful flavors!
The Diesel Unholy Cocktail is one of those things that flies in the face of logic. A short full body larger ring Torpedo shaped cigar, yet it never smokes hot not even when you go to the nub, the ash is welded together even though it is a 56 ring, smoke the entire cigar with the ash hanging on. And oddly enough, it is a good long smoke despite it's modest length. Add to this the fact it comes in a box of 30, the whole thing is just not normal. Fortunately it is not a normal experience taste wise either. A great smoke that defies logic, I highly recommend you have some in the humidor.
The Shorty is the perfect stick, and surprisingly it's always an hour and a half smoke, my top 5 sticks
Always a favorite. Flavorful and well-made.
amazing cigar, great body, smooth flavor throughout.
Just lit up my first Unholy Cocktail. Usually my go to cigar is the Undercrown by Drew Estate, but I will have to say, as the Diesel is burning my fingers, this is one good stick.
Diesel Unholy Cocktail Salomon...As usual from Diesel, a near perfect cigar! I am a big Diesel fan. I would rate this one just behind the Hair of the Dog. Absolutely yummy!
Man oh man, I have smoked a lot of different maduros over the last few years. Even most of the ones that I paid three times the price of Diesels I was disappointed with, wishing I had my Diesel in my hand instead. I have bought so many boxes of these that I lost count a long time ago. Yes, that is why I'm also back on site today so as to order a couple more boxes. By far the very best maduro that I have found. Mountainmanbob
This is one of the best overall cigars I have had and the consistency is excellent. This is my daily cigar choice and the complex flavor hits in all the right spaces and lasts long enough for my drive to work every day. :)
Unholy Cocktail? More like Holy Grail! I stayed away from these for silly reasons. 1 - They were too cheap to meet my standards. 2 - I didn't like the name. I now regret my stupidity. I used to think that you couldn't get a good stick for under $8 or $10. I used to think I needed to buy much more "established" brands...Cohiba, Ashton, Opus X. I am man enough to admit my mistakes (sometimes...but never to my wife). Not only is this my go-to's really the only one that I look forward to. It has a perfect draw...uniform to the end. Lots of full bodied, spicy smoke. And it's consistently good. And this fact blows me away. There is not one cigar store in Portland, OR that carries it. When I make the devastating mistake of not ordering my next box in time (before my current box runneth empty) from CI, I have to settle for a lesser cigar at a higher price from a local store until my next shipment.
I smoked my second Unholy Cocktail last night after a not so great experience the first time around. I didn't have the burn and cracking issues I had with the first, but I'm still not bowled over by this cigar. It has a nice flavor, but I'm not as enamored with it as many of the other reviewers are. Good, but I wouldn't put it in my top ten. I would actually rate it last of the five cigars I got in the Full-Bodied Frenzy II sampler.
Received my box of 30 Unholy Cocktails this afternoon. Being a greedy piggy I jumped right in and lit my first Diesel. What can I say? After enjoying numerous San Lotano Ovals and Pinoleros, I had to have one immediately. Wow. Its not possible to oversell or otherwise hype this stick! Right out of the box it burned even, held its ash and tasted unbelievable. I've got the other 29 in my humidor, along with my single Man o' War Ruination Robusto, and I am eagerly looking forward to each of them. If you haven't yet pulled the trigger on these, do it and you will be richly rewarded!
Unreal! I have had over 100's of different types of cigars, but this one... is awesome! Hands down one of my top cigars ever. I will always have a few Diesel's on hand. Try 'em you won't be sorry.
The unholy cocktail offering from diesel is of of my favs. Always great construction, even burn, and right amount of boldness. At $100 bucks for 30 sticks CI has them priced perfect, cant go wrong at just over three dollars a stick.
This baby is full of flavor! Great even burn that produces a long ash. One of my top sticks with a great price!
Man what a smoke, the unholy cocktail produces clouds of smoke, spicy and peppery. Full bodied and worth every penny. Don't think twice, buy this stick.
I had decided to smoke two cigars Sunday for the NFL Conference Championship games and selected the Diesel Unholy Cocktail for the second game. I was really looking forward to smoking this cigar because of all of the great reviews. I had been holding off because I wanted to smoke it with the guys so I could brag about it, so it sat in my humidor for about two months. When I pulled it out of the cellophane I was really pumped for a good ride. The cigar smelled great and the pre-smoke draw was great. After toasting the foot and lighting her up, disappointment set in. While the cigar tasted great, the burn was uneven almost from the start. On top of that the wrapper started cracking about a third of the way in. As you can imagine those things detracted from what probably was a really good smoke. I had a much better experience with the CAO America I smoked during the first game. I haven't written the Diesel off and would try again if I score one in another sampler, but at this point I wouldn't be inclined to buy any in quantity.
Diesel Unholy Cocktail ...perfect! Smoked it to the nub without dropping an ash. Perfect construction. A must have in the humidor.
I wanted to try the unholy cocktail torpedo after watching the video ad on it. I ordered some and waited for it to come in. When it did, I smoked one and all I can say is "wow! unbelievable!" I usually never order boxes, just samplers, but for this one, I'll make and exception.
Diesel Shorty...if you havent smoked one then you are missing out on the best. I am usually smoke a different cigar every night but once I enjoyed this that all ended. I could not ask for more in a cigar. I've been through 15-20 Shorty Charity packs and several boxes. Every cigar is exactly the same and is just enough to leave me waiting for the next stick. Now all my other cigars will get some age as this is my nightly smoke. Outstanding job on blend, construction, and consistency!
My Unholy Cocktail just arrived and I couldn't help but fire on up. All I can say is WOW. Great cigar. Easy draw, great taste and tons of smoke. It is a heavy smoker and I would suggest smoking it on a full stomach, unlike me who smoked it before lunch and without breakfast.
Diesel shorty..... what can I say AMAZING. This a strong little smoke it caught me of guard. I will buy more and smoke more. Great with a cold dark lager.
The Diesel Unholy Cocktail is worth every penny. I recently purchased a box of these lovely torpedoes. The construction was nearly flawless and felt very firm and heavy in the hand. This cigar is easy to light and has an even draw throughout the smoke. It burned evenly and produced a tight 3-inch ash. The taste is incredible, easily on a par with any top shelf cigar made in Nicaragua. I plan to make this one of my daily smokes, as it is one of the few cigars I enjoy smoking back to back. An excellent cigar well worth the price.
I finally threw caution to the wind and ordered the Shorty Charity pack. I smoked one off the truck and was concerned that it was a little above my comfort level for strength. After a few weeks resting in cedar treasure chest, they had mellowed enough to be right in my wheel house. I love maduro cigars and this one really delivers in the "big flavor" department, in a big way. Not only does Shorty have a knack for saving dogs, but assisting in blending cigars seems to suit him as well. Thanks AJ and Shorty.
This is my current go to cigar when I don't want any surprises, don't want to experiment, but want predictable flavor and taste. I judge a cigar not only by what it can (occasionally) deliver, but also it's consistency to deliver what I prize in it time and time again. This Diesel just keeps on rollin'. I've passed them out to folks who really do not care for a full bodied cigar and the comments I usually get back is that for a full bodied smoke, it didn't bite or become overbearing, just a chunky satisfying pleasant gob of concentrated flavor. Most thought that it needed to be named something other than full bodied, something more like all of the taste but none of the bite. Like a full bodied with all of the hard edges knocked off of it.
The first thing I thought of when lighting up the shorty was hickory wood chips. Bold, strong, spicy yet somehow smooth. Sweet and salty dark chocolate. This cigar is short, fat and packed solid with an excellent draw. I could smoke these all day. A fairly quick smoke at a fairly good price.
I was given 3 of the cocktails in a trade and need to get more. Short and stout, these will be my everyday smoke. Great price and taste. Full bodied to the max with dark chocolate and salty nuts. Quick and sweet, enough for the ride to and from work, half time or waiting for the wife to get ready. A real knock out.
Smoking my first UC right now man this cigar is just top notch!!! great flavor and aroma and a perfect burn too ( and I even messed up lighting the thing!!) ash held for a good long while and tons of thick smoke. Over all a wonderful cigar for the money. I will be buying a box very soon
Pardon me for chiming in twice, but I need to rave about the unholy cocktail again! Just finished another, and the burn was razor sharp, the smoke copious, aroma wonderful, and the experience was utterly delightful right up to the last 3/4"!! If I had a magic wand I would wave it over three humidors and turn all my cigars into Diesels.
I did not want this cigar to end - Just that fantastic. No burn issues, but when smoked v. slowly it may go out. Strong, extremely pleasant tobacco flavor that didn't quit or get bitter toward the end. I had it with coffee, but kept thinking it would go really well with scotch - the flavor wouldn't or disappear if partnered with a strong alcohol!
Complex? Yep. Like someone put flavors on shuffle. There was lots to like about the Unholy Cocktail. Not terrific, but good. Build was average, producing a long ash and thick smoke, once it got going .. though it took a bit of work to get it going. Perhaps the New England winter is to blame. Perhaps the rookie cigar smoker. Paired with a glass of Maker's Mark and enjoyed by the fire pit.
I just burned my 1st shorty diesel , and man this smoke is incredible . Very light but full of smoke , sweet taste of the wrapper to a peppery taste on the end . Won't hesitate to buy more , just simply awesome!
Smoked this cigar w/o even knowing it was a maduro! Not very dark for a maduro, but wow, is it strong! And it needed to be, to keep me happy being outside in 34° weather. I never felt like going in early. I did a poor job lighting the foot, but this cigar forgave me and evened things up right to the end. Peppery spiciness and unique aroma made Diesel the best smoke this week.
This cigar is an incredible smoke, I have had these in samplers and just recently picked up a case of these (unholy cocktail). Full bodied, full flavor which gets better and better through the burn. There is in con to this cigar, wrapper imperfection when it gets closer to the end and tends to fall slightly apart. This doesn't happen all the time but I know I am not the only one with this "issue". Regardless great blend; keep'em coming!
Unholy crap...this is a good cigar. A couple of sticks wrapper came undone but i can deal with that...very good smoke.
Great flavor on the Shorty, milk chocolate in the first third transitioning to coffee. You definately know it's a maduro. A little acidic ROTT, but fabulous after a month. The most perfect burn you could ask for with a broadleaf. Diesel is fabulous, don't hesitate to buy a box.
The Shorty starts with sweet spice and light peppery sensation for this first half. The second half brings a richer tobacco to mingle with the spice. The finish was toasty and nutty with a pleasant after smoke flavor of mellow nutty tobacco. A lot going on in four and a half inch cigar. For the money a very good smoke! I would buy more.
The only thing UNHOLY about this cigar is how good it is.
Good smoke. Good flavor, and burns evenly, however, towards the end, I found the wrappers came a part, but i'd be hard pressed to judge this stogie on that alone. Good smoke no matter what...
This is and has been my "go to" cigar. I have others I enjoy, but I always have diesels in my humidor. Love them!!
The Diesel is a solid smoke for the money which of course equals value. Thick, elegant, long slow burn, cool, tasty, with a great tactilely satisfying heft and denseness. I'll steer clear of the specific mouth taste adjectives since we all tend to have our own interpretations in that regard. I keep coming back to this one, so do my friends and I hand 'em out bandless to keep 'em guessing!
The Unholy Cocktail is another of my favorite cigars. It is well constructed and heavy in the hand. The burn is flawless and lasts a lot longer than I anticipated for the size. The smoke has a sweet cedar tone and keeps my interest throughout. It is very full-bodied and never leaves that funky aftertaste on the tongue that some of it full-bodied constituents are guilty of. For the price, you will be hard-pressed to find another stick that delivers on all levels. Personally, I prefer the Unholy Cocktail to the Unlimited any day of the week. Just make sure you're sitting down when you fire this puppy up!
Just tried my first Diesel Shorty. While it is a good cigar, it seems to fit the mold of many cigars to day. Decent build, appearance, burn and taste...But nothing out of the ordinary. The flavor is similar to many of the Perdomo line up: Spicy and peppery. For a bit less money and a short stay in humidor, the Lot 23 Maduro is a very close run for the money.
I had stayed away from these because of the name, DIESEL. I thought it was corny. Oh, what I was missing!!! This is one down right delicious cigar!!!
CI does it again! Where do you come up with these awesome smokes!? The Diesel is DA BOMB!! Great flavor, burns like a dream and leaves you wanting more! I've tried both the Unholy Cocktail and the Shorty. Loved em both!! And the price is insanely low for the quality and flavor you get out of these! (shhh...don't tell CI!) My favorite far
You know that these are really good. No, they are not the absolute best but they are right there!
While not all will enjoy the flavor of the Diesel, none can say that it is anything less than a work of art. The construction of this cigar is amazing all the way down to your fingers, leaving a long ash in it's wake. I have smoked this in the short and long size, both with 54 band size. Let me tell you ahead of time; if you smoke the 6 X 54, you will need around 90 minutes to finish it. The flavor is one that pushes the envelope, without going over. While robust, it is still very smooth and well balanced. For those who like mid to robust in flavor, this is a must try. This is probably my number 1 full bodied cigar out of all I have smoked.
Great cigar! Medium-full bodied with sweet, nutmeg and bitter dark chocolate flavors. Medium-long finish with a good quantity of smoke.
I have to say something about this cigar. if you’re looking for a cigar to puff on and chat for a good hour and a half go for the Shorty, me and my coworkers try and enjoy a cigar a night and I was left alone while I finished my Unholy Cocktail. Not that I mind at all, I enjoyed sitting back watching the sand of Afghanistan collect on my boots while I attempted to tame this beast. Powerful is a term I use loosely for this powerful combination of thick, smooth, spicy, stick to your tongue, leafy log. Great blend guys. One day I'll man up and smoke my other 4. Herf on. and thanks from Dtrp 7-17 Cav Afghanistan.
This has fast become my favorite. The price is not wallet busting and the cigar is not lacking. In fact it is a steal in my opinion. The Diesel Unholy Cocktail is a well made, dense and thick full-bodied cigar with a smooth draw of sweet satisfying love. It is full flavored and will leave you yearning for a 2nd one the very second you finish the first. It is in one word DELICIOUS. Try one or two of ten!!! And if you dont like them..well It just leaves more for me.
The Diesel Unholy Cocktail is an excellent cigar!! Well constructed, smooth draw, full flavor, thick clouds of smoke. The list goes on. I've almost finished my first box, and I'll definitely order another box soon. Highly recommended.
Words can not explain. Great cigar. Will definitely buy more!!!!
The Diesel Unholy Cocktail is the cigar that made me love cigars. It was the first one that really let me understand the complexity and quality of a good cigar. If you haven't tried them (I know, doubtful in this crowd) Buy them now - if you hate them, I'll take the remainder off your hands.
Just bought my second box. Really great with a cup of coffee or a Guinness Stout.
So I was uneasy about this cigar as Diesel has let me down before. Maybe I was being a girl, but this time no disappointment. My little diesel lit like it wanted me to enjoy the treasures inside, and enjoy I did. There was almost too much smoke for one man to handle but seeing as I had not shaved that morning there was no real problem. I was just manly enough. Surprisingly there was a green flavor, and by that I mean like unripe coffee beans. I love this flavor though and it became even more man-tastic as the spice opened up about a quarter of the way down. I know spice = MANLY. As I progressed it mellowed out but still stayed warm. Like an old classic cigar, crafted with perfection. This really caught me off guard, but I continued to enjoy. Then the craziest thing happened. Being all man there a few rules to cigar smoking as important as the "THOU SHALT NOT ASH" rule, but my ash fell and the spice and heat became like a wild stallion. Untamed, overpowering, beautiful, like a nuclear bomb being dropped on a small village with the most beautiful sunset occurring right behind it. There is no right way to describe the complexity at this point, hints of coffee swirling with cream, leather, and spicy. To be honest few cigars have ever touched my lips in this way. I almost wanted to keep ashing to see what secret treasures lay inside this beautiful cigar, but I kept to the man code. Even though these flavors mellowed until my lips burned from the hot coal, I can honestly say, "Be a MAN, get a Diesel."
darn good smoke- well made!
"Diesel opens with a warm toastiness and subtle spices on the exhale." Right, right, Steve-o. About as subtle as a baseball bat to the knee. But, oooooh, hit me again PLEASE!
Killer smoke! Perfect draw and the right taste! I tend to like spicy/sweet/earth smokes and this was it. This had all 3 and was very rich and satisfying. These are outstanding! Thanks CI.
The unholy cocktail is a pretty good stick. It's a bold full bodied cigar with a lot of spice and earth notes. I enjoyed it, however, the burn on my cigar was quite bad. Got it in a sampler so I may have to try a few more to see if they burn bad as well. I could see this rated around an 86.
Absolutely fantastic. Spicy, robust flavor up front comes from creamy, thick white smoke. Burns and draws quite nicely, although I had to chew the end at one point to stop a weird plug. Ash is almost completely white and unbelievably dense, it held on for more than half the cigar. Wrapper is dark and flawless, mine had very little oily residue, but was intensely pungent nonetheless. A great addition to the humidor.
Hands down this is one of my favorites. Just a potent and ripe mix of excellence. The only thing Unholy here is how wicked it tastes. Simply put this is in every way a Holy Cocktail of pure bliss and delight to smoke. Definitely a Cigar worth giving a couple test runs on. Incredible to say the least...
Unholy cocktail- let's see- what a oxymoron,one damn fine cigar,try it you'll like it---AMEN.
This is one helluva cigar!! Very tasty and burns like a dream. Just light one and enjoy it. I love the ruddy texture, as well! My current favorite..
You Guy's are the very best, after talking to all my CI buddy's after the last JAM , those of us in the NEW ENGLAND need more small cigar DEALS. Now that Old Man Winter is nearly upon us , BIG STICK'S just don't do it. Nub's Diesel Shorty's , I know you will come through , after all YOU are the GOD'S of the Cigar World. Thank's for all you do every day.
I was a holdout on Diesel for a long time, but finally took the plunge with a recent 10-pack special. I smoked my first one last evening, and all I can say is "WOW!!!!" Full-bodied and full-flavored cigars sometimes get me a little light-headed and woozy, but this one didn't even come close. The flavor was everything advertised, and the construction and burn were simply amazing. Diesel is now going to be a regular visitor (but never staying too long!) to my humidor.
All I can say is WOW! My buddy let me smoke the only one he got in a sampler, and it was amazing. Rich taste and well made. I felt guilty for smoking his only one! I've been craving the Diesel ever since. Can't wait to order my own!
Diesel is just that - a bold statement that will roll right over you with droves of flavor. If you know your leaf, that creamy Esteli Valley leaf from Nicaragua will invite you but the bold textures in the blend will rock your world. This is a par excelon expression for a newer boutique blend, and I highly recommend you try some. My rate on this stick: 90
A truly complex, tasty stick. The "Diesel Unholy Cocktail, is all that and more. Boxes of 30 at CI's fine deal.
Bought a 10 pack of these on the Joe's special. All the good reviews are spot on. Chewy, great unusual flavor. Very rich. So far everything I have had with the PA maduro is really good, hope more cigar makers start using this leaf. I cannot think of a better $3.33 (reg. CI price) cigar that I have had. The only thing I like as good or maybe (and that's a big maybe) better is the 601 Green Habano Oscuro - Tronco. Of course that's a $6.55 cigar at CI's regular price. Factoring cost in, this is my favorite followed by Cu-Avana Intenso. Great cigar!!!
Had the Unholy Cocktail a few weeks ago, and all I have to say is WOW!
A GREAT cigar I smoked one from a sampler.Intense mocha flavor and all the strength a man needs!
I'm happy to report that everything I read about the Unholy Cocktail is 100% true. Awesome smoke. Had my first of many last night and I couldn't stop smiling. From the moment I clipped it and tasted that peppery sweetness that had my lips tingling, I was hooked. Nice chewy wrapper, complex blend of fillers that starts excellent and ends incredible, and a stellar price point to boot?! I've brushed my teeth twice this morning and can't shake this awesome taste in my mouth. All truth be told...I'm perfectly okay with that! Try one fellas, you can't lose.
This diesel is truly one of the greatest cigars I've ever smoked. The description of this beast is perfect. This thing will knock you over, and the flavor is gorgeous. It's quite smooth, which I like, and it's earthy with a light leathery feel, and a light pleasent, yet flavorful aftertaste. The draw is perfect, not tight, but not too easy. Burn is very consistant, and is very well acompanied by black or lightly creamed coffee. I give it a solid 93, and recommend this to anyone looking for a strong cigar. BUy the box, you won't regret it.
One HELLOVA smoke! Like taking a bull by the horns. Grab a hold of one boys and enjoy the ride. One of my top ten fav's. Thanks for this one.
Wow what a smoke! The cocktail reminds me of the JDN Antano 1970. Which is a great cigar in it's own right. Ton's of smoke, even burn and a deep dark side that really packs a punch. Enjoy, I did !!!
Well, gotta say a great and tasty smoke here. Now, to me anyway, there is the taste of a CAO Italia in this smoke. The strength and aroma are there as well as a very even burn. If you can hold off (yeah right) they are best after some humi time.
There is nothing I can add to the comments about this wonderful cigar that would say anything different. Everything I've read about this cigars was true! I recieved on in a sampler pack for Father's Day and I was completely blown away! Try it, you'll like it!
Short and Stout. Diesel = DELICIOUS. AJ has knocked it out of the park with this stick. An awesome cigar at an awesome price. This and the MoW Ruination are becoming my two favorite sticks. It helps to have a little food in your belly before you sit down to enjoy one of these bad boys. If I wasn't fond of variety, these two may be the only ones in my humidor for a while! And the 5 Vegas Classic...but that is another review.
The bottom line. An absolutely FANTASTIC smoke. The best part? A regular price of $3.33 per stick. You'll never find a $3 smoke that tastes this good.
I bought a few and let them age in my humidor for a few months. I was very surprised to say the least. While the 93 rating is over the top, this is a solid cigar that is chewy and more complex than I expected. A solid 88. I highly recommend this cigar to anyone that enjoys a hearty maduro. I'll be buying a box on my next visit to CI.
I just finished up my second Diesel, and I am as amazed as the first one. This cigar is seriously delicious. It has this delicious underlying sweetness, very faint but I get that taste, all while being a noticeably powerful, very tasty and enjoyable smoke. Without the price I would rate this in my top favorites, but after smoking a few I am dumbfounded by the affordable price point. Delicious to say the least and AJ is to be congratulated, and thanked by me for one.
I agree with the majority of posters, this cigar is a New York strip! It is blue collar all the way and not for the faint of heart. Through out this guy there are hints of pepper and a coffee with sweetness mixed in. It has an underlying smoothness that makes you want more. I've been smoking for over a couple years and have smoked many cigars. This is right up there in my top ten easily.
Dang another Cigarfest cigar that kick ARSE! I really didn't expect much from this one with the PA broadleaf wrapper, but boy was I wrong. This is a damn good cigar. Very well constructed and packs a meaty punch in the face. This is a full flavored beauty and I will definitely be buying more of them.
Picked up 10 of these on Joe's Daily deal. Now.. i'm hooked. What a treat! Tons of thick aromatic smoke, great burn and draw. It tastes like sweet coffee. This smokes like a $12 puro. SUPERB VALUE I rate it 93.
The Diesel is an outstanding cigar. Full bodied but never overly so, smooth, complex and flawless construction. The burn was razor sharp and the ash held on with both hands. All this at less than a week off the UPS truck. This cigar reminds me of the original Man O'War, although somewhat less refined. I think that will change with a few months in the humi. The price is also VERY reasonable. This and the M.O.W is why I'll be trying all things A.J. Fernandez. Rock On C.I> Nation!!
This cigar is working hard to appeal to the rough-and-tumble crowd. It isn't much to look at, I've seen some pretty rough finishes on the cap and it feels like a brick. When you light it up you'll find it isn't for the AVO/Davidoff crowd either. It is a full bodied smoke that will set you on your bum if you haven't eaten a good meal before smoking it. So if you are tough enough, buy yourself a couple of these sticks, hop on your hog and head down to the local watering hole, if they'll let you smoke inside.
What a home run A.J.! I call this smoke a three-stager. Three awesome events of sweet earthy tobacco flavors. Hearty, stout, and forgiving. An impecable draw of mellow but potent thick smoke. This cigar is perfumed with richness. Diesel will do well with the ratings. Did I mention the brick like construction, (solid)!!! And the chewy PA wrapper is a superb blanket.
Diesel had become my favorite cigar of 2009. AJ Fernandez is a genius. The flavor is just so unique, I haven't found another cigar that even tastes like a Diesel. Woodsy, earthy, leathery, great evolution for a short cigar. The PA wrapper is just delicious.
What a great smoke. This a beast of a smoke that leaves you wanting to fire up another as soon as it is done. Lots of chewy smoke with spice and chocolate. I cant believe the deal. Dont think, just buy. You will be greatly rewarded.
I'm not a big maduro fan so when I got 5 Diesel's in a sampler pack I thought I may be giving them away. The first one I tried was a little rough. Seemed a bit acidic. However, I always smoke two sticks of any new cigar I try before passing final judgement and I am glad I did. The second through fifth stick were great. Very smooth with tons of palate coating coco and leather flavor. The construction is impecible, the draw is excellent and the ash is beyond firm. It is a full bodied cigar but not overwhelming at all. I will be back for more.
On Thanksgiving Day we were having dinner with dear dear I was gifted with a Diesel Unholy Cocktail. Three days later I decided to smoke the thing. Being quite a fancier of Sr. Fernandez and having only smoked my first La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte the previous day, I was looking forward to the Diesel. I was not disappointed. The 'barnyard' pre-light aroma is always pleasing to me. The 'spice' so many folks find upon the initial lighting wasn't quite as pronounced to me as I had expected. The draw and burn were spot on and I thought I was going to have to take a hammar to the ash to knock it off! I enjoyed the cigar until it burnt my fingers. Now, if they'll only make one about six-and-a-half inches long!
Just ordered a couple of the 5 packs of Diesels. If they are half as good as everyone has been saying they are.... I will be satisfied...
Whoooo Did I enjoy the Diesel! I smoke several cigars a day,and never the same one twice. The Diesel was smoked two days in a row.Boy am I kicking myself for not buying a box! Best full bodied cigar in a long time. Burned straight and true,nice easy draw,lots of smoke and flavor. Burning true is big for me because I smoke like a steam engine pulling a hundred cars up a mountain.I don't need no stinkin ashtray!Thats what lips are for.
Diesel rocks! The good gentleman from PA nailed it! Just enough spice to keep it interesting with tons of great chocolate, stout, coffee flavors and the perfect amount of leather. Right out of the box I only had to "nurse" this stick twice. My new fav next to MOW.
I really have to second the comments of the previous reviewer. This is a very nice cigar!! And indeed very reminiscent of a smooth stout with a bit of oak in the mix as well. Nothing overwhelming or super-spicy, just a very smooth cigar with excellent construction. I picked up a bunch in a sampler and wasn't sure what to expect, but I'm very pleased. It beats the pants off another stick in that same sampler that retails for almost four times the price. The PA wrapper is certainly a unique aspect of this stick. If you're looking for a full-on flavor explosion like a MOW Ruination or Padilla '32 (two of my full-bodied favorites) this isn't going to fit that bill, but a fine cigar in its own right. I strongly suggest giving it try!
This puppy is still a bit young, wild, and untamed. It has the potential to be an absolutely outstanding cigar. There are some REALLY BIG WOW moments in this breed. I'm lettin' this animal hibernate in the humidor 'til spring.
Man, I smoked another one of these last night and I really really like these. They are worth the money. To me, it was kinda like smoking a stout...possibly like a Guinness. It started off a little spicy but then as you got going it mellowed out and was real smooth and very flavorfull and had that roasted malt kind of flavor and a slight hind of bitter dark chocolate.
I'm not usually a fan of cigars under 6 inches long. Occasionally I'll tolerate 5.75" or even 5.5" for an excellent stick (example: Alec Bradley Tempus Quadrum), but usually it's 6+ inches for me. Why? Smoking time. I want to have a lot of time to relax and think, and 5 inches usually just doesn't cut it. Well, it does here! A normal robusto is 5x50, but Diesel is 5x56. Trust me, that extra 6 rings makes a big difference. The thing lasts about as long as a Toro, maybe a little longer. So, if you're worried about this being a quick smoke, fear not, because it's not like a robusto. As for flavor, it's delicious. Strong but not overpowering. Full of complexity, and hints of a coffee/chocolate mix, as others have noted. Burn is well-behaved, draw is easy. Based on my prior aging experiences with different blends, I expect aging of Diesel to yield wonderful improvements down the road. Get yourself a 5-pack or something, and pretty soon you'll be ordering a box. And, at least for now, the price makes them a steal!
This a great Smoking Cigar!!!!!! Good taste,smooth from start to finish. Just the right amount of spice note to keep the smooth taste flowing. The wrapper acts as a coffee cup sleeve so that it doesn't heat up on you at the end. Diesel gets a 93 rating in my book......
Just had my first Diesel. I took the wrapper off of one and left it in the humi about a week. First and foremost, the construction and wrapper are amazing. The wrapper has a microvelvet like feel to it. The cigar is dense, tight and heavy. My ash did not fall off until right before I was done with it. The aroma is excellent. I would say traditional well aged tobacco makes up about 25% of the flavor profile. The rest is a mixture of all kinds of goodness with a defined slight sweetness that comes and goes throughout. I will definitely buy these again.
This is a great cigar! Ive been waiting for Diesel to arrive in stock and it finally did! Picked up two (10) packs from the JAM last week. Mine arrived today USPS shipped Monday and here in my humi on Wednesday! Smoked one right outta the box and have to say ......Deeeelicious !! Very bold flavors of coffee and mocha! Full body with a long and tasty finish. Man will these been good with age! Thanks CI !! Carmine says Diesel is a hit and gives it a 92 score!!


Steve R

The weather is changing and I love it. The days have been hitting mid to high 70s, allowing ample time for work - which warrants a cold reward (read: beer) in the end, while daylight still allows enough time for a nice cigar. Lately, I’ve been hooked on one full-bodied combination: a big 22oz bottle of Stone Russian Imperial Stout paired with the new, Nicaraguan-made Diesel. Believe me when I say it....a match made in heaven.

Diesel is new to the market and due to hit our docks very soon. It is hand-crafted in Nicaragua and made in just one size: a stout 5”x56 Torpedo called the ‘Unholy Cocktail.’ I like the name but have to disagree....this cigar is indeed holy, and has made me ever thankful for the fruits of well blended, full-bodied tobaccos.

What makes Diesel truly unique is its use of a rare Broadleaf maduro wrapper from Pennsylvania. The PA Broadleaf wrapper is used by just a few makers - most notably Rocky Patel - and offers a rich and chewy flavor that’s true to the maduro name. This leaf is exceptionally thick and oily, and represents a perfect complement to the bold tobaccos within. These long-leaf tobaccos are Cuban-seed ligeros grown in Nicaragua.

The cigar is heavy in the hand and just plain dense. Not a soft spot to be found anywhere throughout this generous frame. The prelight aroma has a slight barnyard influence and rich sweetness. The thick ring takes some time to light with a soft flame, but it’s worth the wait. This cigar is worthy of a slowdown period.

Diesel opens with a warm toastiness and subtle spices on the exhale. The spices are much more prevalent through the nose - be careful. The aroma is rich and oily, filling the room with a robust charcoal aroma via thick clouds of heavy, gray smoke. The smoke is velvety, creating a chewy character that sits heavily on the palate. I pick up a dense, earthy core followed by a long series of spicy-sweet nuances. Midway through, the full-bodied nature of these tobaccos kicks in. I also take note of a sweet oakiness. The finish is long and robust. A hint of cedar develops after each puff, challenging the spicy aftertaste, but gracefully loses. The earthiness grows more intense and the aroma becomes quite zesty as I approach the final third. My head is swimming, but I can’t get enough of these dark flavors. Just when I start thinking the cigar can’t possibly become more robust - about the 3/4 mark - the smoke mellows, allowing me to fully appreciate the rich core of earth and black tobacco goodness. I feel like it’s toying with me....tempting me to light up another.

For those interested, some notes on the beer itself. Stone Russian Imperial Stout is my current favorite when it comes to big beers. ‘Big beer’ is a term used for high alcohol content brews. The Russian Imperial Stout weighs in at a hefty 10.5% - that’s borderline hallucinogenic! However, the micro-brew is purely stout. It’s thick as mud and black as night, producing a thick, creamy froth that looks like a chocolate shake. The flavor is dark and chocolatey, with heavy roasted notes and a coffee grind influence. There’s some oakiness in there, and a strong sweetness on the finish. There’s a ton of hops, but the bitterness is masked by the heavy roasted notes. It goes down easy, especially compared to most big beers, but it must be savored slowly. Russian Imperial Stout packs a lot of heat (strength) and it will be felt before the bottle is finished....I notice it before pouring the balance into my pint glass. All you need is one, and it’ll be tough to resist opening a second, but for the sake of continuing your evening, I suggest you quit while you’re ahead.

Without its companion, Diesel is delicious and I highly recommend it. If you’re on the prowl for a satisfying, full-bodied, and full-flavored won’t be sorry. If you dare to try the two together, make sure your evening is free of chores and responsibilities. Upon completion, you’ll want to make a b-line to the couch to watch my Phillies hit homeruns like over-aged man-children in the Little League World Series.

Diesel VS. Tatuaje Havava VI

Brandon S

By popular demand I’m switching up my normal mantra of reviewing a cigar and giving it my personal rating…for this round I’ve decided to review 2 CIGARS! That’s right gents…side by side comparison of two truly boutique blends – The Diesel Unholy Cocktail vs. Tatuaje Havana VI. Both of these blends have received high praise from consumers since they hit the market and well, I’m gonna see how they stack up against each other…mano y mano – or I guess it would be cigaro y cigaro.

First, I’ll select the vitolas for this matchup:

DIESEL – No brain power necessary for this one. Only comes in one size, dubbed the Unholy Cocktail – it’s a stout 5x56 belicoso that comes packed in a box of 30.

HAVANA VI – This selection took some consideration. There are 2 sizes that share similarities to the Diesel Unholy Cocktail. There’s the Gorditos - a 5.5x56 standard parejo that’s slightly longer with the same ring gauge OR, the Artistas - a 6.25x52 Torpedo that shares the same shape as the Diesel. Hmmm…I’m going to go with the Gorditos.

                Next, the wrapper and the blends:

DIESEL – Blended by Abdel Fernandez in Nicaragua, the Diesel is constructed with top-notch Nicaraguan long-fillers and finished with a gorgeous Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. Once only utilized as a binder or for filler tobaccos, the PA Broadleaf is becoming increasingly popular among manufacturers for use as a wrapper. It yields a spicy yet sweet character that true maduro wrappers are known for and an extra layer of power to boot.

HAVANA VI – Tatuaje’s Havana VI is a Nicaraguan Puro meaning that the entire cigar is made from tobacco grown in Nicaragua. It utilizes a Nicaraguan Corojo 99 wrapper and is manufactured by Pepin Garcia in his shiny new Nicaraguan factory.

                Third, the flavor and body:

DIESEL – I’ll admit, I’ve burned literally dozens of these since they were released, and every time I am greeted with a medium-full bodied experience that is nothing short of uber-complex. There is a spiciness on the front of the palate and a nice peppery yet sweet finish that keeps me coming back for more. As the cigar develops it tops out with one heck of a full-bodied crescendo.

HAVANA VI – I’ve had a few of these in my time in various shapes and sizes. The Nicaraguan tobaccos really shine through on this blend giving it the trademark Cuban-esque flavor that Pepin has come to be known for.

                And Finally – Price:

DIESEL – Pricing for this cigar goes above and beyond the call of duty in my opinion. Available for around $3 per stick…the price of a cup of coffee at your swankier joints – it’s a no-brainer to at least test a few out.

HAVANA VI – This line is a little more ‘spensive than the Diesel. Suggested retail on the particular vitola for this review is $7.50. But, looking at the other cigars that Tatuaje offers I guess the Havana VI would be considered their “budget” line.

                To cap off this review, I must say that looking at these two truly Boutique blends, you can’t go wrong with either of them. But when it comes down to it, I’m tilting my hand in favor of the Diesel Unholy Cocktail. Is it price? Maybe...  After burning through a 5-pack of each for this review I find the Unholy Cocktail to be a more unique and enjoyable experience and the Havana VI to be similar to cigars that you can find at a lower price point. Now I may get chastised for that last sentence since Tatuaje has a die-hard following that would likely view my opinion as blasphemy but I’m not saying that the Havana VI is a bad blend at all. I’ve enjoyed every one that I’ve had. All I’m saying is I liked the Diesel a little more…that’s all!!!


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