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CAO Brazilia

Steve R
I recently re-introduced myself to CAO Brazilia, my favorite CAO blend prior to the re-release of CAO Black. I particularly enjoy the Brazilia because both the flavor and strength varies drastically between the different sizes. I find, ironically enough, the strength decreases as the size increases. Because of this, my favorite size is the Gol! – a well-fed Robusto shape that boasts a solid 56-ring frame. It’s a very close 2nd to the Piranha in terms of full bodied strength and full-flavored taste, but burns significantly longer at about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes.

Dark, toothy Brazilian maduro wrappers surrounding an aged blend of Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos, bunched inside a thick Nicaraguan binder. That’s the recipe CAO cooks up for this flavorful, big-ring line, and it sure does deliver an enjoyable experience filled with flavorful goodness. The Gol! opens with a “charry”, spicy eruption that instantly calls my palate to attention. The flavor mellows shortly after lighting, losing any hints of char or burnt toast, while gaining an oakiness that’s chewy and rich. Ahhh...smooth sailing from here on out, folks. Time to sit back and enjoy the rich, robust flavors of well-aged Nicaraguan tobaccos, complemented by a slow-burning wrapper leaf that lends just the right amount of pepper after each puff. It’s not the most complex cigar, by any means, but it’s damn flavorful and quite consistent from cigar to cigar. The construction is quality – strong, white ash, cool, even burn and a perfect balance between semi-strong strength and flavor. Bottom line, this blend is good across the board and is a must-try for anyone who appreciates a full-flavored maduro.