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Puros Indios by Rolando Reyes, Sr.

Steve R
Rolando Reyes, Sr. is a living legend. I was fortunate enough to witness firsthand just how important this man is to the cigar industry at the 2004 RTDA in Las Vegas, as everyone there helped celebrate his birthday. It’s difficult to put into words the amount of respect that he receives within the industry, fellow cigar-makers went out of their way to shake his hand and made it a point to express their gratitude towards his efforts and achievements. And for good reason, the man is a master at his craft.

In addition to being a regular investment of mine, the benchmark Puros Indios brand remains one of Rolando’s greatest feats to date. In true Reyes, Sr. form, the PI Bronco sports a blotchy, marbleized wrapper that catches your eye. I have to admit, it’s far from being the prettiest leaf that I’ve seen, but I’ll be damned if ain’t intriguing. It’s kind of like my dog – a purebred pug – so ugly you gotta get one. Only, a box of these ‘beauties’ cost a lot less than a pug and it doesn’t snore while awake. It’s comprised of a superior blend of Cuban-seed, Honduran-grown tobaccos and a shiny Ecuadorian Colorado wrapper. But the key to this cigar is the size. The Bronco weighs in at a healthy 6”x56. Normally, a cigar of this stature opens and finishes with an explosion of flavor and strength. Instead, this blend has been mellowed and masterfully balanced by an extensive aging process, making a soothing, slow burning smoke that never comes close to full bodied. Every now and then the burn may go slightly awry, but this can only be expected when this much tobacco is in play. Regardless, I always enjoy the depth of flavor it presents. A medium bodied firecracker that swarms my taste buds with an abundance of smooth, earthy flavors that start out subtle and creamy, becoming more and more rich as it burns. It’s not the quickest smoke in my humidor, but I try to make some time for this puppy on a regular basis. Its ample size and intricate blending allows me to fully appreciate everything that made Rolando Reyes, Sr. a legend within the industry.