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5 Vegas Series 'A'

Steve R
Wow. Winter just started and already it's rough. Bitter cold, windy nights, sleet, snow...I absolutely despise the cold. For one, I hate having to warm up my car. I am way too impatient (and usually running too late to wait). Second, the winter marks the end of the NFL season – why can't football be a year-round sport? Lastly, and most importantly, the cold weather seriously cuts into Steve-o's Cigar Time. Normally, after leaving the office I like to go home and walk the streets of historic downtown Bethlehem with a nice cigar. As the temperature drops, so does the time and length of these walks, and since I hate pitching a half smoked cigar I needed to find a short, but satisfying smoke.

Fortunately for me, my every day brand has just what I need and it's called the Anomaly. I always thought Anomaly was a funny name, since I see the word in a negative light. But, ironically enough, it fits perfectly. Within the 5 Vegas Series 'A' line you will find five sizes. Four are standard, 50+ ring parejos. And then, there's the Anomaly: a small, 4.5” x 44 petite corona – when putting this cigar next to the rest one might think it'll have the least amount of flavor. But the amazing part is, after reviewing each size over and over, I constantly find this size to be the spiciest, and fullest (in both flavor and strength) of the bunch. Instantly upon lighting one up, a fiery assault of pepper hits the palate leaving your taste buds tingling after each puff. Although enjoyable, this assault tones down a bit, giving way to a rich toastiness, reminding me of the seared edges of a well-done steak. Weird, I know, but it's good nonetheless. Especially considering I like my steak as red as possibly. About midway through, an unexpected nicotine buzz relaxes me and fills my belly, leading into a robust (but oh-so smooth) finish filled with an explosion of rich, toasty notes and spice. A delicious and satisfying 20-minute investment of your time.

Bottom line, good things come in little packages and this Anomaly has become the ultimate bang for the buck this winter.