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Gurkha Centurian

Steve R
The Gurkha Centurian is not your every day cigar. Rather, it’s a special cigar for a special day. Let’s be honest, how often do you get the chance to enjoy a $30 cigar that was made exclusively for the Sultan of Brunei? In case you're wondering, Brunei Darussalam is an oil-rich country located in the island of Borneo, and the Sultan is not just the Sultan, he's also the country’s Prime Minister, Defense Minister and Finance Minster, aside from being one of the richest men alive.

To me, The Centurian is a must-have cigar, so I have a canister full of Centurians on hand - each is waiting its turn for a special day. Unless you overslept, last weekend was New Years, a perfect time to break open the canister and enjoy one of my all-time favorites. You can’t say enough about the look of this perfecto - a solid, 60 ring gauge double torpedo that’s packed with aged Cuban-seed Dominican long-fillers and sports a flawless Connecticut wrapper leaf that’s silky to the touch. Upon sparking up a full-flavored burst of spice and rich earthiness shifts my palate into overdrive. After my first few puffs my only thought is Cuban Bolivar. The rich Cuban-like earthiness put forth by this cigar is so smooth that I hardly notice the underlying strength that creeps on me. Word to the wise, do not smoke this while operating heavy machinery, on an empty stomach, pregnant or a few drinks over the limit. As the cigar enters its thickest point, it tends to mellow a bit, but continues to deliver a potpourri of flavor. Spicy, woody, earthy, toasty, rich, but always smooth. But give it time. Just as I start to recover from the mellow buzz, the cigar begins to taper into a full-bodied finish that’s loaded with creamy spice, giving new meaning to the phrase “go out with a bang”. Eventful from start to finish.

Gurkha’s Centurian is the reason why we become an enthusiast of fine cigars. Enjoying a cigar is a moment we look forward to and make plans for. Because of this, we are often disappointed, making the satisfaction of enjoying a perfect cigar, at the perfect time, much more meaningful. This cigar is an experience that I will continue to make plans for.