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Oh, the flavors! Look, love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no denying the overwhelming popularity of flavored cigars. And even if you do fall under the “hate ‘em” category, I’d urge you to take another look. Because nowadays, there are droves of flavored cigars that are lightly infused, so you get just the right tick of sweet, finely nuanced flavors. Manufacturers have really started to think outside of the box too, offering a wide variety of options. Vanilla, cherry, Irish crème, chocolate, rum, coffee and a bunch of others.  All made by respected companies like CAO, Drew Estate, ACID, Erin Go Bragh, and Tatiana. When flavored cigars are your aim, CI should be your first – and only – stop. Go ahead and give them a’ll be pleasantly surprised. 
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Shop the best flavored cigars at Cigars International. From ACID to Natural, from Tatitiana to Principes, we've got all your favored flavored blends, right here.