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Natural Dirt Torpedo by Drew Estate

Steve R
As I write this, we do not have the Natural Dirt Torpedo in stock. However, it will be arriving shortly, and the more I think about the cigar, the more I am looking forward to its arrival. Drew Estate sent us samples a few months ago, and I burned through them quite quickly. They were good, but nothing too exciting. I thought, “It’s the same as the Dirt, why do I need a torpedo?” I’ll tell you why...

I was given the final product at this year’s RTDA in New Orleans. Sitting in the cafeteria with Marvin Samel of Drew Estate, the boys from CI burned through this stout, aromatic torpedo. It sports a dark, espresso-like maduro wrapper leaf from Nicaragua that’s rough, yet vein-free. The pre-light aroma will not go unnoticed – it’s slightly sweet and hints at a rich, chocolatey smoke waiting. Now picture this, 3 Drew Estate guys and 3 CI guys, sitting at a table, burning Natural Dirt Torpedos. The aroma was incredible, and the flavor hardly played second fiddle. The flavors are deep, rich and enjoyable. Dark hints of mocha swarm my palate with each puff, while a sweet, coffee-like flavor is left behind, lingering, but never overwhelming. From start to finish, I don’t remember sitting this cigar down, and I can honestly say I was drawing on it about 75% of the time. With any other cigar, the flavor would have gone as sour as month-old milk. Not once did the flavor turn sour or harsh, rather it remained buttery smooth. (Side note: When you smoke this cigar, I highly recommend you snip the cap on an angle. Just tilt your guillotine when cutting the cigar and then smoke it with the opening pointing down towards your tongue. This enhances the flavor to something special – you’ll thank me later.) The strength was perfect for a cigar of this nature, slightly above soft but never really hitting the medium-bodied level. As you probably know, this is not my traditional cup of tea, but it’s always nice to stir things up a bit. I’ve enjoyed the Dirt in the past, because of it’s similarity to the Root, but it just wasn’t big enough for me. The Dirt Torpedo solves this “problem”, an amped up version of the popular Dirt. And that is why you need a Dirt Torpedo. Get dirtier.

It’ll be in shortly. Until then, the original Dirt should tide you over. Or, give the Root a go. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.