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Montecristo White Label

Steve R
Montecristo, one of the biggest names in the business, and a ‘staple’ among enthusiasts everywhere. I’ll start out by telling you, the White Label is a gorgeous cigar. Silky and smooth with a flawless wrapper that’s been applied perfectly around a dense bunch of fillers that shows no signs of a soft spot. It’s a perfect representation of the name printed on the band. Unfortunately, my smoking experience was not as glorious as my pre-light critique.

When paying this much for a cigar, I expect a lot. Especially when the band on the cigar says Montecristo, the brand regarded to be the best in the world. I’ll admit, they’re made well, are insanely consistent, and look good in and out of the box…but, I just don’t see the attraction with this new White Label. The ‘brown band’ Dominican is good, if you’re a fan of mellow, dependable smokes. I prefer medium to full, and the new White Label is considered just that, so I bit the bullet and bought a fiver of the No. 2 Torpedos. I’ve smoked each sample and I’ve got to say, it disappoints me. It’s smooth, somewhat flavorful, and slightly stronger than the traditional Monte, but it just didn’t WOW me like I was hoping. The Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers promote a cedary flavor that smokes smooth, yet remains one-dimensional throughout the burn. Also, the Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut wrapper doesn’t promote the robust flavor and strength that I expected. In all, it’s a well-made, good-looking premium that doesn’t do it for me.

I’d recommend this cigar to those looking for a well-made, quality cigar with a lot of money to burn. Or, if you’re looking to impress your friends that smoke cigars based on the band, this is a great choice. No doubt the name and the price tag that comes along with it will raise a few eyebrows. As for me, I taste the cigar, not the band, so I’ll be sticking with my current favorites for now.