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Natural Ltd. Irish Hops by Drew Estate

Steve R

Some of you may realize the cigar I am writing about right now and navigate elsewhere on our glorious web site in search of another fantastic deal. But those of you who enjoy Drew Estate cigars will surely appreciate knowing, Jonathan created a new addition to the Limited Natural line, and it has arrived.

I’ll be perfectly honest. I love traditional cigars, and don’t care for much of anything else. But, there is only one factory on the planet today that can modify the traditional cigar using exotic tobaccos, pipe tobaccos, oils, botanicals, infusions, etc...and create something amazing: Drew Estate. Among this factory’s interesting blends, I will gladly pick up a Natural Root, ACID '5' (if I can find one) or Legends Drew Estate any time of day. Needless to say, it wasn’t hard for me to try Jonathan’s latest creative venture, Natural Ltd. Irish Hops.

The cigar looks and smells nothing like its older brother, the Ltd. Pimp Stick. It’s a 6” x 52 toro sporting a dark and toothy maduro wrapper. Currently, I am still waiting on the types of tobaccos used, but after burning a few, I can tell you it tastes like Nicaraguan long-fillers, aged, inside an impressive broadleaf. Once I learn more, I’ll be back to update this review.

The pre-light aroma is pleasant, offering a sweet, spicy scent, which is amplified once the cigar is lit. The initial flavor is sweet, with a long, rich aftertaste. Very sweet, in fact, but this quickly fades into an afterthought, as the filler leaves take control. The texture of the smoke is most enjoyable. Thick and velvety, the smoke seems to cling to your palate long after each puff, leaving behind a rich tobacco flavor. Throughout the burn, a truckload of unique nuances bounce around my palate. Some taste like coffee, others like cream and liqueur. And then there’s an unusual spice in betwixt. Craziness...but I like it. Still, while trying to figure out these flavors, I can’t get over how smooth and silky the cigar is. The ash is the blackest I’ve ever black, I am often fooled into thinking the cigar isn’t lit. And I’ll be damned if this thing doesn’t refuse to go out. The second half is exactly like the first flavor-wise, but you can easily tell the cigar has positioned itself squarely in the medium-bodied department. In fact, Ltd. Irish Hops kinda reminds me of ACID ‘5’.

Like any of Drew Estate’s exotic blends, it’s important to try this cigar with an open mind and eager palate. If you are a fan of Drew Estate, I’m sure this cigar will please you. If not, give it a try...there is enough rich, tobacco flavor to keep you interested, and hopefully help introduce you to the distinctive blending talents of Drew Estate.