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Reviews by Steve R
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Triple Ligero

Steve R
It’s arrived, Triple Ligero, a gorgeous cigar that I ‘tested’ a few months ago. So potent was this cigar, I had to put it down for a little while before finishing it later. The strength made it quite difficult to concentrate on my work. But the flavor was amazing. Rich, robust, and spicier than any cigar I’ve smoked to date. Did you happen to read my write-up on Diablo? If not, why not? If so, Triple Ligero is exactly what I was expecting from Diablo, and then some.

While in Honduras, I had the opportunity to blend my own cigars. Before me was a table filled with different tobaccos, each of them labeled. Naturally, I chose every leaf ligero to complete my blend, even the wrapper. The cigar sucked. But it did kick me in the butt something fierce. Clearly, my blending skills are nowhere near those of K. Hansotia. Triple Ligero represents what I was hoping my blend would be: a full-bodied assault of rich, spicy flavors that hit my palate fast and furious, but smooth and balanced enough to actually enjoy. Kaizad’s secret? Years upon years of experience and know-how. His materials? A jet-black Brazilian maduro, lovingly wrapped around a man-sized helping of premium, aged ligero. Our shipment has been aged longer than the samples, which seems to have mellowed the blend a bit, but it’s still the full-bodied smoke I remember reviewing. It opens like wasabi, awakening my senses with powerful flavors and aroma. Robust notes of spice dominate up front, leaving behind a rich aftertaste that coats my tingling taste buds. Then, just as I begin to question whether or not I could burn this regularly, the flavors begin to lighten, bringing out the richness of the dark, juicy tobaccos. There’s even a subtle chocolatey note that lingers after each puff. From this point on, I coast home with a smooth, rich assortment of flavors. Wow, age done these babies good!

This is not an every day cigar for me. But when a solid, full-bodied premium is needed to close the ultimate steak dinner, the Triple Ligero will be tops on my list of go-tos.