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5 Vegas Series A

5 Vegas Series 'A', a meaty premium that is nothing other than...."well done."

Quite frankly, this has got to be one of the best handmades to ever land at CI, one that has nearly caused our cigar-crazed staff to come unhinged. Covered in a juicy Costa Rican maduro wrapper, it is breathtaking - like an ocean of dark chocolatey goodness - and will make you fumble, stumble and bumble for cutter and lighter. The toothy, dark wrapper in turn hugs a 3-country long-filler blend of 4-year-aged tobaccos, and the whole thing rests for 6 additional months after rolling. It delivers a panoply of robust, medium to full-bodied flavors, including subtle spices and coffee-like notes. The flavorful bouquet includes heavy doses of toasty earthiness served up in a rich but ultimately smooth fashion. The aftertaste is long and pleasant, featuring an enjoyable sweetness that relaxes your palate. The presentation is terrific: nestled inside an attractive, dark, Spanish cedar box, each cigar is handsomely dressed in cedar sleeves.

Lastly, for $3-$4 per stick I will boldly state that this cigar may very well be the best bargain in the entire industry. If you are a fan of medium to full bodied cigars, you owe it to yourself to pull the trigger on a box of ‘A’.

Magnificent from A to B.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Alpha (torpedo) (6.0"x52)
Box of 20 In Stock $125.00
save $37.0030% off
Alpha (torpedo) (6.0"x52)
Pack of 5 In Stock $31.25
save $6.2520% off
Anomaly (petite corona) (4.5"x44)
Box of 20 In Stock $80.00
save $21.0026% off
Anomaly (petite corona) (4.5"x44)
Pack of 5 In Stock $20.00
save $4.0020% off
Apex (box-press toro) (6.5"x52)
Box of 20 In Stock $130.00
save $46.0035% off
Apex (box-press toro) (6.5"x52)
Pack of 5 Out Of Stock $32.50
save $7.5023% off
$25.00   Notify
Apocalypse (mas gordo) (6.0"x58)
Box of 20 In Stock $140.00
save $52.0037% off
Apocalypse (mas gordo) (6.0"x58)
Pack of 5 In Stock $35.00
save $10.0029% off
Apostle (churchill) (7.0"x50)
Box of 20 In Stock $125.00
save $37.0030% off
Apostle (churchill) (7.0"x50)
Pack of 5 In Stock $32.50
save $7.5023% off
Apotheosis (box-press) (Gordo) (5.5"x55)
Box of 20 In Stock $120.00
save $32.0027% off
Apotheosis (box-press) (Gordo) (5.5"x55)
Pack of 5 In Stock $30.00
save $5.0017% off
Archetype (toro) (6.0"x50)
Box of 20 In Stock $110.00
save $32.0029% off
Archetype (toro) (6.0"x50)
Pack of 5 In Stock $27.50
save $5.5020% off
Artisan (robusto) (5.0"x52)
Box of 20 In Stock $100.00
save $28.0028% off
Artisan (robusto) (5.0"x52)
Pack of 5 Out Of Stock $25.00
save $5.0020% off
$20.00   Notify
Atomic (gordo) (Robusto) (4.5"x54)
Box of 20 In Stock $100.00
save $30.0030% off
Atomic (gordo) (Perfecto) (4.5"x54)
Pack of 5 In Stock $25.00
save $5.0020% off
Special Edition Animal (Perfecto) (4.5"x60)Sale
Pack of 5 In Stock $35.00
save $20.0157% off
Special Edition Friggin' A (Presidente) (8.5"x52)
Pack of 5 In Stock $45.00
save $15.0033% off
Overall Rating 4.59 out of 5 Based on 155 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “5 Vegas Series A”

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5 Star
4 out of 5
4 Star
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3 out of 5
There are good cigars.
There are good cigars.
5 out of 5
5 Vegas A Apotheosis
This medium bodied box pressed maduro is an excellent value. Similar flavor profile to the El Mejor Expresso but with far better construction. Good draw and even burn,but nowhere near medium full. Another 5 Vegas winner.
5 out of 5
Can't beat this stick for the money. Nice chocolate flavors with aromas of nuts and toast. Will buy again thanks again!
4 out of 5
Not bad
Descent smoke...
5 out of 5
5 star
Very good thanks
5 out of 5
You got a low five
You got a low five Vegas
5 out of 5
Great value
Fun smoke. Smooth and slow burning. Did not expect this little nub of a cigar to last 90 mins!
5 out of 5
My lucky cigars
Enjoy my time at casinos with these. Classic full taste
5 out of 5
5 vegas series A
I have always liked 5 Vegas brand cigar, so when I saw a special on the series A I decided to try them. As expected it is a great cigar, very smooth.
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
Fantastic construction and flavor profile.
5 out of 5
Love these little guys
Uniformly great taste and construction. My go-to when I want a small cigar.
4 out of 5
Nice smooth smoke with three fingers of Angles Envy.
5 out of 5
5 Vegas
Ive had 75% of the cigars in the CI magazine at onetime or another and I have to say you cannot beat the 5 Vegas A. Its always a consistent smoke with a smooth burn. 6x60 is a good 45 minute cigar. It is always a staple in my humidor and you cant beat the quality or price per stick!!
5 out of 5
Surprise favorite
Man what a nice surprise this was. I bought these on sale from CI just to try them. They are now my favorite! Robust and smooth flavor.....nice
5 out of 5
A quality Cigar
There is never any surprises with this smoke. Always the same, always good
5 out of 5
My go to cigar!
My favorite smoke. Flavorful and easy draw.
5 out of 5
Holy Smoke Batman
Excellent Smoke....Always A Favorite....Down to the nub !
3 out of 5
Not a bad stick for
Not a bad stick for the quality and price.
4 out of 5
Solid cigar
Really solid long lasting cigar. Keeps up with the brand
4 out of 5
Good everyday smoke
Good everyday smoke
5 out of 5
Out standing smoke
Out standing smoke
5 out of 5
They were consistent, even burn and medium to full. lasted about 1 hr which surprised me because of the short length. I will order again. Shipping was on time as well.
5 out of 5
This is your new daily.
If there was ever a daily smoke, this is it. If there ever was a special occasion smoke, this is it. If there ever was a smoke to give a long lost pal, this is it. If there ever was a smoke to bring the loudmouth 'cigar smoker' to his, to the bent-over, hurling position, this is it. Ever since the CAO MX2 came out (around 15 years ago), that has been my go-to. 5 Vegas Series 'A' has always been on hand to give the lesser experienced palettes that visit, but for the last couple of years I've skipped over the MX2 and purchased these. Just an all-around fantastic cigar from start to finish. The only time I have something different is when someone insists I try one of their stock. There is no need to be ashamed of the low price. I just hope 5 Vegas doesn't get wise and understand how much they should be charging for these.
5 out of 5
Just Right
A VERY impressive cigar!! I thoroughly enjoyed this one from start to finish. Suffice it to say, it really has it all going for it! Thank you CI for an amazing price! I'm looking forward to a long and lasting relationship.
4 out of 5
Not bad
I liked this cigar . loved the taste great burn, in no way a cheap cigar. Would buy these again
5 out of 5
Must keep dozens in your humidor!
I have found my favorite cigar thus far! Initially I tried the robusto size, then I tried a few different sizes. Any size, any time, this cigar is great. It pairs well with just about any of the available whiskeys for me. It gets even better when you get to the last third! A truly flavorful blend of great tobacco. The earthy creaminess combined with good spice and pepper, and the draw is superb. Budget price cigar with the right mix of flavor. If you enjoy a good almost full flavor stick, pick this up in droves. I always get a great deal in the make me an offer section. CI's prices are the best around, and I will always be a customer. I've stopped shopping around! Always fresh and fast product delivery! Thank you CI!😎
5 out of 5
Buy this cigar!
Actually...don't. Leave them for me. Simply put, this is a great smoke. Earthy, not too spicy with a beautiful, rich, thick wrapper. Tons of flavor. This is a smoke that makes you wish it would never end. Pair this with a it.
5 out of 5
It doesn't matter what you're expecting
I thought with a name like Vegas it was all for show. I went into this smoke not expecting much. I'm an avid Ave Marie&Nub smoker but upon my 3rd draw my heart & mind agreed. This was one of the best smokes I've ever had. Consistent & smooth. I don't personally inhale when I smoke but the flavor coming of this had me wanting more. I have instantly put this on my watch list to get anytime the price is right. A must try at the very least. I can't see how you would be disappointed.
5 out of 5
Great full flavor....... very even burn
Got the series A Churchill as part of a sampler. Great flavor, even burn, and was smooth all the way to the nub. Will be ordering more.
5 out of 5
ITS Great.
YES, Nice smoke.
2 out of 5
Well constructed (don't come apart when cutting or smoking). Some are hard to draw. Slightly harsh flavor. OK when on sale but wouldn't buy otherwise.
5 out of 5
Amazing Cigar
5 Vegas Series A is a special cigar, beautiful construction, excellent smoke output, even burn. But most of all they taste amazing. I gave one of these to a buddy to try and he was blown away, even more so when I told him what I paid for a box of 20. I love 5 Vegas. I love Series A. I love the 6 x 58 vitola Apocalypse.
4 out of 5
Special Edition Animal's
Nice construction, good burn, & nice mild yummy flavor. Would love to have these as an every day smoke. Would share with other peep's. CI did a great job on get us a great deal on these little guys.
4 out of 5
Very nice, very affordable
Really enjoy the Series A from 5 Vegas. I had not had good experiences with my previous 5 Vegas cigars but this is a very tasty every day type of cigar and a ridiculously affordable price! I usually have an adult beverage when I'm smoking a cigar but I have found that I really enjoy this cigar with a cup of coffee while sitting on the front porch!
5 out of 5
If you like Dark Chocolate, don't miss this one
Just as described, good even long burn. Meaty, thick wrapper, and smooth draw. Oh yeah, great dark chocolate taste!!! Well worth the $$$ 
4 out of 5
More on the medium side then full. All ten have maintained an excellent even burn line and construction has been solid. No problem with draw but I do like to double punch my cap. Smoke engulfs the room and I get tastes of spice,wood and earth. All in all a very good cigar considering the price for this 5 pack. I've had the toro and the torpedo 5 packs and the torpedo just seems better. Would definitely recommend.
5 out of 5
these cigars are my absolute faverite cigars of all time for me , just the right size & taste & draw .🤒👌😎☑️
4 out of 5
Worth giving a try.
Good taste, Nice aroma. Definitely won't disappoint. a stable in the humidor.
4 out of 5
Nice creamy sweet maduro as a maduro should be.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Really liking the Vegas 5 A
5 out of 5
New Go To smoke
Quickly becoming one of my go to smokes great flavor and construction.
4 out of 5
construction 2 flavor 4 time to smoke 3
great flavor from start to finish,smoke a little light in spots, got crazy burn line, but great flavor and about a 40 min smoke. i got this in a sample with only 4 day resting in the box prior to trying. all in all a solid 3.5 to a 4. i wont turn down if offered.
5 out of 5
Excellent even burn, long ashes, smooth draw, and very tasty.
I received this in a sampler pack, and boy was I surprised. I am fairly new to the world of cigar smoking, but I can say that this cigar is one of my faves so far. Excellent even burn, long ashes, smooth draw, and very tasty. Smoked this tasty stick on Christmas Eve. I will buy more, which I have already. Thanks CI for putting it in the sampler and introducing me to this wonderful cigar!
4 out of 5
Try it.
Very good Cigar. Wonderful taste and nice aroma. A bit of a hard draw at first but evened out. Gonna have some on hand all the time.
1 out of 5
Awful construction
I have no idea if this is a good cigar because it immediately unraveled. When I was inspecting the stick before cutting I noticed the end of the wrapper at the cap did not look like it was secured. I very carefully and quickly made my cut and it immediately began unraveling. Double checked my cut, and it was above the cap like always. Poor quality.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Good service. Quick delivery and
Good service. Quick delivery and great cigar
5 out of 5
No complaints good cigar. Would love to know how to use the humidifier you guys sent with my sample so I won't have to rush to smoke them
5 out of 5
5 vegas a quality smoke
Great smoke. Good draw layered flavors of leather and chocolates pepper
5 out of 5
5 Vegas apocalypse
I really enjoyed this cigar the case is very slow rich it's a great smoke I really enjoy it, I will be making a second offer on it very soon
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Enjoyable cigar. Wrapped well, easy draw. Great flavor.
5 out of 5
Great Cigars
Really great Cigars, aroma, burn, draw, all very good and no after taste. Recommend this cigar!!
5 out of 5
Excellent even burn, long ashes, smooth draw, and very tasty.
I received this in a sampler pack and boy, was I surprised. I am fairly new to the world of cigar smoking, but I can say that this cigar is one of my faves so far. Excellent even burn, long ashes, smooth draw, and very tasty. Smoked this tasty stick on Christmas Eve. I will buy more. Thanks CI for putting it in the sampler and introducing me to this wonderful cigar!
4 out of 5
A great medium to full bodied cigar, don't let the dark juicy Madoro rapper fool you this cigar is smooth with thick smoke great flavor. I look forward to this cigar every time I pick one up.
5 out of 5
5 Vegas A
For me this cigar is one of the best. I've paid more for sticks that didn't have the flavor or taste, so why buy anything else. I smoke all of the 5 Vegas cigars and have whatever suits my mood.
5 out of 5
One of my favorites
5 Vegas Series A are one of my go to brands. I have tried several of there options and have been completely satisfied each time.
5 out of 5
Very enjoyable
Great smoke
5 out of 5
Killer stick!
Great cigar, well made excellent looking stick. Burned like a champ down to my fingertips. Great flavor and smokey as a bonfire.
5 out of 5
The Archetype is smooth and full of flavor. I think the cedar sleeve gives it even more flavor over time. Very nice!
3 out of 5
Now made differently and somewhere else, not nearly as well. Do not taste as good and the nice, oily wrapper is gone. Okay, but not the same. Now searching for a new standard bearer...
5 out of 5
great stick one of my
great stick one of my favorites
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Slow burn good taste a very good value
5 out of 5
Top shelf smoke
5 out of 5
I should have bought a box of 20
I should have bought a box of 20 but I will make sure I do next time. This is a smooth smoke that burns nice and evenly. This is a cigar I could easily smoke at any time of the day. Very happy with this.
5 out of 5
perfect timing
This cigar finishes about the time I start to think I should be doing something other than sitting around smoking a cigar. And it's short enough I feel less guilt for having a second one :) I like a medium/full, full cigar and the flavors and pull on the series A do not disappoint. At such a ridiculous price it is easily a top 5 on my list.
5 out of 5
One of the BEST smokes I have had, easy lighting, perfect draw, Great taste and price, thank you 5 VEGAS.
5 out of 5
My favorite cigar
Every time I fire one of these cigars up I am constantly impressed with the taste and the overall quality
2 out of 5
Poor construction
I've tried a few of the 5 Vegas cigars, and generally my impression has been that you get what you pay for. Construction is overall below average - I've smoked three of these and two of them, the wrapper was so thin it cracked, started to come unwrapped and had to be abandoned before the halfway point. In the past few months, I think I've had only 5 cigars come undone - and 4 of them were 5 Vegas (2 Series A and 2 Gold). What's that saying? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me 4 times I'm stuck with 5-packs of these things.
5 out of 5
Good to the nub!
First time I smoked the 5 Vegas series A Edition Animal I was amazed at the quality and the taste of this wonderful dark stick. The price you pay for a five pack is fairly low so I rushed and order two more packs. The cigars arrived fresh, soft and ready to smoke. There were many sizes on back order...that a long should tell you many smokers of the leaf is wising up and smoking this stick... SO GET STOCK C.I.
5 out of 5
Love Series A's
5 Vegas Series A are great smokes. I've enjoyed them for many years and have always found the Series A a great smoke. Try them - you'll see!!
5 out of 5
I love the 5 Vegas Series A Alpha (torpedo)
The 5 Vegas Series A Alpha (torpedo) is my favorite and Cigars International does the job right! CI's great prices and delivery never disappoints me. J.R.Z.
5 out of 5
love these cigars
such an easy smoke with so much flavor and a price that can't be beat.
5 out of 5
Better than Cubans
everything you would want in a cigar!
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Absolutely great cigar a lille strong for me but still a great taste flavor and price
5 out of 5
It's a good cigar
It's a good cigar
4 out of 5
Great taste, great value
The Series A is an enjoyable smoke - nice body, rich taste, smooth burn. It isn't up there with the super-premiums but for the money it is a terrific value and a cigar I plan to enjoy many times. The only negative is the feel and heft of it. For me part of the experience is the way the cigar feels in your hand - silly maybe, but it matters. The "Apocalypse" (mas gordo) size 58 x 6" had all the charm of holding a lead pipe. Too much weight, too much heft. I've never smoked a cigar where the heft affected my opinion, but this one it does.
4 out of 5
A decent smoke
I prefer the little Aposthesis box press but this Churchill is a nice smoke at a reasonable price. The cedar wrapping is a little annoying but that's a small thing.
5 out of 5
Like Losing Your Virginity Again
With this one I sense buttered pecans, roasted, with a something deeper happening that I can't nail down. Holds ash. Even cook. The label subcommunicates----I own this b****. Take it for a spin. No regrets.
5 out of 5
These cigars are my go-to time and again. Always satisfying.
5 out of 5
Full rich smoke with deep earthy taste of dark coffee and chocolate. Amazing with a glass of Porter or Guinness Stout
5 out of 5
5 Vegas A gets A+
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Good strong Smoke
I've had a box of these aging in my Humidor for years. I have so many smokes to rotate (17 Humidors) that I get to about 1 a year. My goodness they have always been Perfect
3 out of 5
3 of 5
Personally not one of my favorites..... A good draw, smooth pull and even smoke..... Nothing wrong with the stick itself, just not my favorite mix.... Tomatoes / Tomattoes :-)
5 out of 5
5 Vegas Series A Apostle (churchill)
I am very pleased with the consistency and the even burn of these cigars. They are great in the morning with a good cup of coffee and are just as tasty after a nice meal. The Apostles have become one of the cigars I enjoy week after week and I'll continue to purchase these on a regular basis.
5 out of 5
Short & Mellow
Great little smoke. Perfect for office coffee break or lunchtime smoke. Nutty and a bit spicy notes but not too overpowering.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Just a great medium to full bodied cigar. I like a pressed cigar and this one is perfect for the price! Don't think twice!
5 out of 5
Excellent as always.
Bought these cigars for a family vacation. Everyone loved the cigars, thanks.
5 out of 5
Great cigar great price
The A series is one of the best CI has to offer. Best bang for your buck
5 out of 5
Very nice!
These are very well made and delightful. My go to everyday cigar.
5 out of 5
5 Vegas series A Apex press box Toro
5 Vegas always satisfies!! A great smoke! Pairs good with a stout or nice bourbon!
4 out of 5
worth it
good stuff
5 out of 5
Good leisure cigar
Smooth taste with a good bite
5 out of 5
Great cigars!
They are my favorite and the prices are great!
3 out of 5
Good cigar but...
I had ordered these a few years back and remember them being better. This cigar has good flavor but does not draw as well as I expect. For me, I like a slightly tight draw that yields thick billows of tasty smoke. The 5 Vegas Series A draw is weak and is more air than smoke.
4 out of 5
A great smoke at a helluva price
4 out of 5
WOW! Smoke Bomb with FLAVOR!
Very impressed with this cigar. Nice flavors and nice burn(not perfect but good for a Maduro), nice mild to medium cigar and it gives off lots of thick smoke. Got a 15 pack (3-5 pack deal) in about 4 days ago and put them in my humidor. I know I should have left them in there for at least a couple weeks but I couldn't wait to try these out. This is the first time I have tried 5 Vegas and I'm glad I did.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Simply the best in taste and consistency.
5 out of 5
Great Smoke, If you try one it won't be your last!!!
Got these in the sampler with the humidor, amazing smoke from start to finish! smoked two and just ordered a box! this is an amazing cigar for the bucks! 5 vegas series A will be in my box from now on and a go to cigar!!! if you haven't tried this one yet do your self a favor and get some, you won't be dissappointed!!!
3 out of 5
Not sure how this stick gets any where near full reviews. I'd call it mild personally. Construction and burn were good, tons of smoke, not very much flavor though. The last quarter it picked up a bit, I'm fairly unimpressed. Too many other great smokes out there, would not buy again
5 out of 5
A Smooth Medium to Full cigar.
Came in the Humidor + cigar sampler, and grabbed me with it's solid yet smooth flavor. I've bought more since.
5 out of 5
5 Vegas A
If you enjoy a medium to full flavored cigar that not only has a consistent and even burn but with a flavor that gets better as you smoke it then this cigar is for you. I've had name brand cigars that cost 2-300% more and honestly they are not better, some are on par but DEFINETLY not worth the additional cost. Don't let the dark wrapper fool you either, it's not spicy or an over whelming smoke. It's full flavored without being over the top. DEFINETLY one of my favorites and as it is in mine should be a staple in anyones humidor who enjoys a good cigar.
3 out of 5
Decent Box-Press
Included in a 10-pack sampler, the 5 Vegas A (Apotheosis) is a step above many bundled cigars. Dark, rich wrapper envelopes a pleasant chocolate-cedar combination. Consistent mild, simple flavor, but flat finish. Good burn for a boxed stick. Responds better to a punch than a guillotine. (Cap shoulders unravel if overcut.)
4 out of 5
2 out of 5
2 of the five excellent but wrappers on 3 came in wrapped. The 2 were smooth
4 out of 5
Good smoker. Nice strength
Good smooth firm cigar
5 out of 5
Awesome Stick
I smoke different cigars while golfing and fishing. The Vegas A is my favorite stick to sit on the front porch and relax with a drink.
4 out of 5
A consistently good cigar -
A consistently good cigar - very reliable.
5 out of 5
"A" +
I got this with a combo humidor + 10 cigars. It's been hangin' in the humidor for a few weeks and I thought I'd fire it up today and try it out. It was a very enjoyable smoke. Seemed to me to be more on the mild to medium side rather than medium to full. Burned nice and slow with a fairly even burn. Nothing special in the flavor department, just a nice smooth mild smoke. Ash held on forever. The only issue I had with the cigar was that the wrapper tore at the shoulder when I cut the cigar. The binder held up and kept it sealed so it smoked fine. Once I got down to the band and removed it though, I started having some major trouble with the wrapper. Had to put it down early in the last third. Overall, a great smoke though. I would definitely buy more of these. I'll be using a piercer or a punch cutter on the next one though, just to avoid the wrapper issue.
5 out of 5
This one is different!
Like a lot of first tastes, I got a couple of A's in a sampler. To me, most cigars I try are forgettable, which is what I do: enjoy, forget about them, and move on to the next one. Not this one. Hey - this is different - really good! I like the sweet taste, and distinct flavors, but its not too overpowering. I don't find them harsh at all. Love the finish - sweet without a bad aftertaste. I've re-ordered twice now in different sizes. Love these.
5 out of 5
One of my go to cigars
5 Vegas cigars never disappoint me, they have a good flavor and burn evenly a very good value priced cigar.
4 out of 5
Not bad.
Very nice flavors here. Some espresso, rich tobacco, chocolate. Fairly even burn but, would not stay lit in the last third. I would buy it again. The quality of craftsmanship isn't super consistent from stick to stick but not terrible.
5 out of 5
Loved it
Loved this cigar. Was very much impressed. Would buy again and recommend!
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
great cigar for price
great cigar for price
4 out of 5
good smoke
great cigar. nice flavors of cocoa and coffee. would give 5 stars but took wayyy to long to ship. CI said it would be from 2-6 days and it was almost 2 weeks before i got it... cigars came in good condition though just way to lengthy of a shippment time.
5 out of 5
Box press yummy
I really enjoyed these stix will be buying more in the future
5 out of 5
5 Vegas Series A
Allow me to cut through the crap...this is a marvelous cigar! This is NOT the cigar to light up when you're working in the yard, mucking out stalls, or working in the back pasture. Smoke something else. But when you have time to enjoy a fantastic smoke...when you're going to chill on the back deck or by the pool with a glass of good scotch or bourbon...that's the time to light up your 5 Vegas Series A. Yeah baby. It's that good.
4 out of 5
4 vegas A artisan
Great smokes but the wrapper was kind of too dried. great quality though!
4 out of 5
Nice Anytime Cigar
Nice rich cigar. Good comstruction, good smoke, little bit of a good musty draw. Will buy again. Good value.
5 out of 5
Vegas 5 Anomaly
The petite size is perfect if ur short on tine. Surprised me, very flavorful, good draw and very smooth.
5 out of 5
I was impressed
Proceeding on the basis of I'll-try-a-few-and-see, I purchased the Anomaly five-pack. I didn't expect to be impressed because, with most previous attempts to find something I liked, I have not been impressed. I have been disappointed. I was uniquely impressed; thus, I'm writing a review. Easy draw from a tight, well-made, quality cigar. Maduro wrapper was first rate. Beats out many far more-expensive cigars. Try it. See what you think.
5 out of 5
Buying a box
I actually recieved 2 of these in the fall pack sampler. WOW!!! Every cigar smoker should carry these cigars. Cool smoke with mellow sweet tones. Very enjoyable. And the puff is big but smooth!
5 out of 5
5 Vegas A series
Great smoke and tremendous service
5 out of 5
Amazing smoke
My husband loves the flavorful deep intensity of the cigar. Vegas 5 never drops their bar.
5 out of 5
I'm sold.
Still can't get over how good this cigar is. It's not big but it smokes a good 45 minutes and it's one of those you smoke until the nub is burning the sides of your fingers and you're setting your lips on fire. The only problem I have is that I don't want to try any of the other varieties of 5 Vegas Series A as they may not be as good. (That and the fact I bought these originally at a discounted rate and now am paying full price. Well worth it.)
5 out of 5
Good smoke.
Good, even smoke. Very nice cigar for the money.
5 out of 5
Great Service Excellent Cigar
This stick is dark, sweet aroma,easy draw and burn. Treat yourself and try this cigar. Robert from Gwynn Oak, md
5 out of 5
If you haven't tried one, Try one !
From start to finish, Great tasting and easy to smoke. I got this one in a Humidor Deal it has a great thick smoke but nice and smooth draw. This is the first time I try this brand and I have to admit, I want more! I like to bite down on a cigar and let the flavor of the mix adhere to the pallet, this held up nicely and I still have it's taste lingering in my mouth. The cedar sleeve was a great addition and it's more than enough to light multiple cigars with it. I would have liked a little more sweetness but I can't complain. Rich,Bold,Smooth Flavor. I will definitely be purchasing some more of these.
5 out of 5
Love at first puff!
My husband loved it! He wants more, more, more!
5 out of 5
All very tatsty
Good pull, smooth smoke is abundant burn's evenly.
5 out of 5
Buy or save for all me.
I love these. Dark chocolate taste with coffee and a little spice. I also pass out to friends and the first thing they say is..."Nice". They ask for more every time I see them
4 out of 5
Love the Apostle...These Animals, not so much.
The first time I smoked an 'A' Series Apostle (Churchill) I was hooked. So when CI put a 20 pack of the Animals on sale, I snatched them up thinking it would make for a great short smoke. Unfortunately, these do not taste like their larger siblings. As a matter of fact, they don't taste like anything until you burn through the first third. Then they start to hint that they may be an 'A' Series, but they never quite get there. I will be sticking with the larger sizes to get the full flavor. The reason I gave them 4 stars is because they are a quality cigar. Perfect wrapper, just the right amount of filler, simply well made. Just not what you expect when you order from the 'A' Series.
5 out of 5
The 5 Vegas Sevens set was my first cigar purchase. The Series A was included in that set and was my favorite in their line. I liked it so much I bought ten more, two- 5 packs. Each pack arrived as a sealed bundle. All look great and in good condition.
5 out of 5
5 Vegas Series A Apex (box-press toro)
This an excellent medium bodied cigar. The flavor is rich, smooth and consistent. Cool smoking with mild sweetness, and no real spiciness or peppery notes. This is the type of cigar I prefer, and I must say that I've enjoyed every example in the Series A line. Every cigar has had terrific flavor, are consistently well-constructed, and burns evenly. The rolling is tight enough for a nice long ash--if that's your thing--but is not too tight to prevent and even draw. Highly recommended.
4 out of 5
Go on try it....
Great of my everyday favorites. Spicy and fuller bodied. My favorite driving cigar. It has decent construction requiring a touch up now and then. I have tried a few different sizes and they are all worth a shot if you are a maduro fan.
5 out of 5
A delicious, as usual, cigar.
My archetype was as I remembered them from days past. I got all I was expecting, with just the right amount of peppery spices in the snoot. A totally enjoyable cigar. Not too strong. Not too light. Good burn .. although I did get in a hurry and got a tad of a run, but when I slowed down, everything came out nice and even. A stout ash was almost nerve wracking watching it grow longer & longer. Highly recommend this cigar for the med-full lover.
5 out of 5
5 Vegas atomic
These are my favorite cigars,they are a short smoke maybe 45 minutes,but you get favors from beginning to the very end , try them and you will love them too,highly rated.
2 out of 5
Not for me!
Looking at all of the other comments I must have gotten a bad one. The cigar immediately broke up when I opened up the back end, it did not burn evenly, aroma was very strong, but was smooth. Probably will not try 5 Vegas again...
5 out of 5
Awesome Cigars
Love these cigars. Will buy again.
4 out of 5
Sampler pack..1 of 5
These were perfect, straight and even burn..Not one problem...Liked them in thes morning with a cup of coffee..
5 out of 5
Must have
great cigar.... Love it!!!!!!!
4 out of 5
always good
Great consistency, a smooth draw, and wonderful flavor make this one of my favorite afternoon break cigars
5 out of 5
Awesome Stick!
Wonderful smoke. Very consistent and a very even burn and taste throughout!
5 out of 5
great cigars
3 out of 5
5 Vegas series
Ok smoke when you don't have anything else or just want an in between smoke.
3 out of 5
The box is awesome, so black and shiny, cedar aroma abounds through the nostrils; I will cherish this box forever...
5 out of 5
The best cigar for the
The best cigar for the money in your catalog! My fave.
5 out of 5
5 Vegas
One of the better deals around for the money. There is no reason to pay more for cigars that only have better name recognition.
5 out of 5
5 Vegas Series A Apocalypse
The above is a little out of my price-range, so I have tried many other cigars while waiting for a sale on Apocalypse. Flavor, taste, firmness and overall quality make this cigar the best I have smoked, at any price. Dave
5 out of 5
Very smooth draw
This is a great tasting smoke, very mild with no aftertaste to speak of. Very even burn and needed no relights, I will be buying more of these. Did have some problems with the cap used a punch but was able to keep it from coming apart.
4 out of 5
Great medium flavored Maduro
One of my favorite maduros with a goldilocks flavor, not to strong and not to mild, the only reason why it did not get a fifth star is the cap. Please put better caps on these babies...they deserve it.
5 out of 5
Delicious Dark Beauty
OH MAN, THESE 5 VEGAS "SERIES A" ARE GREAT!! These have become my second favorite cigar, first being Hoyo Excalibur. Thanks CI!!
4 out of 5
Enjoying my late night smoke.
Fantastic smoke. The 5 Vegas A Goes great with and IPA or stout. Nice earthy sweetness that lingers. I tried them on special and spit the ten pack with a friend.
4 out of 5
Love the cigars
I have always loved the flavor and burn of the Series 'A'. However, in this pack 2 of the 5 cigars were dry when I received them. I put them in my humidor for about 2 weeks hoping the wrapper would improve, but it did not. They are tougher to enjoy when the wrapper is peeling.
Customer Testimonials
Amazing cigar hands down!
By far this has to be one of the best cigars I've smoked; smooth and consistent from start to finish. Great cigar, you can't lose. Lou from chill town J.C.
I love the 5 Vegas maduros; all of them. Great sweet aged tobacco flavors.
Saved this cigar for a time I could sit down to smoke this beast and appreciate all of it. I was surprised at all the smoke coming from a big cigar. Taste, feel, and burn (a solid 2+ hours, one touchup) were spot on, no issues at all. I really enjoyed this cigar.
This is my 3rd cigar so far. I had previously tried the 5 Vegas Gold (which I loved) and was moving down the line trying each that my combo pack came with. I thought because the wrapper was much darker it would be a lot heavier in flavor. A lot more bite. Boy was I ever wrong, this was smooth from start to finish with a great flavor. Since I got 10 in the pack, I also gave one to my cousin. We lit up and could swear we tasted a dark roast black coffee. Though it was smooth and tasty without any bitterness. As we got to the midway point it picked up the Cedar taste from the wrappers, though to me it tasted a little bit closer to Oak. The two flavors combined together and stayed true till I had a nub between my fingers. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to give them a try. They are worth it.
I bought a bundle of 10 of the "Atomic" Gordo Robusto (4.5'' x 54) from CI's MMAO as part of my "to myself Christmas gift" this past Christmas. Delivery was about 4-5 days (not bad) and they arrived tightly wrapped and well packaged with no damage. This was my first time trying anything from the 5 Vegas line so when they arrived I dove right in. I don't generally put too much emphasis on a "right out of the mail" cigar as many variables are at play when a gar has been out of the humi and in the mail for almost a week, but I am as eager as kid with a new toy to try it out (as kind of a "control" test). At first glance, this is a very sexy looking cigar. Cedar wrapped, minimal veins, tight seams, tight pack, and a well placed double cap. The stick didn't feel or look flimsy at all, but rather robust and well made. It smelled of earth, cedar, sweet hay, and barnyard. It cut, toasted, and lit perfectly with plumes of thick white smoke. The draw was absolutely flawless. The flavors suprised me! I was not expecting a fresh out of the mail stick to be so vibrant. Right off the bat, a creamy cocoa flavor mingled with a sweet, earthy hay and toasted nuts hit me. It finished on the medium side (not too long, but not too short) with a nice aged, woody flavor that left a plesent oily feel on the lips. The smoke off the foot had a very nice aroma and was enough to put a hive of bees at ease. It transitioned about halfway through and lost most of the creamy cocoa but amped up the toasted nuts and added a nice leathery flavor. The finger burning nub came at about 1 hour 15 min. in. I truly hated to see the end, but loved the journey it took me on. I tried another about two months later, after resting them in my humidor, and believe me when I say that the flavors only got better. These babies burn razor sharp, slow, and need no attention what-so-ever. The only drawback that I found is that I have a hard time letting them rest between puffs. Other cigars I enjoy: Gran Habano, PDR, Oliva.
Thru the years I have smoked many cigars, some very memorable and others not. This cigar is by far the best way to get your "Happy-Face" going. Always wonderful from beginning to end, never disappointing. Great job!!!
I'm a huge 5 Vegas fan, and when I saw the Series A Anomalies on Make Me An Offer I couldn't resist. All I can say is wow, this is one of the best cigars in the 5 Vegas line and one of the best I've smoked yet.
I have to agree with the person before me, great with scotch. After a sip of scotch and draw on the stick in about a minute I get strong cocoa on the back of my palette and down my throat, what an experience. Maybe my next one will be with a peaty malt or a strong stout.
Very mild for a maduro, but definitely flavorful!! Not a super explosive or complex smoke, but definitely noticeable!! For the price, it is a very good deal for such a delicious cigar!
AMAZING. DELICIOUS CIGAR THAT IS EYE-OPENING... I will admit, the only reason I tried this cigar and the only reason I WOULD HAVE tried this cigar was due to the fact I bought a sampler it came in. I do not care for powerful or spicy/fuller-bodied cigars and rarely a Maduro. This oily , dark-black wrapper is the type of cigar I MIGHT smoke once a year after a big meal on a special occassion, only when it was an option I had to take. BUT MAN O MAN, Was I wrong about this - Delicious! Chewy, rich, meaty cigar with flavors that just need to be chewed on to believed...and so rich but smooth - no overpowering body, no cigar-ruining spice or funk, no hint of bitterness or anything negative at all - I was amazed at this. Really, truly, it was delicious. I couldn't believe how much I loved this cigar, it was eye-opening. I ordered another sampler and I regretted my actions - I should have just bought a box of these, they were outstanding. I only hope they go down in price so I can buy them up like anything, brosephs and barristers. Delicious.
So I just got done one of these bad boys that I got from a CI Sampler. I not only moved to Florida recently, but have taken up cigars again after many many years of abstinence. A neighbor recommended I try a sampler he bought from CI and I couldn't resist the very attractive offer. This 5 Vegas is amazing! Imagine my surprise at a beautiful AND deliciously dark and chewy maduro, box-pressed big boy that just billowed beautiful, delicious smoke. You could almost chew on this cigar, but it's too beautiful to! And at the prices they want for these, it's nearly unfair. I got screwed big time on a box and a bundle I bought 3 weeks back from another site. The $60 box brand won't stay lit or burn properly, and the $30 bundle is too disgusting to smoke. These, oh why didn't I just buy these?! Delicious.
FORGETABOUTIT!!!!!! This week's end of April 2014 special, 20 x 5 Vegas 'Series A' President Size (8.5x52) for ONLY 45$ + 5$ shipping. 50 bucks, has never been spent so well in my life! I don't know why I"m telling you all this!, I'll try to buy another 20 before they go out of stock! So until then, FORGETABOUTIT!!!!!
If you are looking for the perfect medium-full flavored cigar, look no further! Smooth, creamy, a bit of glory with every puff. Thanks CI for the awesome prices!
Much like the great majority of the 140+ accounts before this one, Iam here to Hail Caesar, not to bury him. I am slowly working my way through every size that 5 Vegas Series A has to offer. My latest glowing report is about the delicious Gordo Robusto, Apotheosis. @ 5.5" X 55, it is the perfect size for an hour+ of enjoyment. The double "Double Nickle" configuration that is very popular lately. The box pressed presentation is ideal @ this size & Apotheosis sits gloriously on the lips. I started one year ago with a box of Anomaly Coronas & instantly fell in love. Ready to go right "off the truck". Since they are post roll aged, they perform stupendously. Next, was 10 Atomic Gordo Rothschilds, which I snagged for 2 bones per stick. I paid 3 clams for a "tenner" of Triple A's, because I had to try them. They are similar, while at the same time, quite different from the A's, which is difficult for me to explain. Love them too. I have had a few Alphas, 4 or 5 Artisans, several Archetypes & a handful of Apostles. I just received my latest 5 Vegas Series A offering today, a Mazo of 10 of the Apotheosis for $25.00. I am currently smoking & thoroughly enjoying one as I type. I also have 2 Bundles of the Animal Gordo Perfectos en route from Tampa, again for a mere 2 dollars apiece. That's the thing with this blend in particular & 5 Vegas products in general. You often find it on sale. It is used extensively in samplers & sometimes has a "Freebie" attached. I don't feel like I am overstating my position when I say, "All things considered, like cost, quality, taste, consistency, construction, availability, brand name recognition & one of the most groovy bands in the biz, Series A is @ least as good as almost any Maduro & way better than most. That is my position & I am am sticking to it. Rating is a solid 92/100.
Got to buy these if you like full flavor with lots of smoke. Best 5 Vegas I've ever had and I would say out performs many higher priced cigars. I found these on one of the CI deals once but would gladly pay full price for these.
This cigar has become my go-to cigar. Words cannot describe the value of the 'A' series. I've gone through several boxes of these and none of them have disappointed yet. It's always been a consistent draw, and I've never needed to correct any of them. The flavor goes well with pretty much any drink I can throw at it (any kind of whiskey, coffee, stouts, lagers, even Coke). While I find that most cigars don't get warmed up until the second third, this one gets started much sooner and stays good much longer, it's a real finger burner. What attracted me most to this cigar is that it leaves an excellent taste that begs you to light up another after you're done. I decided to try it on a whim since my father had a few extras, and haven't looked back since. I daresay the flavor and quality alone stands up to most high-end cigars, and the price can't be beat. I cannot sing enough praises about this cigar, buy a box and you won't regret it!
Got onto these on a special! 39.94 for 4 5 packs, box pressed beautiufully constructed smokes.Great full draw and full flavor...highly enjoyable!
Can't say enough good about these guys. Great med-full Maduro, best 5 Vegas to date!!
One of my favorites. Great for a late night smoke. Goes well with scotch.
Damn good smoke. This is a smoke you need to keep on hand at all times. It's that good.
Not too bad. About what you would expect for a fairly cheap smoke. Burns a little unevenly, but usually catches itself up. Never went out until around mid band level. Some dark chocolate and sweet tobacco in there from what I can tell, but I'm no expert. Around mid band level it started getting nasty so I put it out. Bought a 5 pk sampler in churchill size. If I buy again it will be in a shorter version. It's a nice smoke; just don't expect anything out of this world with this one.
I'm smoking the 5 Vegas Series A Archtype right now that I got in the Legal Limit 18-Cigar Sampler and this is a great cigar so far. The aroma and taste is really good. A medium-full bodied smoke with nice, even burn and plumes of smoke with each puff. Goes well with a nice cup of coffee like I'm having at the moment. Definitely a must try if you haven't had one yet. If you like medium-full bodied cigars go for it and order a couple, you won't be disappointed!
Step in folks, I am going on a ramble. I've enjoyed the 5 Vegas smokes I've had in the past. They're never going to be a mind-bending excursion into new realms of cigar flavour, but they are never going to lead you astray. They're priced right, available, reliable, and tasty, which pretty much meets my criteria for a daily smoker. I smoke almost exclusively coronas, and I snagged a mazo of Series A 'Anomalies' during a Daily Deal. I am seriously bumming out that I didn't get four or five. I pop the box and pull out four fivers, and we are talking SERIOUSLY yellowed cello. I am thinking, "Hey, already aged...sweet!" and toss them in the humi to rest.... Skip ahead a week....I break open a fiver and snag one, give it a little squish and a smell...smooth, cedary, oily, dark tobacco dominates. I shake her out of the cello and give her a look. Mildly veiny wrapper, but solid, sturdy construction, pretty much what I have come from 5 Vegas as far as quality. Again, not amazing, but consistent and reliable. Then I look closer...and closer. "What is this?" I think as I pull out my pocketknife and pop the tape on the cedar wrap. Lo, what a beautiful sight it was...underneath those layers of yellowed cellophane and Spanish cedar lie a sight almost too beautiful for words: plume. I rubbed my eyes and looked closer. No doubt about it...that black, oily tobacco laid itself down a nice crystalline pillow to sleep in. See what I am saying about being bummed that I didn't buy five!? The cigar was about what I expected...a nice medium, medium-full stick, in this case with the added bonus of a nice aging. I would buy more of these aged sticks in a heartbeat, and I've already snagged a box so I can gift and smoke these aged sticks while I await another wave in the cooler-dor. Thanks, CI! If I worked there, I might not have been so quick to let these out the door!
I have only tried the 4.5" X 54 spark plug of a gordo rothschild, but I would bet all the sizes in the line are top notch. I grabbed 10 for a discount & have 1 left that I eyeball daily, but haven't smoked because it's my last 1 & I can't run out! Seriously, this is one damn fine maduro 'gar by any standard. Loaded with flavor & flawlessly presented for your enjoyment, for a bargain basement price. 5 Vegas rocks & the str8 jacket gang @ CI continue to give great discounts, so life is sweet & not a day goes by that I don't spark up @ least 1 of their fine offerings...
These are the only 5 Vegas that not care for. I typically prefer maduros and looks-wise, these are great, but I keep finding this cigar too harsh for my taste, even after over a year of aging in my humi. I think I've figured it out, though. I just don't like Costa Rican wrappers. If you know that's not an issue for yourself, go for it.
First time buyer, and just trying my hand on a large selection. First cigar smoked outside of your general store brands was the Anomaly.... fantastic, instantly made me happy with my purchase from the very start to finish. I didn't want to stop.... I felt the need to light up another. Best hour and a half I can remember in a long time. Very highly recommended for a nice long and smooth burn.
I was fortunate enough to have one of these thrown in with the Cigar of The Month Club. The Series A Animal is a beast! Loved it from start to finish. When I make some room in the humidor, a box of Series A will be on my list.
Archetype (toro) (6.0"x50) Series A is a beautifully made cigar. Draw is perfect...Nice even burn...Beautiful oily wrapper. Starts out mild and builds with taste right to the end. You won't want to put this A+++ cigar down until you burn your fingers.
I smoke the Atomic gordo robusto & it has quickly become my go to maduro. The look, the taste, everything about this lip smacking vitola screams quality! Wow! How does 5 Vegas & the loony toons who run CI manage to get such a super premium maduro into my humidor at such a discount price. Every order I put in will include a 10 pack of these chocolaty, palate pleasing beauties. I doubt there is a better maduro available at twice the price. Keep up the good work!
Without a doubt, the best maduro cigar I have ever smoked! The chunky robusto delivers billows of palette pleasing smoke & a medium bodied flavor that can only be described as heavenly. Expresso notes mingle with mellow spice, from the 1st puff until the last. Affordable cigars of this quality is why 5 Vegas is a top seller!
I was prepared not to like these based on my less than favorable experience with a "Gold" I had smoked. Mine arrived in a 60 ring sampler pack and surprised the hell out of me. Great flavor in a nice smooth smoke. They don't have a lot of spice (try the AAA for that) which is great for me. I heartily recommend the 5 Vegas A!
In spite of all the positive reviews about the 5 Vegas Series A, I had to leave yet another. This is my go to smoke. I like the Gold on weekends with my morning cup of joe, but the "A" is my daily after work smoke. It is without a doubt the best value in a maduro out there. Med-full by todays standards, it is chock full of rich, earthy flavors, a tad bit of spice to keep it interesting, and an occasional touch of chocolate or mocha. Not terribly complex just great flavor the whole way through. I have smoked more of these over the last 5 years or so than all other brands combined. The Artisan, Alpha, & Apotheosis are my favorite sizes but all are great really, size is more a personal preference. I like the lack of sweetness from the Costa Rican wrapper that you get from most maduros, and I'd still love them at literally twice the price. Quite simply a great cigar, and without a doubt the finest bargain in cigars you'll ever find! If you haven't tried one yet, do yourself a favor and pick up a 5 pack or sampler. Then see how fast you order a box. You just can't go wrong with these!
I got this in a sample pack earlier this week. My first taste of any 5 Vegas. I felt like treating it like a fudgcicle on a hot summer day. Start to finish it was great.
I just smoked the Animal S.E., and what a great smoke! All the Series 'A's are primed and ready to smoke, no aging needed.
What can I say? Great cigar, I love it. The 5 vegas line is one of my favorites, tied with gurkha and AJ fernandez
The 5 Vegas Friggin A is a MONSTER. I was wary, but bought a 15 pack of these 8.5" bad boys. What can I say? How about 3 hours of the best smoking I've ever had! Let it sit in your humi a week and you'll order more again and again - I love them!
I found this brand by accident and boy what a surprise! While I like most of the 5 Vegas line the Series A is my favorite. I love a big ring gauge and the Apocolypse really satisfies my need for Big! I still prefer my CAO Brazilia but this is damn close in my opinion to being a clone.
My new favorite cigar! I received this cigar as part of a sampler pack and after 10 minutes of smoking, I logged on to my CI account and ordered a box. The worst part is that I have to now wait for delivery.
Just finished one of these and absolutely loved it! I'm a big fan of the Triple A and figured I'd give this one a try. I was not disappointed. Everything from 5 Vegas so far has been great. Excellent construction with a perfect draw. Lot of smooth flavor and medium-full body. I would highly recommend these to anyone who loves a lot of flavor in their cigars.
Great maduro flavor, although not complex, just great taste all the way through. I had the archetype, and i smoked it faster than most robustos it was so tasty. Will buy again
I'm pretty new to being exclusively in the cigar culture (smoked cigarettes for many years), but I have herfed a lot of stogies in my years on this earth. I recieved a Torpedo 5 Vegas 'A' in an in store sampler pack from CI, and, Oh....My god!!!! I LOVE THIS CIGAR!!!! It is my favorite so far, out of all that I have tried. Love the Fuente's I've tried, but this has a whole depth of flavor that I can't begin to put into words. I wanted to, and did, smoke this stogie until I was drawing ash!!!
After smoking a few of the Apocalypses, I've found them to be just OK cigars. The fat size of this cigar makes it much more on the mild-medium side. The flavors are pretty unique and definitely worth a try however if you prefer a more full-bodied smoke, go for the smaller gauge. I didn't find the kick that I wanted in the 58 gauge.
I'm actually smoking the 5-Vegas A series Artisan (5x52) as I write this review. The A series will always be a staple in my humidor just because it's such a delicious cigar. I like the bigger gauge cigars, so the next size I might try is the Apocalypse (6x58). Either way, they are great cigars!! They remind me of the CAO Brazilia, but less expensive, better draw, smoother, and not as over the top powerful (although the Brazilia is a great cigar too). The A series is full bodied and full flavored, not a wimpy cigar by any stretch, so eat something first. I highly recommend it though. It's alot of bang for the buck.
I purchased a five pack anomaly from mmao I swear they made a mistake in pricing, this cigar is so unbelievably tastey that I returned to mmao and bought 3 more five packs (awesome price) and now I've just purchased a box of anomaly's at a incredible CI price the only problem is the wait for 2 day delivery, and the decision to smoke the last 5 Vegas anomaly in my humidor, I'm a new and faithful 5 Vegas series A fan, just hope they don't figure out they could charge a helluva lot more shhhh! Pass it on, did I tell you it was Damn tastey? It is
First time I smoked this I thought. "This is weird." It had a distinct flavor and aroma so unlike any cigar I had ever tried. I thought I didn't really like it so I gave a bunch to friends at my "Holy Smokes" bible study. I had a few more so I decided to try again. "Hey, this thing IS really different than most others" I thought to myself, but this time I liked it. Had another later that day. Then another the day after that. I like a lot of different cigars and would never want the "A" exclusively, but this is the ONLY cigar that makes me reflexively and involuntarily smile when I hit it all the way to the nub! The 5 Vegas "AAA" is an AJ Fernandez creation with much more traditional maduro flavors. It also is very good, but it does not make me smile as much as the original "A"
Well, here ya go. This is one of the cheaper smokes I have and It is just as fine as a smoke three times as much. No sh-t, it is awsome. This is up there and I love it. This is the only smoke I have ever posted TWICE on.
this cigars so good im surprised its not illegal...............ive said too much, big brother might be watching
Picked up a 5 pack of the 'Anomaly'. I'm a newbie when its comes to cigars but have tried quite a bunch and must say this is money well spent! Not the best smoke I've had but not the worst either. Burned it down to the nub and enjoyed every last minute of it. Can't wait to try the other 5 Vegas' I got!
Been smoking on and off for 10 years, not heavily but enough to know what I enjoy. My favorite "go to" (not break the bank) smokes are Carlos Turano Exodus Gold 1959 and the CAO L'Anniversaire Maduro. I love a chocolatey smoke and I love a good box press, what can I say. Not sure why, I've ALWAYS had a reliable, cool burning, full flavor profile from every single stick of those two labels. Don't have as much time to sit and puff these days so I get petites, just ordered the Cinco Vegas 'A' petite package with the box press "freebie", hoping they live up to the hype and can take their place alongside my other full bodied favorites. Will report back once I've experienced them. -New CI Convert and Loving It
Received one of these in my 5 Vegas sampler pack, by far one of my favorite smokes yet, and it's very reasonably priced which is awesome! Still exploring the different types of smoke in the cigar world, but I see myself returning to this one. Give'er a try, I think you'll like!
Beer(Left Hand Milk Stout) + Vegas 5 A Archetype = amazing combo! IMHO... When you burn to the nub and want another you know it's good....
What a great cigar, full but smooth, even burn and great taste...these will have plenty of room in my humidor.
Nice medium-bodied smoke. Started smooth, built in the middle, finished stronger. I'll definitely buy more.
I think this is a pretty good smoke. The ones I have had so far were rolled very tight. They didn't respond well to the ole "draw poker." After saying this, they are certainly worth buying and trying.
100% legit full/mid smoke... Premium roll, taste, and aroma. These to me are some awesome "end of a hard work week" smoke.
I usually don't care for maduros. I was planning on giving the Series A from the 5 Vegas sampler I bought to friends. Then I tried one - this is a great cigar!!! I have yet to have a 5 Vegas I don't like, the Series A is no exception. Thank you to the CI god(s) for saving 5 Vegas from extinction.
I'm a maduro nut. I got this stick in a sampler pack. The first three sticks from the sampler were nothing to write home about and then I light the 5 Vega "A" and wow. Now that is what I'm looking for. It will surly find a home in humidor... Smooth and relaxing.
Received five of the 5 Vegas Series A "Archetypes" in your Maduro sampler and although I was very pleased with the entire package, the A series stood out as unquestionably the best cigar I've ever smoked. Draw, flavor, burn, package-- everything about these cigars provided me with a very enjoyable smoke. Will definitely order more of these. Thanks.
The 5-Vegas Series A Apothesis is a very nice cigar. If you like Rocky Patel 1990 Vintage and Nica Libre, you'll love the Series 5A box press. It has a superb burn, with lots of rich tobacco flavor and smooth from start to finish. It's a great medium-body smoke that's never overpowering, leaving you satisfied and quite impressed. Thanks CI for the great price on these. This is one of my personal favorites.
One of those cigars you never want to put down. Lots of smoke and dark chocolate flavor. Beautifully rolled and pressed for a flawless burn. My favorite 5 vegas.
I received the 5 Vegas Series 'A' Apex cigar in a CI sampler. I unwrapped one the other day and expected a good smoke. Wow, was I surprised by the amazing flavor! These cigars have an exceptional blend that provides a mouthful of delicious flavors. This cigar offers a nice even burn and holds its flavor down past the cigar band. Great job 5 Vegas. I'm buying a box from CI tonight!!
This is one of my favorite smokes all time. Since I had my first one my box has not been without one. It is a wonderful full bodied smoke with plenty of flavors. I have smoked several different sizes and all are wonderful. At this time my box has several 6x58 size smokes just waiting for my pleasure. This is a smoke I would recommend to anyone that enjoys full bodied smokes.
Cant judge a book by its cover, neither a cigar. This cigar fooled me. I expected a mediocre cigar,but this a true premium. Would be a great everyday cigar.
I need to eat my words . . . I previously stated that these were excellent cigars except for the draw. The First two I had were, very tight (perhaps I didn't let them rest long enough), however after 5 more, I am very pleased with these (5 Vegas Series A). I will probably be ordering them again.
Just got a sampler of "A"s. Tried the Apocalypse right away. It's easily one of my top five now. Hope the rest are as good.
Smooth flavorful and clean... With a profile so intricate you'd think you paid $20 a copy... this cigar is an absolute gem. Highly recomended to anyone who appreciates maduros... and if you prefer a candela or tan wrap this may just change your mind... i absolutely love these cigars in every size ive tried... i usually tend towards gurkhas, patels, indian tabacs or checker cohibas(red dots if im too lazy to find the good stuff) but these are quickly becoming my favorites cheap enough for a knock-around but good enough for any occasion every cigar smoker will appreciate these
Wow! This cigar is an appetizer, steak dinner, and ice cream sundae all rolled into one! Full flavored and silky smooth from first light down to the nub. At first I dismissed the hype, but now I'm riding shotgun on the 5 Vegas bandwagon...
i am still new to the cigar world, but i have already tryed many 12-15 dollar cigars. i must say that to this point, this is the best cigar i have smoked yet. the draw was great and boy talk about smooth. i did not want the stogie to end, and i had a churchill. go and grab one.
I usually write my fan mail to keep people from making the same mistakes that I have made with bad cigars. But with all the great reviews these cigars got (and all true) you won't need mine. Suffice it to say I love these and always would like to keep some in my humidor.
5 vegas has done it again with the "A' cigar! What a dream to smoke after a nice meal or with a good drink! Nothing but pure pleasure with this cigar from start to finish!
I got this cigar (5 Vegas 'A') in a sampler and couldn't wait to try it seeing as how I love extremly dark maduros. I love this cigar! What else is there to say except I'll be buying a few boxes in the future.
"A" homerun, "A" monster of a cigar, "A" pleasure to smoke, I could go on and on. The series A's by 5 Vegas have quickly become one of my favorites. I go through a box of these in days. The "mas gordo" toros are not to be missed. Great look, great construction, great pre-light aroma all lead to one "A"wesome smoking experience. Get your meat hooks around these "A"s.a.p!
This is a great tasting cigar from start to finish, but out of the box had problems the wrapper unraveling...That being said, I still love the flavor and will continue to smoke them.
Truly a great cigar. I found it to be of even more enjoyable and better built than the more expensive 5 Vegas Miami. I will never be without some in my humi.
Ci and fellow Aficionados this Blend has found a place in my humidor(5 Vegas Series 'A'). This wonderful Cigar out performs several big named national blends totally.This A Series blend has replaced several big named national blends ( it is that good ). This A series has found a place in my heart and pallet and my wife's as well. You would be literally out of your mind to bypass this cigar for what ever reason it is or would be to not get yourself a box.. There where several times i had this cigar in my cart and decided to remove it to place another blend of cigar in its place. After receiving several of these in a upgrade sampler i was thinking to myself that i should have jumped on these beauties when ihad them in my cart.. You just cannot go wrong with this blend folks. I personally guarantee it. You cannot go wrong with this beauty. What you waiting for. Once this cigar gets in the hands of the many who will try it and order it you will be hearing a lot more about it from many.. Awesome! Amazing smoke..
I ordered a (5 Vegas Series 'A') single a few months ago. Being an Acid Atom Maduro fan, I was skeptical so, it went into my humidor...until Monday March 2, 2009. After sliding off its cedar sleeve, I instantly smelled a rich leathery, chocolaty aroma that made my mouth water. Upon lighting it, an unexpected sweetness greeted me and from then on, I didn't put it down once. I sat content on my front porch in my Adirondack chair, keeping it between my finger and thumb, and smoked it right down to the nub. Today I ordered a box and cannot wait to get them!
wow. this is (5 Vegas Series 'A') now now the house standard !
I just received my (5 Vegas Series 'A') from CI and immediately fell in love. You can’t help but start drooling when you see the oily dark maduro wrapper. It is turly a beautiful cigar and the smoke is just as good as its looks. The medium to full flavored goodness has me coming back for more. I highly recommend this cigar to new comers and seasoned veterans.
(5 Vegas Series "A"). New to the cigar world (6 months) but these are top shelf for the money. Have tried some higher priced sticks but find myself going back to these. Joe has them on "Daily Deal" till midnight. Where is my credit card??? Sorry honey!!!
The (5 Vegas A) is a spectacularly good cigar. They are always very well made. The wrappers are so dark and so oily that I find myself staring at the cigar as I smoke it. I have smoked every size and while I find all to be really tasty, I do have a favorite. The 5 Vegas A Apocolypse is a big huge beefy 6 x 58 Toro Grande'. Like all the other sizes, this one is firm and uniform. They always draw well and burn perfectly. The Apocolypse starts out with a nice medium bodied mix of spice and chocolate notes. As I smoke it, the flavors build and build. I find that it never gets hot or harsh. SMOOTH and deelish is what I think. These cigars are about as consistent as they get in all sizes. Wonderful cigars at nice prices. CI, you rock! Cheers :>)
Really good cigar (5 Vegas Series 'A') for what they are. What I mean by that is they are a strong, semi-full flavored smoke. Not everyone likes that but if you do this is a reasonably priced cigar with a (my opinion) great flavor. It burns a little hotter than say a Cohiba Black but it is a heck of a lot cheaper. The flavor changes as you work your way through it, the pre-light aroma is wonderful to say the least. Good ash, even burn, doesn't get too hot unless you are really aggressive and try to smoke it too quick. I like the larger ring sizes but that is just me. Try'em it's worth it.
I recently ordered a (5 Vegas sampler pack) from the CI Weekly Deal. The Series 'A' is an excellent cigar as well as the entire 5 Vegas Line. If your a Maduro fan you won't be dissapointed with the Series 'A'. As usual the CI Service was first class.
Any cigar with this many comments( 5 Vegas Series 'A'), well, what else needs be said? And yet, how can one not say at least something? Yum!!! They're just delightful. These and the Nestor torpedoes are my favorite maduros, and I'd have to give the Vegas the nod in a race, as it is nearly perfect for my taste. Outstanding job! ...and of course, thanks again to CI for making them available at prices a carpenter can afford.
First off... the service was fantastic. They were delivered in no time at all. I got the 5 Vegas 'A' Apocolypse... what a fantastic smoke and an even better price. My new "go-to" cigar whenever I have cigar people at the house. My humi will always have these.
Just got my order from CI today (5 Vegas Series 'A'), fast service. I tried my first of the series A 5x55s from a doubble nickle sampler pack, and man was it good pre-lite aroma is out of this world with hints of coco and coffe on the palate. burn and draw were perfect with no problems i'm now going to place an order for the limited series 06 or 07 the reviews seem very good. Happy smokin.
The 5 Vegas Apocalypse is simply a great cigar. This massive stick gets you great flavors, strength and aroma. The cigar feels great in your hand and it's well constructed. Maduro lovers need to jump all over this one as it's a great value as well. I would pay a hundred bucks a box for these all day long, but of course CI won't make you do that.
I ordered the 5 Vegas Series A megasampler a while back, and have enjoyed every shape and size: from the dizzying churchill to the "man that wasn't enough" robusto. I find this cigar a perfect companion for stout (for those of you who try to match cigars & drinks). Don't hesitate if you see 'em on special--buy buy buy!
5 Vegas A's by far are a great cigar. I'm not a Connoisseur or anything, but after trying several name-brand cigars, it's easy to settle on a constant go-to cigar. The look of these things are amazing, dark-chocolatey goodness. Every cigar is consistent; every burn is even and never gets hot until the you cannot hold it anymore. The spiciness is very subtle and it has a nice toasty and chocolate flavor. For the price, you should stock up on these. I've tried the Archetype and the Anomoly. Get both that way you can enjoy it, rather you're in a hurry or have the time to sit back and relax. BEAUTIFUL!!!
Think...CAO Italia, but milder. I have tried many different maduros in the last few years and have found none that offer as much for the price as the 5 Vegas Series 'A'. This cigar is definitely going to be a staple in my humidor.
The 5 Vega's "A" is AWESOME! The very best cigar that I have ever tasted. I am so glad that the "A" came with the introductory set, as it is teh best cigar that I have ever tasted. Awesome value!
Cinco Vegas Series 'A' Apostle (Churchill) - Just spent another gorgeous Western Pacific sunset with some shipmates on our favorite smoking sponson. I received a huge CI order three days ago and have been dying to try one of these babies (I got the Series 'A' sampler), but wanted them to "rest" in the humi. After all, they just survived a trip 2/3 the way around the globe and had to recover from jet lag. Kudos and thanks to CI for another perfect pack and shipping job! How you get my orders out here so quick and in pristine condition; I’ll never know. ;-) Anyway, the anticipation has been killing me. I have read every one of the 70+ reviews over and over again. I could wait no longer, but thought 70+ reviews? Almost every review positive? $3 +/- per stick? Can't be! Well, this smoke taught this noob a lesson. Smoking is believing. These cigars are exquisite. I could throw another 100 adjectives out there, but never due this series justice. Oily, dark, and full of chocolaty/coffee goodness. Listen… STOP READING MY REVIEW AND ORDER A BOX, OR TWO, OR THREE… You will not regret it! I want to go smoke another! Bless America and Cigars International!
I've been caught making the assertion, "I hate full-bodied cigars." Well it took 5 Vegas to make me put my foot in my mouth. Tucked away in my humidor behind all those mild connecticut wrapper cigars sits this gem (5 Vegas Series A). From its toothy, oily wrapper to its rich, delicious burn this cigar has made me do a real 180 on cigars classified with the somewhat intimidating label of full-bodied. Along with a price that can't be beat, having your world turned upside down never felt so darn good!
I thought I was a "mild cigar" guy until I had the 5 Vegas Series 'A' Anomaly. These cigars provide a sweet, tasty punch to your mouth with every smoke. By far my favorite cigar!
I am a mild cigar fan, yet these 5 Vegas, A's are outstanding. Even though this baby has some power, every flavor I taste is just freeking yummy. my mouth is watering thinking about them... truley the only med/full type cigar I have ever enjoyed... Ill be back for more of these ;)
All I can say is these couldn't be any better!)5 Vegas Series 'A') I love the look ,feel ,constuction and most of all the taste. Buy at least a sampler and give them a try. You won't be sorry.If by any chance you are,just send them to me!
Buy 'em now. You'll be ordering more in a month when you run out.(5 Vegas Series 'A') Trust me, cigars that are rolled and constructed as well as these should cost three times more than this. I hope the bosses at CI don't read these reviews. Hell, they probably can't read anyway!
I've been into cigars for 7 years,and this is the best deal I've yet encountered (5 Vegas Serie 'A') . After trying numerous med.-full blends,this is my favorite, regardless of price.Now how 'bought another 20 Apex for $24.95 deals!!!!!!
I had a 7 year leave of cigars b/c of a girlfriend. But 6 months ago, she's gone and the cigars are back. Well being gone for so long all the lines were different now. But I always loved maduro's! And my first stop at the cigar store I was looking around, and came across the MX2. And man was that a treat! But I later found out after trying many cigars, there wasn't anything that was close to this. Untill I found the 5 Vegas Series A's. And man are these things great!!! med-full, chocolatey, smooth, slow burning, with a bit of earthy notes and cedar. But this cigar is affordable. Less than half the price of the Mx2. I will definetely be keeping a full stash of these babies in the humidor!!! I am going to say for the money, this is the best cigar on the market period!!!!!!!!
I have been wanting to try this particular cigar (5 Vegas Serie 'A') for awhile now and finally I broke down and got in on the 10pk.-bdl. deal for $24.99 + free shipping on my entire order, (to go along with my usual box of Partagas London Clubs). I just received my order yesterday and couldn't wait to tear in to one of those bad boys! I let 'em rest for a bit and I could take it no longer, out comes the cutter and torch and MY OH MY!!! What was I procrastinating about??? The deal was for the Apocalypse and I'm not normally partial to that big of a ring size but these babies are top of the heap in any size!! An absolute pleasure, and I read some of the previous reviews before writing mine and I second every one of those emotions!! Nice and gentle from the start with that rich undertone that sets you up for what's coming. In the second third it got really good... toasty and chewy with a very rich coffee flavor and just a touch of spice. And it finishes bold and rich and meaty, and the only thing I thought when I finally put the nub down ... was more!! But why are you reading this?? Get in there and try it yourself and you'll quickly understand that every word written here falls short of doing the experience justice. Addicting?? Easily!!! "I'll be back!!"
Believe the hype. The best bang for the buck, bar none (5 Vegas Serie 'A'). Awesome smoke. Be warned, my buddy has turned into a series a junkie. He wont smoke anything else. Best deal anywhere, thanks ci.
I have smoked more than ten of the Vegas "A" series (6x52) they are quite remarkable. Solid clean draw with consistent full body taste, worth every penny. A must smoke.
I just received my order of " "5 Vegas A Series" . A new size (apex) and a new take on this outrageously flavorful cigar. Of all the latest brands to hit the market, this is by far my favorite. Starting with the anomaly, this powerhouse cigar mellows as the ring increases. Just wonderful blending wrapped in a sweet maduro, that flavor wise... never gives up. It does not get much better. The "A" series is by far the best of the "Vegas". I'll rate it a 91, easily. Enjoy this outstanding effort in the cigar world.
I just recieved these beauties (5 Vegas Serie 'A') from half way around the world and they were well worth it! Plain and simple, the best cigar I have smoked in years and so worth the price. I can't help but to smoke one after another!
This is one of best cigars (5 Vegas Serie 'A') I have ever had at any price. How can you sell them this cheap??
I wrote you a couple of weeks ago explaining how much i love the "5 Vegas A Series", I now am on my 3rd box of what has become my everyday stick. The Anomaly size is a spicy power mellows a bit in the robusto size. Great cigar...good choices in ring size...As long as they make this smoke I'll smoke them. "WHAT A CIGAR... WOW!".
After reading the CI guys' reviews of this smoke (5 Vegas Series 'A') I bought a box of Artisans, and was offered 20 Toros at check-out for a decent price. The Artisans are really nice, but the Toros are simply great. Damn nice smoke. Flavorful, not too strong, and fairly complex. At about the one-third point, the flavor is fantastic, unbelievable, and keeps getting better; wave after wave of "taste evolution" throughout the cigar, the Toro is 20-25 minutes of time extremely well-spent.I burnt ny damn fingers, not wanting to put it down at the end. One of the best smokes I have had. This is in the rotation permanently from now on. Nice, nice cigar. SIncere thanks go to Gonz, Steve-o, Brando, and Keith for the excellent, accurate reviews of this cigar. I will try the Anomaly (Steve-o's recommendation) next time. Thanks to CI for the agressive pricing - can't be beat.
I just received my first 5 Vegas 'A' in a sampler pack from CI and thought I would try it out. I had been searching and sampling for a new Maduro to restock my humidor. I found it with the 'A'. Great smoke, smooth, good burn, no relights.
I originally gave one of these cigars to a friend of mine who was interested in picking up cigar smoking. I had never tried one before, but I figured that since it wasn't too expensive it wouldn't be all that spectacular and that I wouldn't mind parting with it. After my friend tried all the cigars I gave him (some of which were pretty expensive), he told me that out of all of them the Series 'A' was his favorite. I finally tried one myself, and instantly regretted giving my first one away. Flavorful and full enough for an experienced smoker yet sweet and smooth enough for a novice, I'd recommend this for anyone who at all enjoys cigars.
Smoked my first "5 Vegas Series A" and it's one of the best sticks i ever smoked. Medium bodied, smoked like a smoke stack full of flavors, unbelievably smooth..not too complex... ...tasted like coffee with hints of chocolate. A definite winner in the cigar world. Enjoy this is good... this makes it better.
I'm new to the brand, thought I'd try a 20 pack of anomaly sized cigars and would buy a bigger size later (5 Vegas Serie 'A'). I discovered that the item description on this site is VERY accurate, me and a friend went right down to the nub and were very reluctant to put them out. This is definitely my brand from now on, and I've come to the conclusion that anomaly is probably the best size, as it took nearly 2 hours with deep puffing before I put it out.
The 5 Vegas black label is one of my top two. I can add nothing to what's already been said, but the single word "superlative". Especially for the price.
Wow! I fell in love with this cigar (5 Vegas Series 'A'). Clouds of smoke, great taste and perfect construction. It's just what I need after a hard day. I found that a nice rum is a great companion. Thanks CI for another great deal!
Wow, what a gorgeous cigar (5 Vegas Series 'A')! I got these as a freebie with a recent Rocky Patel order and I would favorably compare this cigar with that brand. Beatiful dark wrapper and construction on a par with Patel or any premium cigar. Very consistent all the way through as a premium cigar should be. Patel is my current favorite but I'll be ordering some of these as they're a little cheaper and still a great smoke.
This is one great cigar (5 Vegas Series 'A'). Excellent taste, lots of great smoke. Very smooth. This has very quickly become one of my regular sticks. Throw in the price from the two day specials and I get all misty eyed.
I had the archetype (5 Vegas Series 'A'), and it is now my favorite maduro. There's no need to buy singles, or 5 packs of these...Buy a box. Trust me.
Now I am by no means an expert, but I know what I like (5 Vegas Serie 'A'). I tried my first one of these today after a week in the humi. These cigars have great flavor! Rich, but not over-powering. Slow burn, with thick, mellow clouds of smoke. Very satisfying! Don't miss out on these!
This is an excellent well constructed cigar (5 Vegas Serie A) perfect draw and burn. This cigar smokes like a dream. Dont be surprised to find yourself reaching for another and another. Fantastic
This is an excellent cigar from start to finish (5 Vegas Series 'A'). It's worth its full retail price and is an absolute bargain when bought on special or received in the monthly club shipment. Absolutely even burn, beautiful to look at, perfect draw...The maduro one is absolutely top-notch.
Now there is a stogie (5 Vegas Series "A"). That's the one. Great balance of price and performance. If that sounds like a sports car well it is a Vegas. Well worth the money. Burns good, draws right, tastes sweet, what a delight.
Tried one of these little beauties (5 Vegas Series "A")last nite and was rewarded with a nice smoke. A little milder than my taste runs but still was a great cigar. Received as a freebie but wasn't disappointed. Smooth flavor, good burn, lasted longer than the size belies. For those who like a quality "mild" smoke this one is a winner.
I am a lover of full bodied cigars and the series 'A' (5 Vegas Series A) is bar none the "meatiest of the meatiest". Great after dinner smoke that leaves you fully satisfied. Is now definitely a staple in my humidor.
Series 'A' Toro (5 Vegas Series "A").......AWESOME . To have any more fun than this you'd have to be nekked! Very Smooth.
Believe the hype! These (5 Vegas Series "A" ) are fantastic cigars- and for a price that can't be beat. Lots of flavor, beautiful construction, and did I mention the flavor...oh yes, I did didn't I? I'm a new 5 Vegas fan now!
Your specials this month have converted me from a smoker to a fanatic! Have really loved trying a bunch of different cigars that I probably would never have tried. Out of all of them, the 5 Vegas 'A' is the best of the lot...what a stogie! Good enough to eat
I rolled the dice and bought a box of these (5 Vegas Series "A") from CI because the reviews were so good and the price was amazing (especially with the 12-cigar freebie). These things are absolutely fantastic. Excellent construction, very rich and creamy from start to finish. My new go-to cigar.
Dark and menacing. Big and burly. After trying every size of the 5 Vegas Series A, the Apocalypse is by far my favorite. It seems that as the ring size increases, so does the complexity and smoothness. All the flavors you'd expect from a maduro are there. Chocolate, coffee, caramel, espresso, etc... My wife calls this one "scary". I call it a 90 minute flavor bomb that explodes in your mouth with every puff. Even non-maduro smokers should appreciate this one. It should be a crime for everyone NOT to try this one, especially with CI's awesome prices.
Have you ever smoked a cigar that just made you want to yell, "WOW!" Well, this is it (5 Vegas Series "A"). I have to tell you, I've spent thousands over the years looking for my eternal favorite, and I'm happy to say, I've finally found it. I've even left instructions with my wife. When my time finally comes, Hopefully not too soon, that I am to be buried with at least a dozen or more boxes of this wonderful cigar. The ancient Egypitans believed your grave site should contain riches to carry you through the next life. These cigars are as good as gold, so I should be well off in the next life.
After years of trying countless brands, styles, and strengths, the 5 Vegas "A" Series are without question my all-time favorites. What is better than that is that CI has the best deal going on them anywhere. They have a nice heft, great draw, burn cool and even, and just thinking about the taste is making my mouth water. I have actually spent a good bit of time and money trying to find a cigar I've liked more than these. For the price, taste, and quality this is where it all ends. So if you have been weary of trying them or haven't gotten around to it now is the time. You will not be disappointed! Nice to see the one day deal on them. I have been waiting for this day for quite some time. Life is Good!!! =)
just a quick note............."GREAT SMOKE" (5 Vegas Series "A")
Glad to see you FINALLY got the 5 Vegas 'A' Apocalypse back. It is by far my favorite cigar, and it is the perfect remedy for my deployment blues. Keep them in stock, and I will keep buying them, even when I'm 1000's of miles away from home.
I've read all the comments and I can't agree more. The 5 Vegas Series ''A'' is a keeper. Perfect burn, great construction,the taste, THE PRICE can't be real...DAMN!!! Everything is so awesome about this cigar. I wouldn't waste my time writing in if i wasn't OVERLY impressed!! This fine smoke and the great service,quality, AND prices from Cigar International will keep me coming back!! Thanks guys!! Hope to visit the store next time I make it back East.
Just wanted to say I have tried the 5 Vegas Serie A Robusto (Artisan) and it is a wonderful cigar. I have smoked at least 5 so far and each is great. Thank you for your recommendations. I usually smoke the LGC serie R #6, but since they are in short supply, the 5 Vegas is a wonderful alternative smoke, and may replace the LGC in my humidor.
An amazing cigar and an amazing blend (5 Vegas Series 'A'). You will wish this cigar would never end. Absolutely one of the best Maduros I have ever smoked. This runs rings around the CAO Brazilia.
wow!! thats a good smoke (5 Vegas Series 'A'). smooth and tasty. it left me wanting more when i was done. but i am in luck because the guys at ci always hook us up with good deals. thats why i will be getting me somemore real soon.
I just had to add my praise to the multitude of positive feedback for the 5 Vegas Series A. This cigar is the best of the 5 Vegas lines (and that's saying something because ALL of the 5 Vegas lines are really good). I have been a faithful smoker of the La Gloria Cubana Serie #5 Maduro for a few years now. Although i still love the La Glorias the Serie A is every bit as good and a much better value. You simply can not find a better cigar for a better price than the Serie A. These are so well constructed, flavorful, and consistent that it feels like I'm getting away with a crime at the prices that CI offers them. If you haven't tried these, you simply must . . . you'll see why everybody is gushing over this smoke.
Let me start off by saying "WOW that is one @#$%ing good cigar (5 Vegas Series 'A'). It starts off smooth and teases you with what is to come...following a few puffs, things HEAT up to a consisent and firm maduro's paradise where as it leaves you fullfilled and needing some down time before you light up another....HIGHLY RECOMMENED from a maduro love...;)
Just tried the 5 vegas apocalypse (5 Vegas Series 'A'), man what a cigar, and one day special made them a steal. Only now I find out they are a limited production! You guys are bums! You need to get back down there and make em roll some more!
WOW.... Thats all I have to say. Great price for a great cigar (5 Vegas Series 'A'). The "Series A" cigars are now my everyday smokes.
I just got my "OH MY GOD" bundle of 20 Apocalypse smokes (5 Vegas Series ''''A''''). They need to re-think making this a limited run. I would change my normal Edge for these in a second. Smooth with a perfect draw. I was concerned that the massive size might be over powering, I was wrong. I did not want to put this one down. Nubbed it, and will do the following 19 the same way.
Sweet Mamma! This (5 Vegas Series A) is a wonderful smoke.
I just had to write. I have been a fan of full bodied Maduros for many years and faithful to Te-amos, I just tried the "5 Vegas "A" Maduro" and I am hooked. It's delicious! Excellent from start to finish. For those out there like me, if you are not sure which new brand to try, I highly recommend this one. Excuse me while I go and enjoy another. Cigars International is my new Vendor, Thanks CI. LB
Dark and robust beauty (5 Vegas Series A). I enjoy a hearty cigar, Gloria Cubana "R"s, and the like. This is a dream stick with a full body stacked with wonderful flavors of coffe, coca, and peet. A bargain for the shopper that wants it all but the wife allows a "limited budget" for restocking the humidor. A great stick and a great price. Try them, you won't be disappointed!!
I know, I know, just what you need... Another positive review of the 5 Vegas Series 'A' cigar. Well, I will say that I don't usually have a desire to write a review, but I thought I'd submit a different take on this one. Perhaps I'm just stating the obvious here, but for all of you that are true full-bodied coffee geeks out there (Hopefully some of you have access to wonderful coffee other than Starbucks), this is your cigar.... so complimentary. And... if you feel the urge to cut down on your caffine, this cigar makes it easy. Skip the coffee and grab this cigar. You'll be more than satisfied. By the way, what an incredible deal the 5 Vegas humidor + 30 cigar combo is! Wow! Surely a mistake. Thanks CI.
These cigars (5 Vegas Series 'A') are excellent. I bought the Blue Chip Combo #6, and these bad boys were the first ones I lit up. Excellent, nice smooth taste, and pretty much equal from start to finish, which you do not see in a lot of cigars. And great for the price!
Just when you think you have found the cigar that fit's the bill for your full bodied choice along comes the 5 Vegas Series A. This is one great cigar. I have smoked the Artisan's from the sampler's and bought a box of the Alpha torpedoes and I will tell you that they are going to be a regular buy for my humidor. I'm no neophyte when it comes to cigars, but I wouldn't smoke these on an empty stomach. I would tell everyone to enjoy one after a good meal as I have and they will definitely put you in a better humor for the rest of the evening. Tell them not to change a thing on these. They are most definitely a winner.
I just found about this (5 Vegas Series ''A'') brand and bought a box, all within the past month. I fired one up as son as I got em and am hooked. This is my new favorite cigar. I am a fan of Kiki Berger's products; he can't make a bad brand, and he doesn't disappoint with this one either. The taste, aroma, burn, draw, construction and overall pleasure is outstanding, and the finish reduces the disappointment when the cigar is finished. Thanks to CI for making these available at such a reasonable price.
I just had my first crack at the Series A 5 Vegas and i am hooked, and your crazy deal on them is just icing on the cake. What an awesome cigar!! Whatever you all are doing just keep it up, and keep bringing these insane deals to us. It is definitely appreciated
I am now a huge fan of smoking cigars because of the Vegas 5 brand (5 Vegas Series A). They're one of the best cigars I have ever smoked.
I would have to say that 5 Vegas Series A is my favorite cigar I have ever smoked. It’s got a taste that when you’re finished, you want another one.
I'm not one to get overly excited enough about a cigar to take the time to write about it...but I tried my first 5 Vegas "A" last night, and I can't believe just how good it was. I read all the reviews and comments left for it, and decided to give it a try, being a fan of maduro. It could possibly be my new favorite. Thanks CI, for introducing me to 5 Vegas.
I tell you, 5 Vegas "A" is one of the finest medium-full bodied cigars I have ever smoked! I really think the fine construction and the slow, even burn really tops most other medium-full cigars. The added cedar wrapper was a bonus, no aging in the humidor to get that aeromatic cedar smell and taste! Well done 5 Vegas! Bravo CI!
With out a doubt this is the best Cigar(5 Vegas Series "A") I have ever smoked, and I have tried all of the 'super premiums'. Great burn, great flavor right from the first and the finish is breathtaking. Some of my local tobacco shops have never heard of this brand. What a loss. Thanks CI.
I initially bought a box of the 5 Vegas "Gold"cigars with "CI's" sample pack and fell in love with the series "A" cigar!!! Some great brandy, a 7/7, rum and coke or just a beer ... This is the cigar to smoke! Bar-none!I wish I would have tried this great smoke before purchasing the "Golds"! This is just an awesome cigar! Thanks CI for doing it again!!!!!!!!
I have purchased several samplers from CI trying to find the perfect cigar. After the Monsters of Maduros sampler my search was over. The 5 Vegas series "A" is a bold cigar that leaves the palate completely satisfied. Even before you toast the foot you can taste the spice of the wrapper. Having smoked through half of my first box of these cedar draped beauties, I am still amazed at the flawless construction and powerhouse flavor. This cigar will always be a staple in my humidor. Thanks again CI!
After smoking my third Vegas 'A' (5 Vegas Series ''A''), I just purchased a full box! I tend to smoke more than just one cigar of a new brand (for me) before I spend my hard earned bucks on a box. Nothing worse for me than smoking one and then buying a box only to find out that I made a mistake. For those of you who enjoy a medium to full bodied cigar that will not leave you running to brush your teeth (and tongue); you would be doing yourself a dis-service if you do not at the very least try one! I find it to be every thing that my friends at C.I. said that it would be; not that they have ever misled me before, that is why I shop here. This is a very pleasing cigar, full of flavor and a smooth finish. Here again if you are looking to try this Vegas 'A' and you enjoy a medium to full bodied cigar go ahead I do not think that you will be disappointed. Thanks C.I. again for great cigars at prices that we both can live with. Other cigars that I smoke: Monte Christo #2, Monte Christo White's Churhill, Rocky Patel Edge, 1990's, 1992's, CAO Brazilia, Blacks, MX2, Italia, Punch Gran Puro,Aurora Prefedos No. 2 Maduro, La Aroma DeCuba, Don Diego,El Rey Del Mundo,Zino, Fuente,Carlos Torano, Fonseca, Originals Cubans and Cohiba; just to mention a few.As you can see I really enjoy smoking cigars, trust me you need to try this Vegas'A'. THANKS AGAIN C.I.
What a fine smoke (5 Vegas A)...Although I tend to enjoy the milder products...I bought a sampler of 5 Vegas products and this aft fired up the 5 Vegas A..Fine, robust and complex flavors, without the kick ass strongness of some full bodied smokes..I'll for sure buy more as a nice relaxing, flavorful alternative to my Cu Avana, Don Rafael, Gispert or 5 Vegas Gold...Thanks to CI for offering samplers,and five packs so us novices in the cigar world can try some products and find new favorites. I like this one!!!
I just finished my first series A. The initial flavor of the maduro wrapper was magnificent. The wafting clouds of aromatic smoke was simply heavenly. It finished strong and spicy and is now one of my favorite cigars. A very easy cigar to love. I have 4 humidors full of very good cigars, almost all from Cigars International....Thanks for the heads up on the new cigar that will always occupy a space in my humidor. Long ashes to you and your fine company.
I'm too busy smoking these delectable series 'A' 5 vegas cigars! Wow these are great ! I dont even think I'll need to worry about the humidor as these will probably be gone in a hurry ! lol

5 Vegas 'A' Apocalypse

Brandon S
If you haven’t tried a 5 Vegas Series ’A’ by now you should seriously consider re-prioritizing your life. Few are the times when a cigar commands this kind of attention and I’ll be damned if this isn’t one of those moments!
I’ve been a huge fan of the Series ‘A’ since it was first released. I mean, how can you not fall in love with this cigar after merely glancing at it?!? Each cigar is draped in a cedar-sleeve which covers a dark and oily Costa-Rican Maduro wrapper beneath. Marry that to a 3-country blend of long-filler tobacco that has been aged for 4 years and the stage is set for one of the most incredible smoking experiences you can possibly imagine. If you’re not salivating by now, do me a favor and check your pulse because you might be dead.
But wait… gets better! Just last week we took delivery of a brand new vitola called the Apocalypse. It’s a 6X58 beauty that is so good it’s nearly indescribable! For the most part it is accurate to say that as the diameter (ring) of a cigar increases, the spiciness decreases. I think it’s also fair to say that as the length of the cigar increases, so too does the level of complexity. I’ve always been a believer that there is a perfect size to complement every blend produced and without question, the Apocalypse is it for the Series ‘A’. Light one up and your palate is immediately engulfed by large clouds of smoke just bursting with rich and earthy flavors. As the Apocalypse continues to burn you’ll notice a subtle change in the flavor after only an inch as the complexity begins to build like a run-away freight train. Make sure you’ve got some time on your hands because this is one smoke that won’t quit for at least 2 hours! Construction is second to none as I found myself leaving my Apocalypse on several occasions for as long as 15 minutes only to return and find it still burning upon my return. Hey, what’s the last cigar you set down for 15 minutes that you didn’t have to light when you came back to it? That’s what kind of construction we’re talking about here.
I could go on and on about the Series ‘A’ all day but hopefully I’ve said enough to push you over the edge so that you’ll give it a try. If you’re still in doubt or you want more details, shoot me an email. I’d be happy to sing Series ‘A’ praises to you for as long as you’ll listen!

5 Vegas Series 'A'

Steve R
Wow. Winter just started and already it's rough. Bitter cold, windy nights, sleet, snow...I absolutely despise the cold. For one, I hate having to warm up my car. I am way too impatient (and usually running too late to wait). Second, the winter marks the end of the NFL season – why can't football be a year-round sport? Lastly, and most importantly, the cold weather seriously cuts into Steve-o's Cigar Time. Normally, after leaving the office I like to go home and walk the streets of historic downtown Bethlehem with a nice cigar. As the temperature drops, so does the time and length of these walks, and since I hate pitching a half smoked cigar I needed to find a short, but satisfying smoke.

Fortunately for me, my every day brand has just what I need and it's called the Anomaly. I always thought Anomaly was a funny name, since I see the word in a negative light. But, ironically enough, it fits perfectly. Within the 5 Vegas Series 'A' line you will find five sizes. Four are standard, 50+ ring parejos. And then, there's the Anomaly: a small, 4.5” x 44 petite corona – when putting this cigar next to the rest one might think it'll have the least amount of flavor. But the amazing part is, after reviewing each size over and over, I constantly find this size to be the spiciest, and fullest (in both flavor and strength) of the bunch. Instantly upon lighting one up, a fiery assault of pepper hits the palate leaving your taste buds tingling after each puff. Although enjoyable, this assault tones down a bit, giving way to a rich toastiness, reminding me of the seared edges of a well-done steak. Weird, I know, but it's good nonetheless. Especially considering I like my steak as red as possibly. About midway through, an unexpected nicotine buzz relaxes me and fills my belly, leading into a robust (but oh-so smooth) finish filled with an explosion of rich, toasty notes and spice. A delicious and satisfying 20-minute investment of your time.

Bottom line, good things come in little packages and this Anomaly has become the ultimate bang for the buck this winter.

5 Vegas Series 'A'


a·nom·a·ly, n., deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule.

Let me get it out of the way 'geez Gonz, back to back 5 Vegas reviews???' Well, after my incredible string of good fortune in furthering the supremacy of 5 Vegas (in my mind at least) with my last review of 5 Vegas Gold, I couldn't resist picking up the recently released Series 'A'. I ripped open a bundle as soon as they came off the dock (at the time of this writing, the boxes aren't even ready yet). I was so anxious that I even picked up a size I'm least likely to smoke...a 4.5 x 44 petite corona called Anomaly.

It's a sporty looking, dark maduro wrapped cigar individually dressed in cedar from below the band down to the foot. Peel back the cedar to find an impeccably rolled firm cigar with one of the finest maduro wrappers I've ever seen. Kinda like Homer Simpson's infatuation with the rare gummi Venus de Milo, the front of my shirt was soon covered in drool as I nervously fumbled for a cutter and lighter, as I began grunting softly "must light 5 Vegas 'A'....must light 5 Vegas 'A'" I soon fell into a trance-like state. Heart-racing, taste buds singing, I couldn't light this cigar fast enough.

Holy cow, a leathery burst of intoxicating deep body quickly lights up your senses. Call this the 5 Vegas 'Wild Side" b/c even on the small size I picked up, the raw full-bodied richness starts with the initial draw and finishes strong with a lingering note of black pepper. Whoa, is it hot in here or is it just me? The surprisingly cool burn of this impressively stuffed cigar proves this is no fly-by-night, I just need a quick cigar fix, cigar. While it'll satisfy any crave and then some, I'm finding myself wanting to enjoy and analyze every puff. Featuring a Costa Rican maduro wrapper that leaves off the occasional sweetness you often get from a Broadleaf Maduro, yet the fullness of body won't overwhelm. I didn't find one speckle of flat flavor here, and in case I haven't hinted at this already, this borders on powerhouse in my book, but thanks to a smooth character that keeps me puffing for more, I've smoked two back-to-back and can still stand up straight in my chair. A beautiful chalky-white ash holds firm and furthers the perfect construction. An inch or so in, the flavor levels and then picks up again about midway through.

So back to my definition at the top - the true anomaly is that even this petite corona (code-named Anomaly) I'm smoking feels more like a 50-ring toro than 44 ring petite. After smoking a 1/2 dozen of these, I'm afraid to smoke anything else for my palate has been tainted toward the wild-side, and dammit, I like the wild side. The 5 Vegas Trio is complete in my book - Original, Gold, and 'A'. The 'A' very well could be the best one that was saved for last. Doh, almost forgot to mention that they start at about $2.50 per stick, you betcha, that's no joke.

Light'em up.

5 Vegas Series 'A'


When you're inside CI headquarters, even if you're not looking for cigars, boy, cigars sure do find you. This place is a 49,000 square foot playground chock full of handmades, and resistance is just about futile. That's the position I found myself this past Sunday. I ran to the office with a plan to get a few things done and a promise to my wife to speed back home without delay. But on my desk was a box of 5 Vegas Series 'A', the Archetype size. Ooooooh. This toro is gorgeous. A pitch black Costa Rican wrapper, oils beading off, individually wrapped in cedar sleeves. Rolling it between my forefinger and thumb, my thoughts were racing. Risk the scorn of wife and family by not coming home, or stick around and light one up? This ethical dilemma continued for a moment before I succumbed to the inevitable charms of the 5 Vegas 'A'. After all, I asked myself, am I not I not bleed? Having justified it in my mind, I lit it up. Oooooh. 3 cigars later, not only did I spend a productive afternoon at the office but I enjoyed every second of it.

This is a cigar that you could smoke all day: after one is done you just want to light up the next ....and it continues like that, it's like having one long cigar. The most distinctive thing about the 5 Vegas Series 'A' blend is the undeniable smoky, charred character - so appealing. The interplay of the Costa Rican maduro wrapper with the complex long leaf filler blend creates an almost decadent cigar. In body it's somewhat heavy, and it offers a very rich and dense flavor profile, including dark chocolate, almost espresso-like notes. The charred character and toasty aroma imbeds itself in your nostrils and by the end, you're ready to spark another....and another. To me, this blend is cigar heaven.

Oh, and how about this: looks as though we'll be receiving two new special sizes in the next couple months, the Apocalypse (6"x58) and the Atomic (4.5"x54). Dream the impossible dream!

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