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Reposado '96 Connecticut


File under tobacco hysteria: I read an article in USA Today recently how cigar smoking has wafted its way into “children’s” movies. The movies cited were Iron Man and The Dark Knight. C’mon! I liked those movies – but ain’t no way in hell they are children’s movies. And while the article’s author and grievance mongers he quoted huffed about seeing a cigar on screen, nary a word was spoken about the prevasive violence and adult themes in the rest of these flicks. Good grief….

Sorry, back to the review. Reposado, part deux. Not to be out done by its Habano brother, Reposado ’96 Connecticut is its attractive, smoother counterpart. With a chestnut-brown Connecticut wrapper that’s smooth and elastic with a nice sheen, this mellow sucker is a looker. Frankly, I’m a sucker for a good Connecticut with some chunkiness in the flavor and heft departments. Offering the same meaty goodness as the Habano, the Connecticut is full of promise, heavy in the hand. An inch in and it’s clearly well-made with quality tobaccos. It billows with thick, creamy smoke and burns like a champ, offering an undeniably distinct character with a mellow-medium body and a profile that’s cedary, toasty, nutty and a touch peppery. I’ve smoked about 12 of them so far and the biggest downside is some inconsistency. On some, I detect a touch of harshness and some variation in flavor from stick to stick. When it’s on – it’s a delicious, smooth-bodied treat with ample flavor. And given the flavor, 2-buck-a-stick price, and quality, the Connecticut it is a must for mellow to medium-bodied fans.

Furthermore, if you’re a patient lad, Reposado '96 Connecticut has great aging potential. Within those I smoked some were clearly better than others – some a bit smoother with more even balance and flavor. A few months of TLC and nap time in the humidor will bring out all the goodness and let these babies shine like they were born to. Since the Habano has just bit more body and richness, this allows any imperfections to hide, but the more open-book, smoother bodied Connecticut has no such advantage. Trust me on this one: while the Habano is great right off the truck, before summer is here the Connecticuts are going to smoke like a dream too.