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Blue Label's B2 Cuban Wheels


Blue Label - the original Blue Label - is simply delicious. Frankly it does not get the attention it deserves. Medium to full-bodied, rich in flavor, handcrafted by Gran Habano in Danli, Honduras. The cigar equivalent of nymphomaniac centerfold model with a trust fund. You get the idea. Smokes like a gem, priced like an economy all, a winning set of attributes. 

But now there's something better - at least in the value department. It's a spin-off of Blue Label called B2. B2 is impressive on many levels. Packed in big, meaty Cuban-style wheels of 30 cigars, it dispenses with the ornate packaging. In fact, it's stripped bare – no boxes, no artwork. Just a simple, elegant blue cloth band as its signet and arriving at your door in a big, honkin' cube of tasty cigars. Its simplicity is beautiful. It also means a killer price and a blend that's all substance.

Blue Label’s B2 brings a dark, Nicaraguan Habano wrapper leaf. It's gorgeous. Thick, chocolatey-brown, and loaded with oils. Inside a robust blend of aged Nicaraguan and Panamanian long-fillers resides. Each stick is firm and well constructed with a rich, bold pre-light aroma. Immediately after lighting, a powerful dose of spice presents itself, then settles quickly into a smoother, more medium-bodied smoke. As it burns a complex array of flavors are revealed: notes of earth, cedar, pepper and espresso. The smoke is thick and creamy. The finish smooth and somewhat sweet. Throughout the burn, it builds ever so slightly in strength, resulting in a medium to full-bodied finale. Traditional through and through, refined, flavorful and balanced. B2 is a tasty and satisfying blend. It won't blow your mind, but you shouldn't expect it to. What you can expect is a very solid, exceptionally well-made $1.50 everyday handmade with abundant flavor.

Consider the fat sizes to choose from, consider the price, and consider the delicious, medium to full-bodied flavor. Then consider B2 your new everyday favorite....the alternative is to consider fitting yourself with dunce cap.