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Natural Root


Until a year or two ago, I never viewed Natural as a serious, conventional cigar. In most consumers' minds it is so closely tied to Drew Estate's insanely popular, highly-infused ACID brand that the popular misconception holds that Natural is also such an "imbued" cigar as well. To be sure, Natural is made with unconventional tobaccos from such sources as Haiti and Turkey, as well as more common Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. But just the same, the Natural line can stand on its own two feet as a legitimate traditional cigar. Unusual? Yes, but a bona fide brand that conventional smokers will come to love. I'm a believer! Can I get an amen?

With Root, the tobaccos have been heavily fermented to offer a distinctly rich, deep leathery flavor. The notes of dark coffee and ripe smokiness are undeniable. It pumps out voluminous gobs of buttery, creamy smoke. Soft to medium-bodied in strength, ample in flavor. My personal favorites in the Natural line: Root, Dirt, Pimp Stick. Buy them early and often.