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Reposado '96 Maduro


“Wow” was the first thing that came to mind after lighting my first Reposado ’96 Maduro. Not because it’s an all long-filler 7.1” Salomon that retails for $2.50 (which is outrageously cheap). But because the onslaught of flavors that greet you right from the start is so astounding.

If you’ve browsed through the (brilliant!) archives of my past reviews, you know I’m a fan of the other two Reposado ’96 blends. These are the Big Hairy Beasts that rule the cigar value jungle. Solid flavor, excellent construction….pound for pound it’s one of the finest handmade values anywhere. The newest addition to the mix – complementing its Connecticut and Habano brothers – is the Maduro. It’s a homerun.

Draped in a naturally dark, leathery San Andres maduro leaf and packed with a flavorsome, flavoryific blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-fillers, the stately Reposado ’96 Maduro Salomon is an impressive cigar bringing gobs of flavor. It’s actually surprising how quickly it develops. Almost instantly after lighting you’re greeted by a flood of rich and hearty flavors. With dense notes of coffee, caramel, spices and a toasty-sweet finish, Reposado ’96 Maduro coats the palate with a wealth of sensations. Adding to the experience is the warm, bready aroma that fills the air. Medium in body but overflowing with character….Reposado ’96 Maduro is a complete cigar. You complete me.

I burned it all the way down – almost two hours of work – and loved every inch. If I sold you this cigar for $5 or even $7, I bet you wouldn’t balk. But for $2.50? I give it extra points for price. There are a whole lotta cigars that cost a whole lot more, but aren’t nearly this good. So if you like maduro wrapped cigars, say hello to your new friend.