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La Herencia Cubana


Around the CI Campfire a debate has raged as of late - and it ain’t about politics. It’s about an interesting brand called La Herencia Cubana. It's one of those blends that 60% of folks absolutely love, but the rest hate - and not much in-between. It's a product of cigar maker AJ Fernandez, maker of a few Padilla and Rocky Patel lines, plus the exquisite Man O' War blend, among others. Since the day it first hit our catalog a few months back I raved about it because I find it to be a fantastic smoke. I am a cigar geek, 100% certified. "Guilty as charged, your Honor." Indeed, I eat, drink, and breathe cigars....and when a new one comes out, one I feel the CI Faithful will appreciate, I can't help but shout it from the mountaintop. Not just to be able to rub a few nickels together and pay the light bill - which is an added advantage - but mainly to expand the horizons of fellow cigar dudes (that's you). After all, you owe it to yourself to enjoy more than just one type of wine, one beer, one woman (ooops, cancel that one) or one type of food all day.

La Herencia Cubana is a genuine beauty. The wrapper is Ecuadorian Sumatra and is positively sultry, with an oily, slightly toothy, leathery texture and seamless appearance. So pretty - and combined with lovely, if understated, bands - that your expectations inevitably soar upon first glance. And after burning two boxes over the past month, there's no doubt this cigar deserves a few moments of your time. NOTE: it will take you a few sticks to appreciate its subtle nuances; in fact, it will take you at least an inch into the first one before the cigar's flavor really opens up, so be a tad patient. 

Each size is filled to the brim with premium Nicaraguan tobaccos from the country’s three growing regions, promoting a true Nicaraguan character: rich and aromatic. La Herencia's strength is deceiving, largely in part to the aged's well-balanced, creating subtle and gradual changes throughout the burn. The cigar opens with some peppery notes that fade quickly, but not totally. A creamy core of tobacco and wood soon dominates. Alternativing hints of oak and cedar, oddly enough sometimes both at once. Midway through there’s a slight touch of coffee bean, just before the cigar really stretches its legs and becomes fuller in character

I understand all palates are different and not every enthusiast will fall in love with this cigar. I love it and therefore urge you to give it a shot. Considering our convenient return policy, it’s worth it and then some. Join the debate, men!