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If you're looking for an economically-priced golf course cigar, this is it. Over the years I've been asked a million times for a 7" cigar that's mild enough not to be intrusive, enough flavor to be interesting, and a cost of less than $1.25. While it might not fly with the chardonnay-and-brie crowd, for around a buck apiece I'll tell ya, this does the job every time. 

The maker, Luis Tomas Mendez, is not a household name among cigar enthusiasts. That's not for lack of experience in the industry, as he's been a grower and dealer of tobacco for years. Recently he began manufacturing cigars as well, with a factory located in Tamboril, Dominican Republic. His experience as a grower causes him to use great tobaccos in his blends, and this little number is no exception. The fillers are all Dominican while the wrapper is Connecticut-seed with a very smooth texture and slight sheen. It's got a slight nuttiness, some oaky flavors, with a balanced and consistent character. The reduced price might give you pause, but if you're looking for an affordably-priced handmade with flavor, try Brocatus. 

Hey, given the price/value it probably deserves a better rating than this.