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Bahia Maduro


The current cigar deal threat level is red. Red as in Bahia Maduro and its bright red bands, that is. She’s a beauty that Bahia Maduro, bringing brains, brawn, and good looks: quality construction, generous ring gauges, smooth, rich flavor…. to top it off she’s a cheap date. To be sure, for $2 to $2.25 per stick it’s in the running for top handmade value.

Bahia Maduro begins with an aged blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos covered in an Habano leaf binder, and ends with a dark, marbleized Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper to complete the recipe. The wrapper’s not cosmetically perfect, but damn this thing looks good…..almost too good.

It burns even, draws perfectly. That alone would be good enough for a stick costing a buck-fitty. But the flavor profile brings a lot more. Medium in body with a dense, rich, and hearty flavor profile, at its core Bahia Maduro is defined by ample notes of cocoa, spices, earthiness and a peppery-sweet tobacco base. Combined with a smooth yet deliberate and slow burn, this sucker is memorable and downright lip-smacking. You’ll smoke it, you’ll nub it, and you’ll want more.

At full MSRP, it would be a regular in my rotation. But at CI’s prices, I will grope it amorously, early and often. In a world where the enjoyable sub-$2.50 maduro is soul-achingly rare, the Bahia Maduro blend is a prince among men. Maduro fans – this is a gift. Don’t pass it up.