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Man O' War Ruination


Man O’ War Ruination. Oh yes. This holy cocktail of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan and Honduran long-leaf ligeros along with Habano Ecuador ligero leaf is a veritable powderkeg. Ligeros are the tobacco plant’s highest priming (the leaves on the top of the plant). This means more sun exposure which in turn leads to maximum strength and robust flavor. And since Man O’ War Ruination features both ligero filler and wrapper, I braced myself for a searing, flavor-packed powerhouse. It delivered…and then some.

Pre-Light: gorgeous. In the hand it’s a weighty, firmly packed stick with an impressive looking wrapper that’s deep brown in color and shimmering with natural oils. Even pressing the foot of the cigar to the nostrils yields an enticingly fragrant aroma. See it, touch it, smell it….you’ll know what I’m talking about son.

Strength: the power is all consuming and noticeable the instant you spark it up. An intensely heavy smoke along with a bold accumulation of spice and pepper characterize the first inch or so, but it mellows a bit from there. It never loses its zesty character – not by a long shot – but the strength settles to a point where it’s balanced and downright addictive.

Flavor Profile: strength aside, Ruination is no one trick pony. When the dust settles after the first inch, Ruination’s brilliant array of flavors take center stage. Its distinguished profile is characterized by notes of cedar, espresso, leather, spices and a long, toasty finish. MOW Ruination’s most cherished characteristic is balance. Just when the intensity teeters on overbearing, it settles into a smooth smoke brimming with flavor – and then the cycle repeats. Considering its complex and disarming multi-layered flavors and constantly shifting roller coaster of taste and strength, this blend is the complete package.

Conclusion: for dudes seeking strength, complexity and flavor all rolled into one tidy package – your search has ended. Man O’ War Ruination is the pinnacle of the cigar blending craft. A tad pricey fellas, but this is worth every penny.