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Erin Go Bragh


Draped in a smooth and even Connecticut shade wrapper with a lovely, golden-brown hue, Erin Go Bragh is downright picturesque. Adorned with a colorful orange, white and green band styled after the Irish flag and appropriately infused with authentic Irish whisky, its name – Erin Go Bragh – as most will know, means “Ireland forever.”

Slide it under thy flared nostrils and you’ll pick up a subtle pre-light aroma of sweet whisky and cedar…. distinct and enticing, if you ask me. I’m usually wary of flavored cigars. But this isn’t a regular flavored cigar. More subtle and nuanced, it more appropriately belongs in the “infused” or “gourmet” cigar category. Produced in the Dominican Republic at the prestigious La Aurora factory, the filler blend is composed of 100% Dominican long-leaf. At a glance, and after rolling it between forefinger and thumb, it has the look and feel of a quality premium cigar.

Surprisingly, the whisky taste is very subtle – just enough to let you know it’s there, and far from influential. The whisky manifests itself in the aroma, which offers a nice interplay of rich, sweet whisky with buttery, well-aged tobaccos. The profile is toasty and creamy with a little natural sweetness balanced by the real taste of tobacco – this crisp tobacco taste complements but doesn’t overpower the whisky infusion.

Characterized by an easy draw and dense clouds of white smoke plumes emanating from the foot, Erin Go Bragh is exceedingly mellow and smooth. The cigar itself is not overly flavorful but the mix of the distinct aroma and the creamy smoke make for a pleasurable experience. I love Erin Go Bragh as a golf cigar, or simply as an occasional and welcome change of pace. The whisky infusion is the key in this blend. Gentle and smooth enough to be your first cigar of the day but still has enough junk in the trunk to serve as a capable after-dinner treat.