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La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor

Jeff K

La Aroma de Cuba has always been a brand to which I didn’t give much attention. But I’ve recently seen the light.

La Aroma de Cuba is an old Cuban brand with a great back story. Supposedly, the Cuban La Aroma de Cuba brand was a favorite of Winston Churchill. In 2002, Ashton released a Honduran-made La Aroma de Cuba which initially made a big splash. Quickly earning some impressive ratings, La Aroma de Cuba was generating some serious buzz. The artwork was beautiful, the cigars were made in the renowned Flor de Copan factory (home of Saint Luis Rey, Quintero, Romeo Habana Reserve, et. al), and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I was excited to try one. So I tried about 4 and had a terrible experience each time – I had some serious issues with construction and the flavor was just average. Then I forgot about La Aroma de Cuba for a long time. A couple of years ago they launched La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial and while I enjoyed it, the price was a bit more than I cared for. But a new era of La Aroma de Cuba is here and they’ve calmed all my fears. The original La Aroma de Cuba is now made in Nicaragua by Don Pepin Garcia and the Edicion Especial has just experienced a drastic price decrease. Plus, they’ve just launched a new addition to the line – La Aroma de Cuba ‘Mi Amor’ – and the initial response has been tremendous. So once again, I was excited to one.

La Aroma de Cuba ‘Mi Amor’ is handmade in Nicaragua by Don Pepin Garcia and marks a drastic departure from the other blends in the line. The wrapper is a dark, ultra-thick Mexican maduro leaf that’s extra toothy. On the inside, a bold blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-fillers. The whole thing is then gently box-pressed and adorned with the signature La Aroma de Cuba artwork. And I must say, it’s a good looking cigar.

Initially, the flavor is slightly dry with a rich, charred finish. That kind of sounds bad, but it’s an interesting taste that’s oddly delicious. As it burns, the flavor develops nicely and the taste balances.  It’s extremely rich, with a supporting cast of espresso, pepper, spices, cedar, and a slightly sweet finish which rounds out the mix. It changes often and offers a ton of flavor, all delivered in a full-bodied, but refined manner. And the toasty, chocolatey aroma adds an additional layer to the experience. Smooth throughout with a slow-burn and tight, grey ash, La Aroma de Cuba ‘Mi Amor’ is a cigar I’ve been thoroughly enjoying.

It’s different than most cigars on the market, but a true premium with a ton of flavor. If you enjoy rich, full-bodied smokes, La Aroma de Cuba ‘Mi Amor’ is one that should definitely be added to your rotation. They’re not cheap, but for a cigar of this level of quality, they’re worth the asking price.