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Magellan Dominicans

Jeff K

It almost feels a little weird to say this, but I actually like Magellan Dominicans.

If you had told me that I would actually enjoy a 55-cent, mixed filler, small corona that comes wrapped in a map (yes, a freaking map), I would have told you that you were crazy. But the truth is, Magellans are pretty good....actually better than a bunch of brands that cost a whole lot more.

When I first came on board at CI, I couldn’t believe how well they sold. Magellan easily ranks as one of our top-selling bundles and they’ve held that spot for years. At a glance, this brand looks like a turd. There’s even a note in the description that says the ring gauge is “sometimes as low as 38 and sometimes up to 44.” So my mind says - if the manufacturer can’t even get the size right, this cigar has to taste horrid. But the truth is, it doesn’t. Not one bit. I’ve burned through quite a few bundles to date and I’ve honestly enjoyed them. Don’t get me wrong; Magellan Dominicans won’t be winning any awards. But for a short smoke with smooth, decent flavor at a throwaway price, Magellan is a perfect fit. Great for 20-minute car rides, dog walks, or a post lunch break snack. 

Made with a somewhat decent looking Connecticut wrapper and a mellow blend of Dominican mixed-filler tobaccos, Magellan is mellow and smooth. This is actually one of the only cigars that I punch (I normally use a guillotine). The reason being, if you cut too much, you’ll get some loose tobacco pieces in your mouth. But a small punch or a really shallow cut gets the job done with no mess. Overall, they burn well, draw well and are consistently tasty. They’re cool, but not bland – creamy and smooth, with notes of cedar, pepper and a slight sweetness on the finish.

If you don’t like mellow, hate small cigars or otherwise, maybe Magellan isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for a something that burns well and tastes pretty good for just a few cents more than a postage stamp, give Magellan Dominicans a whirl.