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Dunhill Aged Dominican

Jeff K
I’m bad at this. It’s been too long since my last review, but I’m making a promise to do better.  So expect more this year, and if you’re bored, shoot me a request on a cigar you’re interested in and I’ll write something up.

Dunhill. It’s a brand you’ve likely heard of, but not necessarily for their cigars. They’re a pretty big company, with roots in pipes and now a full line of pricey men’s accessories ranging from custom-tailored suits to pens and ‘timepieces’ ( But despite their prominence in other things, their cigars are way under the radar. And one blend in particular has become a personal favorite of mine: Dunhill Aged Dominican.

Dunhill Aged Dominican is the flagship cigar in the Dunhill line, the descendant of a once-popular line of Dunhill handmades manufactured in Cuba. This Dominican-made blend features a perfect, blonde Connecticut shade wrapper grown in the USA and an aged blend of Dominican Piloto Cubano and Dominican Olor from Cibao. This combination delivers an elegant, high-end profile that goes down really easily. Notes of oak, cream, toasty tobacco, a nice black pepper quality and a hint of citrus on the finish are perfectly balanced and offer a Connecticut experience that’s far from ordinary. And that’s my favorite part. It’s mellow to medium-bodied, but with enough flavor and complexity to keep it interesting.  Flavor, balance, perfect construction, a high-end look, and a great finish, Dunhill Aged Dominican is the complete Connecticut package. I’m a big fan and I always have some on hand.

And then there’s price. Full retail ain’t cheap, but fortunately, we sell it for much less. Starting at just over 5 bucks apiece and packaged in economical 10-count boxes.