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Graycliff G2

Jeff K

I’ve burned through most of the regular Graycliff lines (Professionale, Original, Crystal, Espresso, et al) and after each one, I kicked my self for dropping upwards of $20 on just one cigar (I know - I should have learned my lesson after the first one, but I’m an optimist). Don’t get me wrong, their stuff is not bad, and if I paid $5-8 I would be thrilled…but $20+, c’mon! So while I’m not normally a huge supporter of Graycliff, the new and improved Graycliff G2 definitely piqued my interest. Dude…a $3 Graycliff, that’s what I’m talking about! Yes, you read that right; we’re rolling them out here at CI for just $59.99 per box of 20. So at a price I can actually stomach, I figured I would give Graycliff’s newest offering a whirl.

Graycliff G2 features a Connecticut-seed wrapper grown in the fertile soils of Ecuador. The wrapper is slightly spotty, but it has an attractive, golden tan color with a smooth appearance and a nice sheen of oil. And unlike some of the other Graycliffs I’ve dealt with, G2 is firm and well filled. Inside, lies an aged two-country filler blend from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Pre-light, this thing looks decent and has an enjoyably mellow smell, enticing enough for me.

After sparking, I’m pleasantly surprised. This cigar is smooth. It’s fairly smooth,  the smoke just rolls off the tongue. The flavor is crisp, with notes of cream, cedar and a nice sweetness completed by an extraordinarily clean finish. And there’s some richness in the aroma, which adds to the experience. As it burned it didn’t change much, straightforward and satisfying all the way down. Throughout, it burned straight, but a bit quicker than I prefer.

Overall, Graycliff G2 was enjoyable. I can’t see it winning any awards, but I could see myself burning one fairly often. A well-made, smoother offering at a solid price. And if you’re into this sort of thing…your friends will probably think you spent top dollar on them.