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Cain 'F' Series

Jeff K

I must admit, when I first saw the advertisements for Cain I was completely turned off. I mean, c’mon the motorcycle….and is that the Undertaker? I don’t get it. But maybe I’m just out of touch.

So I held off as long as possible….until a couple appeared on my desk. And now I’m regretting not getting into these sooner. I should have known, because I can’t ever remember having a bad cigar from Oliva. But this just reeked of gimmick, and that’s not my bag.

So it’s time to eat crow. Cain by Oliva, more specifically the ‘F’ Series, is a good cigar. Actually, really good. Created with dark and oily Nicaraguan Habano leaf that’s smooth, even colored and extremely appetizing. Inside, a full-tilt mixture of ‘straight’ (actually 82%) Nicaraguan ligeros waits to deliver power and flavor in droves. The ‘F’ Series is basically an amped up spin-off of the original Cain….and it does have a little more pop. Flawlessly constructed, Cain ‘F’ Series is firm and dense with a meticulously applied wrapper. Visually, this cigar is as impressive as they come.

Through the first inch, the draw was just slightly tight. Not too bad, but enough to mention. And then it opened up perfectly. The aroma is rich, spicy and makes itself evident adding an important element to the experience. A complex display of black pepper, cedar, caramel, coffee and a smoky, almost burnt finish characterize the core flavors. Backed by a subtle sweetness and an overall rich tobacco tone, Cain shows an impressive depth of flavor. There’s a lot going on, but the smoothness and balance are unwavering. As promised, Cain is full-bodied. And it builds significantly in strength as it burns. I actually felt this one about halfway through.

Well blended, well made, intensely flavorful and brimming with strength, Cain brings the full, full-bodied package. I’d absolutely smoke Cain again…and again and I’d recommended it – I’m a fan. With prices between $6 and $8, I wouldn’t say they’re a tremendous value. But for an occasional treat or when they’re on special, I would definitely suggest it. It’s different, it’s strong, it’s a complete cigar – Cain by Oliva is easily one of the best new blends on the market. If you like full-bodied, full-flavored handmades, you’ll like Cain.