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La Herencia Cubana

Jeff K

I burn a lot of cigars, so I’m always looking for something inexpensive, but enjoyable. I don’t mind spending $7-10 bucks on a cigar I like, but if I can find something good for less- bring it on. The eternal quest may just have ended. I discovered La Herencia Cubana, like an oasis in the desert, just at the right time. With SCHIP quickly approaching, most of the cigars are going to go up a minimum of 40 cents a pop (the sad part is that many are going up much more drastically). So a cigar that was 5 bucks a stick could realistically become 6 dollars or even more in many cases. La Herencia Cubana is currently between $2.50 and $3.00 a stick- so realistically it may go up, but only marginally (I hope!). Worst-case scenario 4 bucks a piece, which is still a totally appetizing price.

Forget the previous- that this cigar retails for less than $3. If I handed you one un-banded, I’d be willing to bet a hefty sum that you like it and would be willing to pay more. I’ve always said if a cigar burns well, draws well, and tastes half decent- it’s worth 4 dollars, right? Sure, there are definitely undervalued cigars out there, even in the $1-2 range, but they usually lack a bit in the flavor department. Therein lays the difference between La Herencia Cubana and others in it price range.

Haven’t heard of La Herencia? Well have you heard of Padilla Habano, ITC 10th Anniversary, Rocky Patel Fusion, or Man O’ War? All top dollar sticks, made side-by-side in the same factory as La Herencia. Same rollers, same quality control, same well-fermented, well- aged tobaccos. 

La Herencia Cubana employs an oily, Sumatra wrapper from Ecuador that’s just loaded with flavor. The balance of long-fillers from different regions of Nicaragua (Jalapa, Condega, and Esteli) along with the wrapper, creates an experience that’s ultimately smooth, but also extremely flavorful and complex. The final piece, which completes this cigar to a degree usually reserved for the pricey sticks, is the aroma. I just savor it. Extremely rich, but with that buttery baked bread smell that’s just so enjoyable, the aroma alone is worth the price of the cigar. The smoke itself is cool, creamy and velvety thick. With notes of cedar, spice, and tobacco- La Herencia imparts a rich, earthy profile that changes constantly and keeps it interesting until the final puff. Medium-full bodied, enjoyable and intensely flavorful.

Honestly, I think I could smoke one everyday. Hell, for that price- twice a day. It’s just good. With about 500 different brands of cigars to pick from- I chose this for my first review. I think that speaks for itself.